Well, Lookie Here

September 29, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Lookie here what happens when you call a Latina woman “Miss Housekeeper.”



And there’s more.  National searches for “registrarse para votar” See full size here.



Thank you, Donald Trump.  By the way, my Latina friends say that Alicia Machado is all over Spanish language teevee.

You go, Girl!

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “Well, Lookie Here”

  1. You can offend people for only so long before they want to kick your ass, and Trump deserves a multiple whuppin’. Cheers to our Hispanic friends and I hope they continue to vote in every election, as Americans should.

  2. She is as smart as she is good looking. He bullied her when she was young. Now she is A Women and would not let that Pendejo Drumof close enough to kiss the ground her feet are on.
    Bring out the vote and hand him his butt.

  3. Donald Trump just built his Great Wall of Latina Voters. I think with this wall, he’s gonna pay for it.

  4. Marcia in CO says:

    Viva la every damn place! LOL

  5. Linda Phipps says:

    You know you are doing well in opposing Trump when his fans are creating smears about you.

  6. This Cuba revelation may sink his dingy before he reaches the shore. Let’s hope there’s lots of documentry evidence to convince the stone heads.

  7. Marcia in CO says:

    Evidently 30% of the Latinos in Nevada seem to like Trump … must be true because I saw it on MSNBC. Seems some of them think the Trumpster will help them with their small business ventures!

  8. Fat shaming is SO 20th century.

  9. Big spike in Latino registration here in New Mexico.

  10. Chris Hayes used a clip from a 1979 interview with Jose Diaz Balart, Donald sitting next to Machado in which she says she gained 15 pounds (not 60) and he says nothing to contradict her.


  11. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Marcia in CO, just in time for the elections NV workers are ready to strike against the Drumpf Hotel. Donnie has a long history of exploiting workers and thumbing his bulbous nose at the Culinary Workers Union. May the Union throw some heat on that 30% ‘number’ and strike Donnie with the less than 3% number square on his ill coifed head. May the truth save NV, destroy Donnie and elect Catherine Mastro Cortez to the US Senate. NV is Blue, really we are; it’s just that right now we are black and blue from Koch money. Hilz is a heavy lift, so we’re hoping that some of the heavy hitters won’t be too exhausted to give a boost to a Democratic Senate. Senators Sanders and Warren, Catherine needs you, NV needs you. Help!

  12. PKM, heard Trump’s hotels are doing badly, lots of cancellations and a really nosedive in reservations. May Karma do her very worst!

  13. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    maggie, all Donnie has is a hotel in NV. No way that criminal tax thief could qualify for a gaming license here. Let his trash (courtesy of the Culinary Union) go uncollected like his taxes and soon his hotel will resemble the mess inside his head.

    Hilz, I’m giving you my vote. In return do us a favor and bring back a healthy death tax to relieve Donnie’s crime family of moochers from their ill gotten gains. TIA

  14. Excellent idea, death tax. The trump spawn have been exploiting people all their lives even as kids. They had a lemonaid stand and guess who they sold to? Their underpaid servants. And I doubt that mommy or daddy reimbursed one cent to them.

  15. I read on 538 that if (when) Scumpf doesn’t win, he will truly go bankrupt because his vileness has been exposed and no one will do business with him.