Misinformer of the Year:

December 27, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Misogyny, Sumbitches

Every year, Media Matters awards a person/organization with the title Misinformer of the Year.  Started by David Brock back in 2004, Media Matters has been on a mission to counter what he dubs the Republican Noise Machine which was actually the title of one of his first books. The Misinformer award has been given to those who you would expect, like Sean Hannity, but also to CBS for it’s bogus Benghazi story a couple of years ago.  The Center for Medical Progress received the award in 2015 for its highly edited video designed to make it look like Planned Parenthood “sold baby parts” for profit, which it most certainly does not.

This year, the award is shared by two awardees: fake news and the “Alt-Right”.  They are both closely related as the “Alt Right” uses fake news to motivate its devotees to harass innocent people who it dubs a threat.  Those threats usually target females and/or people with a skin color that is not white and American.  Media Matters singled out Facebook for the proliferation of fake news by both political groups and simple money grubbers profiting from people’s gullibility.

Fake news and the “Alt-Right” are both cancers on society as they add nothing, but daily crucify truth and knowledge.  Media Matters is correct to call both of these out to the public.


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12 Comments to “Misinformer of the Year:”

  1. Nothing enrages members of the alt right than to tell them to check their facts, after spewing the most insidious and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, our new minority-president elect not only falls into that category, but is Conspirator-in-Chief. Adherence to reason, science and careful research have fallen by the wayside and our democracy has been marginalized by this practice.

  2. Unpresidented.

  3. The irony of the words co-opted by RWNJs is astounding. Their new favorite is ‘technically.’ That sure doesn’t mean what the science deniers think it does. But it’s no problem to a RWNJ. What’s in a little word misuse, when their goal is to throw a blanket of obfuscation over a pile of lies?

    The language of Donnie speak and his surrogate apologists could be the new “Guidebook for Philanderers.” Caught on tape and we hear: ‘I didn’t say that.’ ‘He didn’t say that.’ And, the classic specialty of a cheater: ‘I was misunderstood.’

    2017 A New Year resolution for the media – quit acting like a facilitator and call a lie what it is, a lie.

  4. Paul, ROFL. Thanks for the reminder of st00pid RWNJs and their ‘classics.’ Donnie may be in the competition to topple $carah’s “refudiated” gaffe.

    If only we could unpresident the Orange Foolius…

  5. Yeah, the New York Times had a story yesterday or day before about how RWNJ’s are doing to the mainstream media what they do to everything else. Project their repugnant crap on everyone else. Any information that refutes their narrative (so, you know, truth and facts and stuff) is lies put out by the liberal media. It just proves what they’ve been saying for years, right? It even quotes some conservative talk show host as saying that they’ve gone too far. Imagine that. War on Christmas? Fox News bullsh*t. War on the truth? Our new reality.

  6. Misstatement, taken out of context, mischaracterized, not what I meant to say, didn’t say that, misinformed, fake news, etc.

    These words have all become euphemisms for “Lies,” a word that needs to be brought out of mothballs and put back to use, sometimes in BOLD print.

  7. Christmas is a lie. A pretty lie, but a lie nonetheless.

    It’s a lot deeper than left/right politics.

    We’re trained from birth to believe lies.

    This election is just the performance of that training.

  8. “Fake News” or the kind of story for people that will believe *anything* if it’s on the internet.
    “Alt-Right” or the above type of person.

  9. Unofficial says:

    Of course they call themselves the Alternate Right; because we all know that the alternative to Right is Wrong.

  10. Tilphousia says:

    Hannity et al should be put away in little room where they can spew only to themselves. Those evil creatures do more harm than most people realized until now. No wonder that we have morally bankrupt creatures in congress, like most of the rethuglicans party. That should be the new GOP motto: no morals, no religious rights, no rights at all if one isn’t a fat old white male hypocrite.

  11. Boy, they missed the mark. The very Prince of Lies is Trump himself. All the other lies were either taken from him, or generated on his behalf. Though I guess it’s just media/news organizations or “reporters” that are considered.

  12. I can give a pass to those folks who do not get a decent newspaper to read every day, or do not own a computer so they can travel the world in search or research, or ever had a science class in school cuz the school didn’t teach any such thing or the counselors thought the kids was cut out more for woodworking class than science. But there are others with the wherewithal and the so-called education who know better and have the resources to do actual hard scholarly search and research but refuse to do so all because they have – get ready for this – an acute savage case of Agenda-itis! And they would rather suffer than be cured!