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As I was reading the headlines this morning I kept uttering “My God,” over and over.  Here are the headlines in the Washington Post just today (Note: I refuse to use his name; these are actual headlines, not mine):

Trump’s budget seeks deep cuts

Plan calls for reductions in spending for science, diplomacy and the poor

In Trump’s first fiscal blueprint, echoes of Reagan ’81

Trump seeks $1.5 billion to start building border wall. Key GOP senators are skeptical.

Federal judge halts Trump travel ban hours before it was to take effect

Trump admits his Obama wiretapping accusations were based on some news reports, not solid evidence

Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has ‘failed,’ time for new approach

Grassley accuses Justice Department officials of withholding information in Trump-Russia probe

GOP lawmakers expected to propose revisions to health plan

Finally, some good news: Dutch anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders fizzles in elections

The ONLY word that can describe what’s going on in Washington is CHAOS.  We have a combed over spray tanned bully wreaking havoc on our government, on our press, on our former president, on our society, and on common decency.  In response to this rolling train wreck of an administration, a new commercial effort has sprung up and I was one of the first to buy:

If the acronym is not obvious, it stands for Impeach The M….F…. Already.

Sorry, Momma.



Kakistocracy – From the Greek

November 18, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

Oxford Dictionary Definition: Kakistocracy –


  • 1[mass noun] Government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state:

    ‘the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy’
    ‘every government that has existed since the ancient Greeks has been a prime example of kakistocracy’
    1. 1.1[count noun] A state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens:
      ‘the modern regime is at once a plutocracy and a kakistocracy’
      ‘the man in the street must share part of the blame for allowing such a kakistocracy to entrench itself’


Early 19th century: from Greek kakistos worst + -cracy.


The United States is entering a period of kakistocracy; that is, government run by those least suitable or competent.  It is the perfect definition of the slow motion train wreck we are witnessing since the idiotic election of Cheeto Jesus to the presidency.