Because, You Know, That Republican Economic Recovery Plan Isn’t Working All That Well

July 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The 28 year old adult daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin moved her “nice trailer” to the backyard of the Governor’s mansion and is living in it with her husband.




One of the adult children of Fallin’s husband lives in the Governor’s mansion and another lives in a garage apartment behind the Governor’s mansion.

UnknownFallin told Oklahoma television station KFOR that her 28-year-old daughter received no special benefit by parking the travel trailer outside the mansion near the state Capitol since April. Any electricity or water she would have used in the trailer would have also been used if she had been living inside the brick-and-mortar home.

“My Oklahoma values … is to take care of your family,” Fallin, a Republican, told the TV station in a live interview.

She meant to add, “And if the taxpayers will do it for me, I will let them,” but she forgot.

Hey, I checked to see and it costs about $250 a month, $360 with electricity, to lease a trailer space in Oklahoma.  I mean, it ain’t a fancy pants one like a mansion for a neighbor  but that does seem kinda a little bit like “a special benefit.”

Maybe Oklahoma values should include a “robust economy.”

Hey, lotsa people have had their kids move back home.  They just didn’t expect the taxpayers to feed and cool them.

By the way, if we’re gonna talk about “value values,” does that include your bodyguard?

In early December 1998, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol bodyguard for Fallin resigned after admitting to unprofessional conduct. The Fallins had filed for divorce the previous week, amid allegations by her estranged husband that she had an affair with a bodyguard.

Public Safety Commissioner Bob Ricks issued a statement saying that rumors had surfaced in early September about alleged unprofessional conduct between a member of the executive security detail and the lieutenant governor. According to Ricks, the trooper first denied the allegations, but, when questioned again in October, admitted to the improprieties. He was allowed to resign, but his admission did not say if any sexual activity was involved.

Whoa boy, that there is some family values.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “Because, You Know, That Republican Economic Recovery Plan Isn’t Working All That Well”

  1. I keep seeing this picture of the trailer and I keep asking myself, “that is what the back of the gov’s mansion in OK looks like? A patch of bare earth and a bunch of utility poles?”


  2. Sandridge says:

    Whatta’ll get ’em in real big trouble in O&Gklahoma is driving that cutesy, fuel efficient(?) little furrin car that looks like a preggers roller skate.
    What is it, a Fiat or something? I’m not up on vehicle makes and models anymore.
    The Kochroaches will not be amused.

    As far as the costs, that electrical service drop pole looks new to me, such extension work is usually more than a few bucks to get service from a power company.

    As far as certain alleged “unprofessional conduct and improprieties” with a (prime condition) state trooper and no sex involved? I’ve got a Red River I’ll sell ya…

    All that aside, the Obama’s have Michelle’s mom living in the White House, and I don’t know quite why but it bugs me. Having your M-I-L so close at hand just seems unseemly to me. But then, my diminishing peer group always had two words for that (starting with a “P” and a “W”…).
    (heading to bunker now…)

  3. JAKvirginia says:

    I wonder how many double-wides would fit on the South Lawn of the White House? Y’know… if Huckleberry or one like him wins. Plan ahead, people, plan ahead!

  4. don lacy says:

    her relations with the bodyguard is why we call her mattress mary

  5. e platypus onion says:

    Christina has to move the trailer. It violates local ordinances and is improperly hooked up to utilities. Boo Hoo.

  6. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    And no, it wouldn’t cost the same amount in electricity as the governor’s mansion is cooled and lighted regardless of how many people are living inside. Most of the electricity going to the trailer will be above and beyond what electricity costs would have been added if the 28 year old lived in the mansion.

    Oh, and I’m so glad it’s a nice trailer.

    And I have the same question about that photo. It hardly looks like the backyard of a governor’s mansion.

  7. Sandridge, that’s a SmartCar. May be the smartest thing on the Governor’s Mansion property.

    And it might not be a bad idea to have a grandma on site to keep two teenage girls under control. Otherwise they might be running around using fake IDs like some other White House kids I heard about.

  8. That smart car didn’t tow that trailer, so where’s the big-a$$ed 3/4 or 1 ton pickup with fifth wheel that did?

    Are the wheels off that trailer so it’s level sitting on a pile of hadite blocks?

    Is there a commode on the front porch of the mansion?

    Not really an Oklahoma hater. I acknowledge the important role OK plays in keeping TX from falling off into the GuffaMexico.

