The Differences Can’t be More Stark

November 26, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

Fidel Castro died last night at aged 90; by now, that’s not news.  What is news, though is the stark difference between the responses of President Obama and Cheeto Jesus.

First, the President:

“At this time of Fidel Castro’s passing, we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people. We know that this moment fills Cubans – in Cuba and in the United States – with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.

For nearly six decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements. During my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us, pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends – bonds of family, culture, commerce, and common humanity. This engagement includes the contributions of Cuban Americans, who have done so much for our country and who care deeply about their loved ones in Cuba.

Today, we offer condolences to Fidel Castro’s family, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people. In the days ahead, they will recall the past and also look to the future. As they do, the Cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner in the United States of America.”

Now, Cheeto Jesus:





Later, his office, unable to wrench his iPhone from his tiny hands, issued this statement:

“Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.

“While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.

“Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty.  I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”


This clown is clearly unsuited for office, obvious to everyone but radical loyalists.  What an embarrassment.


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39 Comments to “The Differences Can’t be More Stark”

  1. Some one please keep this @asshat off twitter until he learns some decorum!

  2. What Trump is really thinking:

    “Trump Tower, Havana!”

  3. including a casino, of course.

  4. i remember a book; “the ugly american” sad

  5. oh, may I just swat himself?

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Expect a full scale Cuba invasion in late January to kidnap Elian Gonzalez and return him to his rightful owners-the wingnut party of America to be used for propaganda purposes against Fidel Castro.

  7. e platypus onion says:

    Returning Elian to his Dad is another crime HRC needs to be investigated for-for like forever.

  8. ,That Other Jean says:

    One of the responses was given by a diplomat with class; the other was. . .not.

  9. What a POTUS we’ve lost; and what a POS we’ve gained.

    My poor country…

  10. e platypus onion says:

    Like I said- Obama=selfless. Apricot POS=selfish.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    Dear Donnie: Hope Fidel’s recent actions inspire you to the same. Don’t let him steal the spotlight from you! Go for it.

  12. @Papa: I must disagree. Let him keep on tweeting. Let the nation and world be reminded every day what a pathetic ass this man is and in his own pathetic assed words.

  13. Oh yes he loves those Cubans, wait till they want to come to the US because he’s making it so great!
    I want to see the Republicans reaction then.
    Can Trump pretend he is Jesus, walk and build a wall on the water?

  14. Linda Phipps says:

    Rick, I suggested the Trump Havana earlier today, let’s add the new Miss Cuba Nearly Naked Beauty Contest to their opening ceremony. Complete with dressing rooms.

  15. JAKvirginia says:

    @WA Skeptic: Thank you. He can be POtuS! A new term!

  16. JAKvirginia says:

    OT: And in a related story, anti-gay Marco Rubio piped up today that Castro was… wait for it… MEAN TO THE GAYS! Oh, horrors!! Except he conveniently forgot to mention that Castro publicly regretted his actions, essentially apologizing. Still waiting on Marco.

  17. Linda Phipps says:
    “Miss Cuba Nearly Naked Beauty Contest… Complete with dressing rooms.”

    Or as Trump is thinking:
    “Undressing rooms!”

  18. Yep, in certain circles I will refer to the Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat as the POS, accompanied by the BLOTUS. Ick, Ick, massive ickiness when I think about him. Excuse me. I feel the need for a shower. Blech.

  19. Teh Gerg – After thinking about my response, I know you are right. Let the Cheeto haired one keep making an @ss of himself for all to see and hear.

  20. Trump is i for helluva surprise when he tries behind the Presidential scenes to have his business make entry into Cuba. Ever so much of Cuba is held by Canadian interests. and they don’t much like him.

  21. He apparently doesn’t know the country has been moving along without Fidel for years now

  22. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    BLOTUS elect Donnie is even dumber than the Batista-lite and Batista litters surrounding his Mar-i-gold Palace/Swamp. Ye who forgets the causes of the Cuban Revolution that brought you Castro deserve to see your a$$ets vanish again. Or, you could learn and stop stealing other people’s assets.

  23. e platypus onion says:

    maggie, I knew there was a special reason I love our nearest neighbors to the North of the border.

  24. JAKvirginia says:

    @PKM: Yes, sir! Seems everyone is so concerned with Castro and post-revolution Cuba but not PRE-revolution Cuba. I suppose because the U.S. had a dirty hand in that era. Shhhh……

  25. Mother Jones' cat says:

    Crass versus Class.

