Our Lady of Perpetual Misogyny UPDATED

September 22, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

One of our customers, Bunny, sent me this and I have her permission to share it with you.

Hard to believe but….

The picture is of two of my granddaughters who are the only two girls on their high school boys varsity soccer team, Foothills Academy, Scottsdale, AZ. That they were chosen for the team was an honor.

Tonight their school played Our Lady of Sorrows, Phoenix, AZ, so appropriate because their all boy soccer team would not even come on the field if the girls were to play. They would rather forfeit.

The girl’s coach left it up to the team and the girls were part of the decision. They didn’t want the rest of the boys to not be able to play too and they handled it really well. Coaches and players and parents were very supportive. Ready to forfeit, but decided to kick their butts instead. 3-1 halftime now.



UPDATED by Bunny on 9/22 —

Faith Christian notified Foothills Academy today they would forfeit their game if girls played.

Foothills Academy coach accepted their forfeit. Each player on his team voted. Every player voted to accept the forfeit. Especially noted are the players who are being looked at for college soccer scholarships and whose stats will be affected by each game not played. “I don’t give a damn about my stats, the girls are my team mates.”

The league will be updating their rosters with schools willing to play girls.

There ya go!


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58 Comments to “Our Lady of Perpetual Misogyny UPDATED”

  1. 1smartcanerican says:

    camber45, I guess you never watched women’s soccer at the Olympics this year? These ladies are tough and can definitely play with the best. Sorry, but your comment is totally bogus. These girls are tough enough or they would not have made the varsity team. It sounds as if men can only respect women who are follow 19th century stereotypes of how the female sex should behave. Sorry, this is the 21st century and women today are strong and proud of their mental and physical capabilities.

  2. What a bunch of losers!

    (in all senses of the word)

  3. camber45, these girls are good enough to make the team, so they’re good enough to play.

    Aside from that, though, is the issue that these are school teams and telling 51% of the students they can’t participate is rank discrimination.

    There are more differences between individuals than there are between the genders overall. Choosing gender as the dividing point is bigoted.

    Here’s an idea: why not let girls choose?

  4. @camber45

    Girls on a boys soccer team will not kill our republic. Trickle up economics, institutionalized inequality, and the wealthy’s sense of privilege will do that all on their own.

  5. Canyon Athletic Association needs their collective butts kicked. If a team is in the Association, it plays other teams in the Association, and does not get to specify what those other teams may consist of. An appropriate remedy is for Lady of Sorrows to be kicked out of the Association and their coach fired, for surely, that is where this travesty originated. And shame on the Foothills coach for letting it happen.

  6. Unbelievable story. I was thinking that that crap was all gone, but then I remembered these are private schools, free and encouraged to treat women poorly like their fathers did/do. Would they have gotten to play if they wore aprons? The adults need counseling. I can’t believe the girls being docile enough to agree that it was best that the rest of the “team” play… Upside: these girls will never forget this. Maybe next time the occasion presents itself, one or both will be first in line to kick some “christian” butt.

  7. camber 45, you made me laugh. It’s rare to read such brazen ignorance here. Did you watch any of the women in the Olympics? Wrestlers, boxers, etc. How about the women who are MMA champs?

    Oh well. You are entertaining camber 45. ( Is that your IQ?) Trolls gotta troll.

  8. JAKvirginia says:

    Debbo… I hope I never get on your bad side for fear you’ll rip out my tongue and serve it to me on a Kaiser roll. Sha-bam! You don’t suffer fools lightly. I like that in a person.


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