Today’s Most Vicious Assault on Christianity and Mathematics

November 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I am certain that most of you know Bryan Fischer of American Family Radio.  He’s a radio evangelist and a big supporter of Roy Moore in Alabama.

Fisher has been defending Moore by claiming that he can only be judged by “Biblical Standards” that there must be more than one witness to a crime.

Well, as other women began coming forward, people thought Fischer would admit that Moore should be judged.  But, no.  Here’s how that works.

“The Bible is very, very clear that you never condemn anybody on the testimony of one witness,” Fischer said. “If there is a crime that has been committed and you only have one witness, you do not convict on that basis. Now what we’ve got here is four people that claim a crime of some kind, or something inappropriate happened, but in each case, there is only one witness. We don’t have two witnesses to any of these accusations to this point, which means from a standpoint of biblical justice, we have to hold our fire, we have to withhold our judgment, we have to wait and see if more information comes out.”

So, under these standards, the only rapes that could be tried are those that are done in front of audiences.

I mean, why don’t Fischer just go ahead and admit he’s a pervert, too?


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24 Comments to “Today’s Most Vicious Assault on Christianity and Mathematics”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Like flying monkeys or common bats, the wingnuts are flying out of the crypt of Phyllis Schafly. CNN is back on our no watch list for inflicting Schafly demented disciple Ed Martin of the airwaves.

    Those who assault sanity and the separation of church & state should be rewarded with great physical pain commensurate with their moral gymnastics.

  2. This bible reference this dumba$$ alluded to is about conflict within the church itself, not assaultive offenses, not murder, etc. It’s about peaceably passing and re-passing with your neighbors.

    And by the way, there WAS another witness to this crime, Bryan you dumba$$.

  3. Linda Phipps says:

    SORRY Bryan, our judicial system is not faith based just because people “swear” on the bible. Where is your patriotism when it comes to supporting the Constitution?

  4. Fischer has been a festering boil on humanity for years. He is a classic example of “If going to heaven means I have to share space with this nut!” – no thanks!

  5. As God is my witness….

    Bryan Fischer is going to hell.

  6. Charles R Phillips says:

    “As God is my witness, I really thought turkeys could fly!”

    Bryan Fischer IS Hell, on earth.

  7. Since when is molesting/raping/ sexually harassing juvenile females and adult females OK according to his or any other nutcase’s interpretation of the Bible. May Fischer and his sycophants ROT IN HELL!

  8. Bryan has a lot to say about a lot of things. He agrees that rape victims (real legitimate rape) can’t get pregnant. He believes the Congressional Medal of Honor has been “feminized’ because those who have been presented with it, haven’t always had a high enough body count to suit him. No, he’s never served in the military. Fischer likes to pretend that Dixiecrats didn’t run like rats to the Republican party during the Civil Rights Era. He thinks God designed women to be secretaries.

    I asked God about Bryan. She told me he was a whited sepulchre, bless his little heart.

  9. WA Skeptic says:

    Hey, Moore and Fischer–why don’t you read up on what Jesus is said to have told his listeners about harming children?


    I guess they only read the parts of the BuyBull that they like.

  10. Tilphousia says:

    Fischer and his hate filled pretend Christians for hire should be buried alive and they can preach each other in hell for eternity.

  11. These same Biblical Standards count women as chattel, allow for men to have multiple wives/concubines, and punish adultery by stoning – the woman, that is.

    This isn’t Chrisianity, regardless of how many labels they paste on it. It’s Old World tribalist patriarchy. And the reason that so many of its adherents don’t condemn Moore’s alleged behavior is because they think it’s how the world should still work. Powerful men get their pick of whatever females they want; everyone else defers to them.

    4,000 years – and we still haven’t outgrown this crap. It’s very demoralizing.

  12. The American Family Assc.’s favored tactic is the boycott of businesses. What would happen if folks boycotted the businesses that support AFA and their radio stations. One would need to let them now that that as long they support the lying bigots at AFA they cannot expect our patronage of their goods and services.

  13. I believe the Bible also had something to say about fornication, which Judge Roy Moore has allowed he might have engaged in. Maybe bearing some false witness as well.

  14. Does anyone else find it weird evangelist Christians seem to quote the Old Testament rather than Christ’s New Word.

  15. Jade:
    Yes, we’ve talked about that in here. I doubt I’m the only one who’s heard someone say that they were Old Testament Christians. Which is really ironic, seeing as how Jesus didn’t come along until the New Testament. He was pretty much the whole reason for havin a new one. But that’s the wonderful thing about the bible! There’s apparently no dastardly act we could do that you can’t find a verse to justify! Now THAT’S a miracle.

  16. Jace not Jade. Sorry.
    Damn phone.

  17. Looking for chapter and verse here and…. nope, not hearing it from this idiot.

    I’ve got one for him: Matthew 18:6, supposed to have been said by Jesus himself. (I’m not a Christian so I have no opinion on that.) “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  18. There is no need to to use religion in an attempt to rationalize pedophilia. it’s just a conservative distraction.
    We have laws against it and that’s the bottom line. It’s is extremely unfortunate that there is a statute of limitations on this abomination, but that does not excuse the monsters who prey on children. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION!!!

  19. As the Church Lady on SNL used to say: “How con-veeen-ient!”

  20. Lunargent, Leviticus 20:10 says both the woman *and the man* should be put to death. But some of the later apologists decided just to ignore part of that, and their spin got passed on down.

  21. Now this here xtian fFisher . . . is his mother in law still alive? There’s a part of his favorite section of the bible that says he can kill her. Yeah, I thought so. Cherry picking scum bag!

  22. If there really is an afterlife, lot of these types are in for a helluva surprise. Bad pun intended.

  23. Since they all believe God is a witness everywhere always, then He’s the second witness…