Hey, Ducky Boy, Pay The Hell Up!

February 10, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas Republican Congresscreep Blake Farenthold said he would repay the $84,000 he owes us that he spent paying off a victim of his haute couture artisan creepiness.

He said he would and everybody heard it.

Now he looking for a way to cha-cha out of it.  He claims to be waiting for some proposed ethics bill to pass congress. The bill has nothing to do with his theft of our money or his promise to repay it.  He’s just being creepy.

I do not for the life of me understand why he’s still in congress and Al Franken isn’t.  Farenthold has been accused of far, far worse.

You can hound him in the comment sections of his Facebook page.  Snark at him on Twitter.  Call his office on Corpus at 361-884-2222.  You want your money back.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.



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11 Comments to “Hey, Ducky Boy, Pay The Hell Up!”

  1. Are those (snicker snicker) little yellow duckies on his jammies? And that blob of thievery is in congress? His district must be hard up. Can’t wait to begin annoying calls. Braw heh heh heh

  2. “Hey, Ducky Boy, Pay The Hell Up!”


  3. There does , is a double standard when it come to these republicans. Fraken gone but this waste of space still there. Lets release that stupid republican memes that proves nothing. it was written by the republicans. Wait do not release the Democratic memo it might disprove the republican memo. Again I can wait for this nightmare to be over, every morning I come down stairs hoping for a miracle.

  4. I just looked at Ducky Boy’s Facebook page and I was laughing too hard to leave a comment. Oh my gosh, almost every comment was “When are you going to pay back the $84,000 of our money?” or worse. He must have a staffer do that page for him, and that staffer must be either tight-assed with distaste or secretly laughing their butt off.

  5. Congresscreep…..ho ho ho.
    Keep up the pressure JJ.
    I’ll call the office and leave an angry message.

  6. Mark Schlemmer says:

    Someone in Texas please help me understand if the NYT story on this was correct when it claimed he was worth “millions.”
    What, pray tell, did this rightwing stain on humanity do to have a large bank account? I just have to know.

  7. “Congresscreep” works in this particular instance, but I really prefer “Congressschmuck” from a previous post. Had I a heart and should it have cockles, Congressschmuck would warm them.

  8. Tilphousia says: “His district must be hard up”.
    If Ducky does actually step aside, any of the Rethugs still have a strong advantage now, since the district was severely gerrymandered. There are some 3-4 Democrats running in the primary for the TX-27 US Rep race in November. Eric Holguin seems to be ahead.

    Mark Schlemmer, Ducky Farenthold comes from a fairly wealthy family, was/is a lawyer, and was also a local RW radio host. So he probably does have million$ of his own. But he’ll continue to try to scam that measly $84K outta we taxpayers as long as he can.

  9. Let me see, he probably at a very young age started out by pilfering a few bucks form his mama’s pocketbook and just built on that foundation over the years. there is just no hope for this useless wad of DNA.

  10. Oh God, not again.

    If I had the money, I’d gladly pay the $84,000 myself, if it meant I’d never have to see that damned picture again.

  11. sybil wertheim says:

    Do I need to know the zip code of his district when I call?
    What is it??


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