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March 31, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Empower Texans, a group to the right of Ted Cruz, is supporting a Republican candidate named Kyle Biedermann against an incumbent Republican state representative.  They gave Biedermann $25,000.

I kinda suspect that was long before they knew about this:



That’s Biedermann on the right.  He’s gay Hitler.

His explanation?

“Thanks for your interest in my campaign,” he wrote. “The explanation is simple. This was a fundraiser for the Food Pantry and the Needs Counsel with about 400 people with a SNL theme … The costumes are supposed to be outrageous and Mine certainly was. Gay Hitler was a SNL character from the show which of coarse (sic) is a spoof.”

He added in the email, “I am not gay and never have been. Don’t know anything about Swingers Clubs and no desire to find out. I have an amazing wife.”

Swingers Clubs?  Who said anything about Swingers Clubs?

Biedermann owns a hardware shop in Fredericksburg, where he has organized a festival that celebrates German heritage. “Fasching Fredericksburg” was inspired by the German Karneval, or foolish season, he told the San Antonio Express-News in 2013.

Okay.  He does realize he’s not helping himself, right?  I dunno, “German hardware shop” just kinda morphs into stuff I don’t want to think about.  You know, like … I dunno, gay Hitler?

Biedermann says …

“It’s only a problem because somebody is running against me and is trying to hurt my character,” Biedermann said. “It was never a problem before … My opponent wants to do sleaze things. This is what people hate about politics.”

No, mostly what we hate about politics is people like you, Biedermann.


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14 Comments to “Real Conservatives”

  1. Pancho Sanza says:

    So, lots of denials about the gay/sex part, no denials at all about the Fascist, racist, Nazi, dictator part. OK.

  2. The gay sex part is the only thing he thinks is wrong.

  3. Okay, I have to give him some credit– he’s standing right next to a black person and seems okay with that, so he’s not a complete bellend (as the Brits might say).

  4. I live in Fredericksburg. His claim that “someone is trying to hurt my character” is a bit disingenuous. Biedermann’s opponent in the Republican run-off is Doug Miller. Biedermann has had campaign ads in the local paper where he calls Miller (your usual NRA loving, Obama hating, pro-life Christian) a liberal! A LIBERAL!

    Here’s a quote from Biedermann’s website where he addresses the pressing issue of religious freedom:

    “Our country was founded on Christian Principles which are clearly stated in our Constitution and in the writings of our founding fathers.We must never let foreign laws and legal doctrines such as Shariah law to infiltrate our legal system and our country.”

    If you ask me, I think he’s been huffing too much paint in the back room of his Ace Hardware store.

  5. Shucks, TTPT! The only book he has ever read is the hardware manual which might have Christian principles in it in magic letters and numbers.

  6. Yeah, liberals are way worse than Nazis.

  7. @TTPT
    So in the image above, that’s spray paint on his upper lip? Does he smell strongly of solvent, as opposed to just ordinary Mad Dog? How is a German hardware store different than say a Scottish or Italian hardware store? Enquiring minds want to know!

  8. I’d like to hand him a copy of the Constitution and ask him to point out the clearly stated Christian principles. I’ll bring a chair for the wait. Won’t take but a moment for me to point out the bit about no religious test for office.

  9. At least I think that’s a black person. I could be wrong, in which case nix my #3 comment.

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    These two are so skanky looking!

  11. Rasty Bob says:

    He’s for Cruzzz—-Looks like he would be more at home at a Drumfp show. Just going by looks.

  12. “It’s only a problem because somebody is running against me and is trying to hurt my character,”

    Why would Biedermann’s opponent take the time to bother? Biedermann seems to have an insurmountably head-start in doing that to himself.

  13. Rick: Besides, how can you hurt something that doesn’t exist?

  14. Ranger Jay says:

    It’s just sad when you have ponder which is worse: a Republican, or a Gay Hitler. Sad…