Comey Rewarded for Using FBI for Political Purposes

January 24, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

This morning, Cheeto Jesus announced that Director of the FBI, James Comey, would keep his head as a reward for using the FBI to help keep Hillary out of the Whitehouse. ¬†Comey, appointed by President Obama in 2013, is serving a 10 year term as director. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked. ¬†The takeover of the nation’s leading law enforcement agency by Cheetoists is complete.

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15 Comments to “Comey Rewarded for Using FBI for Political Purposes”

  1. Comey isn’t safe and he knows it. I see a resignation coming. He ain’t J. Edgar and he has not way of stopping the out of control truck that is Trump. And he does not want to be what that truck hits.

  2. Old Mayfly says:

    Very few public servants will step on the tracks to try and stop a runaway train. Every once in a while, though, one does–and the results are spectacular.

  3. Of course Drumpf keeps Comey, his Republican collusion buddy.

  4. Is this a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Asking for a friend.

  5. @maryelle

    Of course they’re buddies in collusion. Comey and Hair Drumpf’ll soon be holding hands and taking warm showers together until the wee hours of the morning. Only interrupted by the occasional unnecessary Tweet.

  6. The FBI has been showing signs of corruption for some years now, but it was pretty much just sex, drinking and dereliction of duty. Supporting Trump qualifies these guys to end up several levels of Hell deeper.

    Levels of Hell: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery.

  7. We knew this was going to happen. But maybe, given his other choices, we should be marginally glad that Trump didn’t pick somebody worse.

    It’s not exactly good news that Jeff Sessions is not the most racist GOP Senator. According to the ratings of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, there are 14 other GOP senators who are just as racist. In the previous Congress there were 17 others, so I guess that might be called progress….

  8. Sanborne Addison says:

    My understanding is that Julius Aurantius Caeserjumperhumper, there, promised Comey a whole new FBI headquarters.

  9. Larry from Colorado says:

    Did you see Hair Drumpf whisper in Comey’s ear when he greeted him right after the election. I’ll bet what he said was “thank you”. Between the Russians and Comey, Hillary didn’t have a chance.

  10. So Comey’s job is as safe as Trump’s promise.

  11. LynnN: You ever heard someone say that some villain was destined for the 10th level of hell? Which sin would the previously unheard of basement level be devoted to? Trumpist Repugnantcanism. Even Dante couldn’t have imagined this scourge.

  12. But come to think of it, Lewis Black was in Houston awhile back. He said, and I quote “If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re going to hell”. So I guess that’s what he was talking about.

  13. Tilphousia says:

    Comey will get his just due. As a fan of Lady Karma and her BFF Queen Nemesis, I just want to be around when it happens. Traitor trump’s word is about as good as a snowball in hell. Comey and his fellow leaker agents will run afoul of traitor trump. Can’t be helped as the delusional one will take offence at just about anything.

  14. For an alternative take on Comey, read:

    In this version, Comey couldn’t talk about Trump because he just got the FISA order in October and is too busy chasing Russian spies in FBI, NSA and Trump organization to say anything yet. May be far fetched, but would make a good movie.

  15. Linda Phipps says:

    Better the devil we know than a new one who could be worse.