    PKM: Excellent post! Somehow I doubt that Trump will stop stealing other people’s assets. As the NRA likes to say, “they’ll have to pry his cold dead hands” off that money.

  26. e platypus onion says:

    Check out the ferret wearing YKW Thanksgiving Day menu for its family while the best Potus ever was doing community service with his family feeding vets.

  27. JAK, as a counselor at a private camp I got to see the
    “Batistas” up close. These were the people hand in glove with Fulgencio in all his corruption and were able to get out of the country fast via private jet – and I am not kidding. Yes, they escaped with pretty much the clothes on their backs but them clothes were from Paris and they headed straight for their digs in the U.S. of A., some of them on Park Avenue. No sooner did they land than they sent their kids off to private summer camp. One of them landed where I worked that abysmal summer and she was a psychological mess. She was certain she had done something wrong as her parents were so quick to send her off despite her very natural tearful reaction to being yanked out of the family home in Cuba and no one would explain exactly why they were afraid of Fidel. Her duffel bag was certainly packed in a hurry by someone as it included little she could use at camp and by that I mean they threw in a genuine mink stole with her initials on the lining. she was no more than fourteen. I can feel for the people who were later forced to float across the Florida Straits in what amounted to a large cooking pot, braving the weather and the sea, but not Fulgencio’s buddies.

  28. Wow, Maggie. Thanks for that fascinating anecdote! A mink stole for a fourteen year old. How very Trumpian!

  29. @4 Frank:

    “The Ugly American” is a good book, and a worthy read. The sad thing is that if you *didn’t* read the book, you would think that the *ugly* American is the bad guy. Rather the ugly one is the engineer that gets dirty and does his best to understand the needs of the locals, in order to help them make meaningful improvements to their situation. Not “beautiful” things built by beautiful people for themselves, that have ugly aims. “The Ugly American” is a great example for Drumpf, just not quite in the way you meant.

    P.S. “And he never dropped the ball…”

  30. I am truly glad I voted for Obama.
    In all the elections since 1980, he is the classiest, most inspiring, exemplary POTUS I could’ve voted for. It is nice that there isn’t a cloud of scandal around this gentleman, and that is just the beginning of his legacy (and how sucky is it that only Bush 1 is in that category).

  31. Mother Jones' cat says:

    PKM: I did a little too much celebrating last night and completely misconstrued your post. I apologize. YOur post is an even more excellent post than I thought last night. I truly worry for Cuba as I can’t see Trump leaving it alone. How horrific it would be for the struggles of the Revolution which finally came to fruition to be speedily undone by a greedy, grasping Trump.

  32. mr phart you are correct. i read the book to long ago. the title was later applied to obnoxous americans interfereing with other small countries

  33. e platypus onion says:

    Obama will be denigrated for his and his families devotion to public services to help feed veterans and others while the ferret faced volswagen or whatever you want to call him wastes 7 million bucks Secret Service costs so his family can enjoy a dinner fit for a dozen kings on Thanksgiving. Drumpf’s menu had 24 different items, some with the Drumpf brand on them.

  34. @epo
    So here’s the thing, the president-elect brands everything – his buildings, his airplane, ties, etc – with his name like some animals mark their territory with their urine. He presents the brand as one which stands for quality. Whether it does or does not isn’t material. Consumers should make up their own minds.

    My sainted parents from before my birth stayed in one of three particular hotels in NY when they traveled there. When I first went to NY I didn’t shop for hotels, I went to one of the three. Sadly time has consumed two of these hotels, but the president-elect’s hotel isnt on a short list of alternatives. And this isnt a boycott on my part. His wasnt on the list before the unpleasantness of 2015-2016

  35. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf now claims he would have won the popular vote except millions of people voted illegally. Of course he has no proof, but he sure doesn’t want recounts in three batlleground states that might tip the election to HRC.

    This SOB just cannot keep his mouth shut and be gracious win or lose.

  36. He sure as hell didn’t write that. The words are too big for mister huuuuge, the thoughts too complex, and he can not communicate in complete sentences. Wonder who his official voice was today.

  37. It’s called DIPLOMACY. Another word foreign to Dumbo.

  38. Diplomacy doesn’t have meaning if you think you own the world.
    God help us if (when?) foreign banks call in their loans.
    God help the retail industry when Drumpf starts a trade war. God help us because we have a POTUS-elect that listens to Twitter more than his national security briefings.

  39. What a class act. Not.