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December 30, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


I’m getting stronger every day – thanks for your best wishes.  I’m also getting meaner!


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  1. YEAH! Get well soon!

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Fantastic, Mrs. B! May your inner mean girl make you stronger and healthy soon. 2018 is yours and we want you at full strength to reap the rewards of your hard work, a Blue Texas.

    Love, Hugs, Kisses and a Happy New Year,
    Jane, Karl, KJ and Jack

  3. Good for you, JJ! Get on back to kicking ass, because we got some that need a bootprint up the behind.

    Side note: I do not believe that it is about to be 2018. Somewhere around 2013 my TILT sign got permanently stuck on, and these years got too science fiction for me. It’s not supposed to be anything like “2018,” at least not if I don’t have my self-cleaning house, push-button car, and death ray.

  4. Rest up, JJ! Beto is going to need some help kicking Teddy-boy’s ass to the curb in November!

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Rhea, when you’re ready for a reality check and Ms. Juanita Jean Herownself permits, I have a read on the Donnie Dossier that surpasses anything to date presented by the media.

    Seriously. Given Donnie’s behavior and tweets, yes, he could and would be so st00pid as to be caught in flagrant de golden shower in a KGB hotel room. Hubris is his middle name. Can’t wait for Bob Mueller to wrap Donnie in his own hubris.

    BarbinDC, Beto 2018! What a gift from Texas to the rest of the nation to eliminate Teddie Crooze!

  6. Afternoon JJ.
    Here’s hoping you’re feeling stronger every day. (Now Chicago’s stuck in my head. S’okay, it’s a great song)
    BarbinDC, PKM, Jane, and everybody else:
    If you get a chance to see Beto in person, I highly recommend it. The guys impressive in the real deal kinda way. Saw him in Beaumont awhile back.
    A good ole’ death ray would come in handy at any upcoming nazi marches.

  7. Awllriite!
    Mean is good, we need lotsa extra-strength mean from evruhbody for kickin’ max Rethug azz next year; only way left to communicate with ’em- MEAN it.
    DetesTed is at the top of the list for a thorough chit-kickin’, PJBoy Farenthold is supposedly self-destructing too, so maybe TX-27 will flip too with a lowdown bare-knuckle boot-in-the-butt effort. Heaill Yes!

  8. Not so much mean as FORMIDABLE! That’s what we Dems have to be until Trump, The Repugs and the Russians are gone!

  9. Marge Wood says:

    Yeah. What Maryelle said. Some folks think telling the other side of the story is mean. Some will even unfriend you on FB, the ultimate irksomeness. Good thing I don’t go there often and when I do I learn lots of stuff, like my four year old grandson telling his mom that THIS time he was following her injections (instructions). Important stuff like that. Be strong and take your B vitamins. Or whatever the doctor says.

  10. Happy New Year everyone and especially to you JJ.
    Get stronger, meaner and more determined.
    We all appreciate all you do for us
    We have work to do in the New Year.
    Stay warm for those of you in the northern states
    It’s suppose to be -12 tomorrow night and -25 with windchill in northern NY.

  11. That Other Jean says:

    Get well soon! We need you at full speed in 2018, so do what your doctors tell you, even if it’s “Rest up and take it easy.” We’ll hold the fort until you’re back.

  12. Hope you are completely back to normal soon. We miss you!

  13. Here’s to increasing strength and orneriness to the owner and manager of this salon, Miz Jaunita Jean Herownself in the flesh.

    The Resistance had an outstanding 2017 beginning on 1/21 with the Women’s March and we’re still building momentum. 2018 is going to be killer awesome! The Blue Wave becomes a flood becomes a tsunami and the wreckage of the snacilbupeR party will take decades to resurrect. The greatest evils- Orange Whore, Chinless Wonder McTurtle, Lyin Ryan and other public deplorables will disappear from view, several into prison, by the next decade. We Are True Patriots and Fierce Fighters!!!!

  14. Marthe Lancheres says:

    What a relief to read your posts and to know that you are feeling better. Please take all the time that you need to get back to good health.

  15. Karen, I don’t want JJ to be back to “normal”– I want her to be back to whatever she was before!

    “I hope I’m nuts, because what passes for normal scares the hell out of me.”

  16. Tilphousia says:

    Sending large heaps of good, healing energy, Mz JJ. No normal for you! Much too low. Only high energy with lightning bolts flashing from your eyes! 2018 will fulfill so much promise if we all work together. Bury small differences and focus FOCUS on what must be done to save our democracy, our world.

  17. Keep thinking “inner tiger”! Let out a malicious purr now and then followed by a bone shivering growl. It actually works!


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