Oh Cathey, This Just Ain’t Your Week at the Beauty Salon

August 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Yesterday I told you about Cathey Engelbrecht’s True the Vote organization falsifying signatures in order to put poll watchers at African American polls.  And the best part?  They got caught.

Well, one of our customers got to nosing around and found something that slipped around us in June.  It seems that Miss Cathey of the Golden Ripoff was whining about being audited by the IRS because her organization is so conservative.

Now Cathey Honey, lookie here and Miss Juanita of the Superhold Hairspray will try to explain this to you in a manner that you can understand.   Here’s the cake.  You can look at the pretty cake or you can eat it, but after you eat it you can’t look at it.

Likewise, you can be a tax exempt non-partisan organization and not pay taxes.  OR, you can be a conservative activist group.  You can’t be both at the same time.  This isn’t one of those “just a little bit” things either.  Either you’re pregnant or you’re not.

So, when you took your non-partisan little group and got involved in the Scott Walker recall, you not only ate that cake, but you also had frosting all over your mouth.

And then you whined about having OSHA make “an unscheduled” visit to the machine shop you and your hubby own.  Cathey, Cathey, Cathey, all of OSHA’s visits are unscheduled.  That’s the purpose of their visits.  In fact, it is freekin’ illegal for them to let you know ahead of time.

Next she claimed they got fined $25,000 for “minor” things.  Which was so unfair and she was being so picked on and oh dear God, what a victim of governmental meanness she is.

Well, come to find out, Cathey wasn’t exactly telling the truth.  And let’s face it, she’s had a lot of practice at that.  There were nine violations ranked as “serious.”

… the business was cited for obstructions in aisles, neglect in labeling non-exit doorways that could be mistaken for exits, failure to make sure the forklift operators wore seatbelts, not providing employees operating a metal grinder with protective eyewear, allowing an employee to operate a forklift without proper training and certification, failure to install guards on rotating grinders and band saws, failure to anchor a milling machine to the floor, creating an electrical hazard by plugging heavy machinery and other electrical devices into portable power strips instead of fixed wiring, and failure to label numerous hazardous chemicals.

Cathey ain’t real fond of the working men and women of America.   She doesn’t care much about their safety and she sure as hell doesn’t care about their right to vote.

If she’s gonna run with the big dogs, she better be prepared to get out from under the porch.

Thanks to Al for the heads up and John for the graphic.

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15 Comments to “Oh Cathey, This Just Ain’t Your Week at the Beauty Salon”

  1. SomedayGirl says:

    No she ain’t fond of the working men and women of America. In addition to not caring overmuch about their safety, it looks like she’s filed for at least one H1B certification for a green card. No unemployed engineers in SE Texas, I guess.


  2. Marge Wood says:

    Reminds me of once back in the Dark AGes I went to visit a steel smelting place up in the Ohio Valley. Apparently taking visitors there was one of the local forms of entertainment. I was fussing that the men working around those furnaces weren’t wearing goggles. My parents were so embarrassed for me.

  3. W C Peterson says:

    a $25,000 OSHA fine is a really big deal. Usually, fines are a lot smaller than that. But wait, it’s Texas, right? Texans do things BIG.

  4. It’s always interesting to see how far some people will go to justify their irresponsible actions.

    I worked, a short time, for my brother who was a labor law attorney, dealing with unions and corporations. I don’t know why I thought I could abide the work involved since you are dealing with semantics most of the time. (I am truly the bookkeeper type, deadlines are never missed in accounting, and gawd knows why some attorneys who are so taken with the word do not understand dead . . . line.) Anyway, if you read some of the comments from the link you will get that I absolutely agree that we need unions and government oversight, c’mon guys . . . yeah leave it to the some of the bottom line guys to protect us . . uh huh. (I do realize there are honest and caring people out there in these types of businesses, I’ve come across a few myself!) Howevah . . .

  5. mike from iowa says:

    A buck fine for every violation sounds like she got off easy. As I wondered yesterday,the family dumbass dubya bought his ranch from is named Engelbrecht. Any one know if the two families are related? She acts more like a dubya relative when it comes to workers and privilege.

  6. UmptyDump says:

    “Minor” violations? BS! She should be glad that OSHA let the company off with $15,000 in fines rather than the original $25,000. Every single one of the serious violations cited had a realistic and significant potential for resulting in permanent disability or death. My career started in 1961 in heavy industry and I worked for four very large competitors. I’ve seen more than a few injuries and fatalities, even with a universal commitment over the 50 years of my personal involvement to professional safety training and practices, proper safety equipment and committed supervision. This is no heavy boot of government on Englebrecht Manufacturing. It’s the management evading its professional and ethical responsibility while failing to do its job. This is a pathetic, chickenpoop business run by some even more pathetic owners..

  7. Bud Malone says:

    Rowan and Martin and a left over “Sock it to her”.

  8. No guards on grinders and band saws, electrical and chemical violations…this business was a disaster waiting to happen.
    It was flagrant disregard for worker safety and she sees it as “being picked on” by OSHA.
    This is why unions came into being and why these regulations are so necessary. You just can’t trust wealthy business owners to do what is right. It figures she’s a buddy of Scott Walker.

  9. People like this woman and her TP cohort are too ignorant to realize that they are desperately trying to turn this country into something that strongly resembles a Central Asian post-Soviet oligarchy.

  10. IronCelt, and oh won’t they be just so whiney pissed when what the created turns on them and has them for lunch cuz that’s what those things do.

  11. Corinne Sabo says:

    I guess those are minor things if it is not you at risk, huh, Cathey? And why the extra letter in your name? Jesus only had 5 letters.

  12. Sandridge says:

    Corinne Sabo says:
    August 30, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    The extra “e” in her name is for “entitled”?

  13. mike from iowa says:

    Afterall,this is in Texas where they probably try to squeeze blood out of turnips for the extra penny profit. Besides,if someone gets hurt or killed due to negligence,past nutter officials have pretty much sewn up the court system so John Q Public gets stand zero or less chance of collecting anything.

  14. What a whiney, arrogant, selfish little excuse for a human being. I’m not sure that child was raised right.

    “You can be a tax exempt non-partisan organization and not pay taxes. OR, you can be a conservative activist group. You can’t be both at the same time.”

    Unless you’re a church. Then you can spout out who to vote for from the pulpit, and which votes will send you to hell, and DARE the IRS to touch you. And they won’t.

  15. IOKIYAR.


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