Oh Blake, You Ducky Devil You

January 31, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Remember when South Texas Congressslob Blake Farenthold promised to repay the $84,000 of taxpayer money he used to payoff a woman he had sexually harassed?

That was on December 3rd and he promised to repay it within a week.

I hope you haven’t been holding your breath or tapping your fingers on the breakfast table waiting for Blake to write a check.

U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold has backed off his pledge to pay back a taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlement.

A member of his communications staff says, on the advice of counsel, Farenthold is “waiting to see what changes the House makes to the Congressional Accountability Act before repaying the funds.”

No, no, uh uh, no.  Whatever changes they do make, Blake still owes you and me $84,000.  Nothing is gonna change that except for a check for $84,000 with Blake’s signature on it.

Now here’s the fun part. It ain’t like he can’t afford it.  He’s worth $6.6 million smackeronis.

Write a damn check, Blake.

However, Blake is trying to kiss-up to the ladies in another way.


Too little, too late, Bozo.

That’s all you gave the ladies, when you had plenty of money for lawyers?


Now, those of you with time to tap your fingers on the table, go look at Blake’s expenses with his campaign money.  He shames Louie Gohmert in the Holy Cow! department.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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5 Comments to “Oh Blake, You Ducky Devil You”

  1. Why are you surprised he lied?
    I am more surprised when repubs tell the truth. Now that is shocking.

    He probably thought he could get away with it without making too many people angry. I did notice he bought a ‘protective vest ‘ for $500.
    Wonder if they match his PJ’s?

  2. Maybe there should be a Blake Fartenhold Rule in the Congressional Accountability Act, which is the larger the avoirdupois of the offender, the larger the payout to the harassed victim.

  3. Sandridge says:

    Blake Farenthold, the massive gluteus maximus of DC, the buttocks of the Rethugs.
    Now he’s waiting on an $84,000 mulligan. Isn’t there some way that he can be sued into coughing up these ill-gotten gains from us taxpayers?

    He also ‘promised’ not to run for re-election. Suure…we’ll see about that. There is an election in November, TX-27 deserves better than this fat pasty perv.

    (Wow, he’s a real big spender on those Rethug women’s committees, eh? Talk about ‘cheap tricks’, those Republicladies come in mighty low budget jumps.)

  4. The Congressional Accountability Act should at least start the clock on interest from the day promised. And charge interest at the current Payday Lender market rate.

  5. Not a real Tory says:

    I think the best response to this is to flood his office with calls demanding that he pay up.

    His Corpus Christi office number is (361) 884-2222

    His Victoria office number is (361) 894-6446

    Even if he doesn’t pay up, make him realize that we are watching.


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