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June 24, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas has a Lt. Governor named Dan Patrick, but that’s not his real name.  He legally changed his name from Dannie Goeb to Dan Patrick so he might could grow up and be a famous sports announcer like … uh, sports announcer Dan Patrick.

I considered changing my name to Marilyn Monroe because I figured everybody wanted to say they were friends of Marilyn Monroe.  I decided against it because people would think I was nuts to change my name just for the helluva it.  You know, like Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

So, I’m telling you this because Dan Patrick has some crazybutt friends.  Mean ole floozies.  And he named them to an advisory committee to advise him on state policy.

One by one, they are getting famous for being mean.

The good people of North Richland Hills have a woman of the Muslim faith working for the city.  Dan Patrick’s advisor promptly insulted her.

In an online newsletter, Tea Party President Julie White McCarty, an adviser to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, called the city employee a “lost soul” who should “learn about Jesus.”

“She’s in America now,” McCarty wrote.

The employee is a native born in Fort Worth.

To the everlasting credit of the city of North Richland Hills, they are mad enough to spit nails.

Just to let you know about this particular Tea Party group that Dan Patrick thinks so highly of …

The group has moved often across Northeast Tarrant County, gathering lately in a Southlake private school and a Hurst meeting hall.

(For months, the group met in a Lutheran church in Bedford. But that ended about the time McCarty wrote on social media that voters should support Southern Baptists but not United Methodists.)

No, seriously, she’s an advisor to the Lt. Governor of Texas.

He should have changed his name to Bubba Total Jerk.

Thanks to Mule Breath for the heads up.

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18 Comments to “Dan and His Posse”

  1. With people like Patrick and Abbott running the state and their supporters and friends running their mouths it is easily seen that we are a state and possibly a nation in decline. It’s long past time for The GOP to wend its way to La Brea…

  2. Marge Wood says:

    Somebody needs to get somebody’s facts straight before going on teevee or Facebook.

  3. BarbinDC says:

    Explain to me again (I’m slow, apparently) how this jerk got elected. Wasn’t Leticia running?

  4. mrswiggins says:

    OMG, he’s a hunka burnin’ love…not.

  5. e platypus onion says:

    I suppose this dizzy dame wants a million bucks to protect her from radical Muslims wanting her head on a platter. Stop violating her religious freedumb to say totally dumbass stuff about people not like her.

  6. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Charming lady. Does she run chicken fights on her days off?

  7. SteveThe Returned says:

    Honestly, I’ve encountered rattlesnakes with more character and good will than Dan Patrick. What he’s after is nothing less than a Christian theocratic government—that’s not my supposition, that’s what I heard him say on his talk radio show in Houston, multiple times. This man is way more dangerous than people realize—and he’s got a clear shot at the governorship in a few years. He’ll make Greg Abbott and Rick Perry look like Churchill-level statesmen, by comparison.

  8. Marge Wood says:

    I worked the polls the day Patrick won the primaries. The GOP line was LONG with determined looking folks with small children. i was heart broken that Leticia didn’t win. It don’t matter how many people REGISTER if nobody VOTES. Travis Cty Dems learned that going to areas where nobody had voted before and ASKING them to vote for the Democrats got great results. SEEK. KNOCK. ASK. Talk to anyone holding still and smiling at you in the coffee shop, grocery store, church, wherever.

  9. Marge Wood says:

    just for fun, google TOM TORO CARTOONS. Lots of fun. We need fun.

  10. Fred Farklestone says:

    Here’s a photo of her!


  11. Say it now and say it loud,
    I’m ignorant and I’m proud!

    It’s possible that Democrats make statements that cause other people to drop their jaws in shock and horror, but Republicans seem to excel at it on a daily basis.

  12. Rubymay says:

    For some folks, hate isn’t just a hobby — it’s a full-time avocation. Lovely, just lovely. I wonder if the haters ever consider what it means to “reap what you sow?”

  13. Why is it — meaning am I just an evil old lady — that I think this dame is eventually going to be found out as a home wrecker?

  14. angstrom says:

    sam psychopath is his real name, but that’s too honest. as such his carefully selected advisers try to mimic him as much as possible.

  15. So I googled “Julie White McCarty”. There were a few good hits. I wish I could un-read some of the glowing words she wrote about Louie Loo-eye Ghomert. Including one guy who said “yep yep yep he’s ahhhhhhhhhh awre representative and we love ’em yep yep yep” Mouth breather. Texas is sooooooo screwed.

  16. L Lester says:

    I , too, am amazed that this man is now in the most powerful position in the state. He had really jumped in there to handle the states most serious issues–open carry, and other non important issues to numerous to mention. But it is the uninformed voter that robotically pushes the R button like a religion, they are truly responsible for this insanity. I keep saying that rather than entrench themselves in this ideology debate, they must become responsible voters and listen to what they say and then see what they really do–if most people would have a responsible approach to selecting leaders (or even an approach at all here in Texas), they would never vote for people like Greg Abott and Dan Partick to be running the state. Wait until the entire public school funding is handed over to the religious right in the form of “school vouchers” and to you know what with everyone else–look at who Abbot put in charge of Education (can’t remember her title)–she is a home schooler who does not believe in public education and who got her degree in Counseling at Liberty University–folks we are in real trouble. Only thing is that Abbott and Patrick do not particularly like each other and may start throwing mud at each other in the sandbox. Hope people will start paying attention to what they are doing and what they are not doing!!

  17. Oh, Texas. You were always strange, but now you’re just sad and pathetic.

  18. Is that Konni Burton’s Lutheran church they once met at? Might be a follow-up piece there.


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