I Love a Parade!

February 07, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

This is just an idea I had.  Okay, so it’s not fleshed out fully, but it’s just an idea.

You know how Trump is demanding a military parade so he can prove to French President Macron that his twinkle isn’t as small as it appears to be?

The cost of shipping equipment and hardware to DeeCee could run in the millions and military officials have no idea how the hell to pay for it. The weight of the tanks and missile launchers will destroy Pennsylvania Avenue which wasn’t built to handle their weight. We the taxpayers will be the ones footing the bill for this parade to commemorate his royal ego.

To recap: the coward who received five draft deferments to avoid service in Vietnam, mocked a P.O.W. as a “loser” for being captured, trashed talked the parents and the wife of soldiers kill in action, and lied about donating to veterans organizations wants the women and men of the Armed Forces to stage a costly, pointless parade at our expense.

Here’s my idea.  Let’s make it safe and festive.

Let’s make large balloons depicting our military hardware and our Dear Leader.  It’s fitting.  He is, after all, a hot air buffoon.

Hey, Mexico will pay for it – they already have Dear Leader ready to go.

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “I Love a Parade!”

  1. We all know that this Banana Republic dictator style parade is not to honor the military. It’s Rump’s big show that his-missiles-are-bigger-than-yours.

    Maybe they should ask those disabled vets that struggle to get care they deserve, the ones who are homeless and the newly enlisted non-commissioned that qualify for food stamps if they’ll really feel honored.

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Good idea, Mrs. B.! Dr. Ronny probably still has the many balloons that were used to lift Donnie to 239 pounds. As a cost savings those should be able to lift substantial payloads to the parade site.

  3. Tilphousia says:

    Instead of destroying our roads why not have the ‘parade’ consist of those true American Heroes the ones with PTSD, those in wheelchairs. Let’s not forget the many vets who have been deported after serving this country. Deported by a traitor’s government. And add the homeless vets. Instead of stroking traitor trump’s cowardly ego, get the brave, selfless men and women the help physical and mental that the United States OWES them.
    If traitor trump wants a parade, let’s gets cameras ready for his perp walk when Mueller nails his gonads, if he has any, to the wall.

  4. Cadet Bone Spurs to be seen as a tin horn dictator wannabe.
    Note to wife [Buy more pop corn and JD.]

  5. So the 37%’s Kim Jong Drumpf wants a military parade? Like Mayday in the Soviet Union? Like the big Mao parades in Communist China? Like Honecker’s goose-stepping hordes? Quite a list of influencers Kim Jong Drumpf follows.

  6. Poor Donnie WeeDigits; will nothing ever help him (over)compensate?

    Maybe this could pay for it.

  7. Susan Q Bryan says:

    News sources say he was ‘inspired’ by the Bastille Day parade in France. Here’s my idea: instead of a military parade, can we reenact the storming of the Bastille (in this case, DC) and overthrow the wealthy ruling class and the corrupt religious authorities that enable them?

  8. Correction on the link.


  9. Charles R Phillips says:

    If the government shuts down, will there still be that parade? How will he pay for it then, same way he paid contractors on his hotel projects?

    I’m thinking he wants the government shut down so he can steal even more from the poor and middle class without anyone noticing or interfering.

  10. Little Donnie wants a big red T signature wall memorial to himself and an annual parade where troops would goose step past him and the kids, saluting in fear of being dispatched if they didn’t goose high enough.

    Apparently this is why Trump is demanding an increased defense budget. After all, parades cost money (don’t forget the prohibitive costs of the inaugural event which played to empty seats and expectations, from which he seems to have made a fancy profit).

    I joke a lot on this forum, mostly because you contributors are really funny and encourage my mindless participation, but in all seriousness, our representatives need to stand fast and resiliently in unending opposition to his idiocracy. No wall. No military parade where the entire country has to salute an inglorious pretender.

  11. Shouldn’t a clown prefer a circus to a parade?

  12. Fenway Fran says:

    I’m sure Mexico would be happy to send us some DT piñatas!

  13. I am at a lose for words, just that trump is a flippin idiot! All those who agree are just as bad, that is it. If trump led the parade he would be the “Grand Moron”.

  14. One idea I saw on the twitter machine: congress should add a sentence to the budget deal – no funding for a military parade.

    Another idea: funding for a military parade will come out of Cheatos weekend trip “budget” (not that he has one) – so however much it costs to ship his sorry ass to Florida will instead be applied to this stupid parade, and no Mar-a-Lago for him.

    I seem to remember he wanted this thing for his inauguration. And that it was nixed in part because of the damage heavy tanks would do to the streets in DC. And also because the city was built on swampland it could damage a lot more than the streets.

  15. If Il Douche wants a parade, make him pay for it.

    And see if he can hold a salute while they all march past. The whole time. Heck, make him walk the parade route.

  16. Jane & PKM says:

    Hannah and Ted, we like your thinking. Let Donnie pay and have his fiasco at Mar-a-da-Blow-Hole (those golf trips too at his own expense).

    Dee Cee is not geologically suited to the event. Neither is Mar-a-da-Blow-Hole. But do we care?

  17. slipstream says:

    What is the schedule for this parade? I think I can get the Stanford Band to participate. With any luck, they will do one of their typically thoughtful tasteful tributes to Trump.

  18. A parade? in D.C.? Since he really has no knowledge of D.C. as a functioning city, he likely does not know that damn near every week there is some sort of a parade and march or whatever that blocks off streets etc. And you have to file way ahead of time to do all of that. And your application has to be accepted. Parades and marches actually do get turn-downs because of scheduling kerfuffles. The Golden Gibbon would never accept a rejection for a parade that was his idea. He might get so angry he would start sucking his thumb!

  19. Lunargent says:

    Rick –
    Nah, clowns have to work at the circus, instead of just getting to stand and watch.

  20. Chloe Bear says:

    ‘Tanks, but no tanks’: D.C. Council pans Trump’s proposed grand military parade
    Local officials have opposed the prospect of a show of military force that would leave the city government on the hook for security, cleanup and repairing damage to the roads.


  21. My first thought was to oppose the parade, but then I saw that the date is uncertain. So, let’s petition to hold it on the anniversary of Trump’s first draft deferment. I don’t know the date but I bet it could be found out.

    Alternatively, hold Doo-Dah parades across the country on that date.

  22. I guess I see red every time I think about a parade to honor the military!!!!!!! My husband was in a fight to obtain the disability he deserved after being in the agent orange Viet Nam experience, with the lung cancer and heart disease,he was told they rated 30% disability and not 100%, they have stalled for a few years, in which I was his full time carer, well, they killed him last October, because now he cannot fight (I will).
    He also received a medal for saving many lives in spite of being under attack. And draft dodge wants a parade!!!!


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