Breaking News! Puerto Rico Now An Island. REVISITED!

September 26, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Do you want to know why we can’t get help to Puerto Rico?  Let Trump tell you why.

“It’s very, very tough because it’s an island,” the president said, asserting that his government received “A+” marks for responding to storms in Texas and Florida. “The difference is this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean — and it’s a big ocean, a really, really big ocean.”

Oh hell, I didn’t realize that the Atlantic Ocean was bigger than say, your average Olympic size swimming pool or something.  It’s not just big or even really big.  It is, my friends, really really big.  Not as big as the sun, of course, which is really, really, really big.

You know, we could solve his thinking by making Mar-a-Lago an island.  Has anybody got a backhoe I can borrow?

And then the damfool says of Puerto Ricans that he’s from New York and knows many Puerto Ricans.  He adds, “They are hardy people.”  Somebody, please, take away his eugenics book.


Customer Brian found a brilliant explanation of Trump’s Puerto Rico hate.  It’s all about Trump’s money.


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14 Comments to “Breaking News! Puerto Rico Now An Island. REVISITED!”

  1. This is what the little kid says and acts like when the floats come off his arms and his toes can’t reach the bottom of the pool. This guy is so in over his head in this job that even Jesus is weeping!

  2. “Somebody, please, take away his eugenics book.”

    Ms. Juanita Jean Herownself, is that like a combination challenge and treasure hunt? Seriously. Are we being challenged to find a book that the dotard actually has read and return with it?

  3. “it’s a big ocean, a really, really big ocean.”

    Dear President Trump, how to get to an island:

    Airplanes (like Air Force 1 but not as comfortable)
    Ships (also known as trucks of the seas, but without wheels)

  4. That means Hawaii is screwed, too, if something happens. Oh, and Alaska because ….did you know it’s way over there, by Russia? Just ask Palin.

  5. Cheryl,
    I’m in Hawaii & Trump already tried to take away our tsunami warning center. I guess a few months ago he didn’t realize there were islands in the middle of a really, really, big ocean.

  6. Someone said that dogs know up to 200 words, and Trump knows about 97. This is well beyond one of his favorites: sad.

    There is a grain of truth in there– it’s hard to get aid in if the ports and airstrips have been damaged, because you can’t just roll the trucks and power line equipment down the highways. But [expletive] I wish we had a president with a vocabulary larger than a second grader’s. And more sense and awareness of the world.

  7. I just got temporarily booted off Twitter again last night because Orange Whore and his minions just bring out the worst profanity in me. Guess I won’t say more right now.

  8. Comparison
    1982 Kaui gets hammered by in from Hurricane Iwi.
    Immediately the navy looked at supplying power from a Nuke sub to island much like the Carrier Lexington, for 30 days, did for Tacoma in 1930.
    Instead they flew in and set up very large emergency Gen sets within days of Hurricane.

    Maybe after this Am. Samoa, Guam, Virgin Is. etc. Might start to reevaulate their relationship with US. If the US isn’t going to help they would be better independent and free of US moral bankruptcy.

  9. Sigh. We could all get together and rent a ship and hire a crew and get folks to load up supplies and head over there and hope Trump stays away. Well, we might need a little help from Bill Gates and a few other rich guys, but you just call a press conference and get reporters to ask Gates all about his plans to donate stuff…
    Well, it was an idea.

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    Oh, thank God, we have a “president” who takes the time to explain what an island is for us all. Pro Tip: Donnie? Just cuz your base is stupid as a rock, doesn’t mean the rest of us are. M’kay?

  11. Due to the Jones Act, non-US ships can’t unload cargo in Puerto Rico, even if its aid. The Trump refuses to waive it. Because Colonialism?

    The Jones Act was enacted to protect a US Merchant Marine & shipbuilding both of which have gone away. It adds huge costs to food in PR not to mention oil and gas. They waived this for Florida and a Texas after the Hurricanes but not Puerto Rico.

  12. Sure you’ve heard about this but the Dallas Mavericks team plane full of relief supplies somehow found its way across a largish patch of ocean and landed in San Juan yesterday. Player JJ Barea asked owner Mark Cuban for this help and he said yes. Barea is a native of PR and his parents still live there.

  13. I wonder if Trump is aware that Presidents have this thing called a “navy.”

  14. Rick: This might be familiar to you, but when we lived in Hawai`i ’91-’93, (went through Iniki) we heard really funny things. “Is the island completely surrounded by water?” (Yes, and if you think the Atlantic is really, really big, take a look at the globe and see that the Pacific is a really really ginormous ocean.) “Do you speak English in Hawai`i?” (Yes, but I’ll admit sometimes it sounds kind of strange – I love pidgen!) “There’s more than one island?” (Actually hundreds, I think, but eight major ones, including Niihau – a private island, and Kahoolawe, retrieved from being a target for Navy guns.)
    People can be really unknowledgeable about simple things.
    A note on Puerto Rico: They have lots of supplies there but not enough people to unload and distribute them. Tragic.


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