  9. Sam in San Antonio says:

    I thought the governor’s mansion was a mobile home. The only reason people in OK go past the 4th grade is so they can read where to sign the lease on their used mobile home.

  10. No need for food stamps when you eat out of the governor’s fridge.

    Get a job? What for? I’m trying to think

    We would talk every day for hours
    We belong to the deadbeat club
    Anyway we can,
    We’re gonna find something
    We’ll dance in the garden
    In torn sheets in the rain

    We’re the deadbeat club (from the trailer)
    [deadbeat club] (above garage)
    We’re the deadbeat club (from the trailer)
    [deadbeat club] (above garage)

    – B-52s –

  11. Hollyanna says:

    Move along, folks, nothing to see here except yet another manifestation of wingnut welfare. The hypocrisy is astounding, but they do say that anything is okay in OK as long as you are a Republican.

  12. Wa Skeptic says:

    Palin/Fallin: White Trash in OK or AK; trailers and all. Sometimes it just makes me shake my head.

  13. so, where does the Gov. hold those hoity toity soiree’s OK is world famous for, if not in mansion’s backyard garden? sorry, if now gov. Fallin is as hot & sexy as your average republican lady folk is known for, that bodyguard should’ve been getting hazardous duty pay.

    I’m sorry, but compared to the Gov’s mansion in Richmond, that picture looks like that of a wannabe McMansion, in practically any high-end subdivision between Richmond and DC.

    of course Gov. Fallin’s family has values, Gambino family values.

  14. Sandridge, Presidents have the House of Representatives, GAO and OPM looking over their shoulders. Mom-in-law in the family’s private quarters?

    President has to pay for that out of his own pocket. Food, some furnishings, as I recall, electricity — comes out of a check President writes to Uncle Sam.

    Michelle wanted help with the kids. Unlike most Oklahomans, Obama gets along with his MIL. She likes him, in fact. Unlike most Oklahomans, he got a good job, and he does good as well as doing well.

    Changes the dynamic fiercely.

  15. Hmmm! I remember the time Huckster lived in a double wide on the front lawn of the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas while a whole lot of rehabbing was going on in the house at the taxpayers expense. But back then he actually had a genuine sense of humor and he could have made a million at stand p comedy. My, oh my! Look at him now. Where have the good times gone!

  16. AliceBeth says:

    That does not even look like a house trailer but a travel trailer. A Smart car may be small, but they do not get very good mpg and I believe require premium gas.

    I think the term mansion is negated when there is a trailer with a power pole in the back yard unless it is for construction.

  17. Old Fart says:

    So the pseudo-serial monogamy thing is true for conservative females as well as males…

    Stands to reason, since the males have to cheat with *someone*.

    (But. But. Butt.. Sex outside of marriage. For pleasure. The horror.)

  18. Marge Wood says:

    More great story/movie material….I’m tellin’ ya, lots of novelists are missing great opportunities by not hanging out at JUANITA JEAN’S.

  19. Bananas says:

    @AliceBeth Smart car gets around 35mpg unless it is an electric. I can tell you it is unnerving to drive one outside of a residential neighborhood. Pretty zippy, airbags up the yin yang.

  20. RepubAnon says:

    Hey, the Bible says to be fruitful and multiply – the Lt. Governor was just following the Bible’s teachings…

  21. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Other Presidents have had a family member living in the White House with them (it’s a big place; there’s plenty of rooms left over for the modern smaller families.) I don’t see anything unusual in a 3-generation family being together. I guess it is these days, but it feels natural to me. Gives kids another grownup they can talk to.

    As for Oklahoma, turns out a) it IS a travel trailer and b) it’s against state law to have a trailer on the governor’s mansion lawn. So daughter’s going to have to move and the trailer has to go. Gov. Fallin claims she didn’t know there was a law against having the trailer there, which sounds suspicious to me. Because I’ll bet if she’d mentioned it to any lawyer, he/she would have looked it up right away instead of “assuming.”

    On the electricity thing–keeping a travel trailer cool in the heat of summer costs more than keeping a basement room in the Guv’s mansion cool in summer.

    Q for those of you referencing the Lt. Gov. of Oklahoma–are you saying the male Lt. Gov was having it on with the bodyguard? Or…? Because Fallin is the Gov, not the Lt. Gov. and the Lt. Gov couldn’t be fruitful and multiply with the male bodyguard.

  22. lunargent says:

    Oh, jeeze.

    So many Trailer Trash quips, so little bandwidth.