What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?

October 26, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ten year old Rosamaria was brought to the United States by her mother when she was 3 months old.  Her mother is undocumented, but Rosamaria has aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who are United States citizens.  Rosamaria also has cerebral palsy.

Last week she was taken by ambulance from Laredo to Corpus Christi for gallbladder surgery.  At the Freer checkpoint it was discovered that Rosamaria is not a United States citizen.  The ambulance was then escorted to the hospital in Corpus by Customs and Border Protection agents.

Rosamaria’s mother, Felipa Delacruz, who also lacks legal immigration status, said federal agents waited outside her daughter’s hospital room as she recovered. Delacruz is in Laredo. Her niece, who is a U.S. citizen, accompanied Rosamaria past the checkpoint.

She was released from the hospital with medical instructions that Rosamaria should see her primary care physician within three days of her release from the hospital.  Instead, she was taken to a children’s shelter in San Antonio where she will have to wait for two to three weeks for her case to be heard.  Her lawyers say that Rosamaria has never been apart from her mother.

She is a ten year old child with cerebral palsy recovering from surgery.

Customs and Border Protection spokesman Rod Kise issued a statement to the Caller-Times early Wednesday that states Rosamaria is no exception to the agency’s duty to enforce immigration law.

“Per the immigration laws of the United States, once medically cleared she will be processed accordingly,” according to the statement. “The Mexican Consulate has been advised of the situation by Laredo Sector Border Patrol.”

This is my government, representing me, doing this to a child.

Congressman Joaquin Castro wrote —

“Right now, federal agents are staking out the hospital room of a sick 10-year-old child … A small child who just had surgery is not a threat to Texans’ safety or our national security. (The Department of Homeland Security) should focus its resources elsewhere.”

No shoot, Sherlock.

Sumbitches.  We have become sumbitches.  My government is needlessly but purposefully mean to sick little children.



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22 Comments to “What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?”

  1. Just sick! You are right what the hell is wrong with us! We use to have compassion now we have “no one is above the law”. Let us all remember this statement and be very afraid for this country.

  2. I can’t even …
    That poor child and her poor mama. Does ICE get extra thrills from terrorizing women?

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    This is the maladministration of the Three Note Dope. His minions have been unleashed to do the unspeakable.

    Dotard45 has 3 sour notes, mi, mi, mi. “My generals.” “My military.” “My IQ.”

    Jeff Flake gave a pretty speech, but it was way too subtle about the dangers of Dolt45. What happened with Rosamaria begs for true historical comparisons to the 1930s and the actual dangers the nativist wing of the Republican party that threatens our Constitution and way of life.

  4. Wyatt_Earl says:

    I can hear the trump-ettes now: But they broke the law! I bet my taxes paid for that operation!

    Except they’d use all caps and misspell stuff.

  5. @maymoon – ‘now we have “no one is above the law”. ‘ – Except Trump and other billionaires.

  6. Regression to the mean. USA started out this savage and will end the same way. Not all of us deserve it but we’re gonna get it anyway. Wish I had moved to a civilized country when I was young enough to do so.

  7. They’re still chanting “lock her up?” Nothing to charge Hillary with, so they’ll settle for 10 year old, hospitalized children?

  8. When a fascist ahole is prez, and other fascist aholes are in congress and they NEED someone to blame for their bigotry and failures, there aint nothing like a 10yr old out of surgery to make an example of….an example of their heartless feelings toward anyone not in the upper 1%!

  9. I’d love to blame this on the melonhead in the WH, but this crap started before him. This child is: brown, illegal, and already born. Poor little mite doesn’t stand a chance against the upright, upstanding forces of the GOP and the Democrats that allow this to happen.

  10. I saw that on Huff Post. I had to read it in just small bites. Couldn’t stand it. This sounds so much like the Nazis and the way they handled handicapped people, and definitely kids, in order to keep their damn blood and soil pure and strong. To my intense sorrow, look at what we have become! That damn DHS director has to go: ditto clean up the White House and all their ilk, no matter the party.

  11. Fred Farklestone says:

    Tell Rod Kise, the “Stoßtruppen” of Rio Grande Valley Custom Office, what you think!
    Be nice, as he’s probably all steroided-up!

    Roderick Kise
    (956) 289-5976 Texas (Rio Grande Valley)

  12. As daunting as it seems, corralling the 95 million citizens that didn’t vote in the last general election would change the power base. Direction from the top would factor reasonableness for this little lady.

  13. old quaker says:

    Handicapped 10 year old just outta surgery with armed cops outside the door.This is beyond the pale. So she’s illegally here. We bring kids here for medical help all the time. She’s not making decisons for herself, she’s a child. But these goons want to punish her for existing.

  14. Remember ‘old quaker’ the rePUKEians only care about 3 types of people…1%ers, military age, and fetuses. She is none of those!

  15. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    What is wrong with us? See Mann and Ornstein — 5 years ago — https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/lets-just-say-it-the-republicans-are-the-problem/2012/04/27/gIQAxCVUlT_story.html

  16. I saw this elsewhere too, and it’s just so sickening, so beyond the pale, so f**king inhumane! I just . . . $%&#@*!*%#!!!

  17. Here’s a message for everyone who hears this story and says, “But it’s the law!”

    Take out your checkbook and write a check for $250 to your city or county for every time you exceeded to speed limit. Triple this if you were pulled over and got away with a warning. Then total up all the times you drove 15+ over and hand over your license for that many months.

    Any takers?

  18. Frank McCormick says:

    “We used to have compassion now we have “no one is above the law”.”

    No one is above the law unless, you’re rich, or white, or Republican (actually all of the above).

    Let’s keep that phrase in mind as we deal with the current occupant in the White House.

  19. That Other Jean says:

    Dear God. We have fallen to this, in less than a year. We should have moved to Canada when we had the chance in 1972. I’d still be looking on in horror, but I’d be looking from afar.

    Democrats: in 2018, run good candidates, and GET OUT AND VOTE!

  20. Diane Duffy-Patyjewicz says:

    How is this by any any definition, pro life?
    They, Republicans are hypocritical liars.

  21. Rick Stelter says:

    ICEstapo, we have fallen lower than I could have imagined. And we are hearing “We are only doing our job”, it didn’t work in Nuremburg guys, it doesn’t work now either.

  22. Literally sickening.

    This poor child, not to mention her parents. If they were to relinquish their parental rights, and let her be adopted by a real live American: THEN would she be worthy of being treated like a human?

    Damn these fascist thugs to Hell!!