911 Remembrances

September 12, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh Good Lord.

I have a friend who sorta collects wildly inappropriate 911 remembrances.  I have been given permission to share with you.

This is gonna be long so I fixed it where it continues on the next page.  I’m not worth a damn when it comes to manipulating images on the page so I’ll just let it roll.  You’ll have to click the link at the bottom to see the rest of them.

Veggie Tales is a Netflix children’s show and they took to Twitter.  “The official Twitter for VeggieTales. Helping children discover God Made Them Special and He Loves Them Very Much since 1993.”


I dunno.  That cucumber looks a little too happy.

And to those who are lost on their journey ….


You can get thirty whole minutes of free coffee and mini-muffins at the wildly overpriced Marriott.

And there’s always Jesus …


I do not want to think about where his mouth is.

And if you need to watch the whole scene over and over, get a genuine 911 lighter.


If you love 911 and you love fire, this is for you, Mr. Arsonist.

And for just $50 cheap, you can be the first on your block to own …


… this tasteful rendition of .. oh hell, I don’t know.  I have no idea what that is.

If nine holes with a cart interests you …


And for another star on the Holy Crap What Are You Doing? score, the name of the golf course is (prepare yourself) Tumbledown.


What can I say?  I can’t.  I can’t say a damn thing.


No, it takes Donald Trump to do that.

I hope you enjoyed my rendition of How Donald Trump Got Elected.


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19 Comments to “911 Remembrances”

  1. Just more proof of the adage “There’s no accounting for taste”.

  2. Charles R Phillips says:

    Tacky crap no Trump loyalist should be without!

  3. I remember our pastor’s sermon following 9/11 in which he said he was sure Jesus held the towers up long enough for some people to escape. I was dumbfounded. If Jesus could do that, why didn’t he hold them up so everyone could get out? Why didn’t he avert the planes in the first place, or stop the terrorists before they even started? It wasn’t long after this that we stopped going to church. The gay bashing and slut shaming of women who get abortions was getting a little too much to bear anyway.

  4. JAKvirginia says:

    Oh, crap. I can’t even………

  5. @TTPT

    Some of the sermons I heard about in the hours and days following 9/11 WERE pretty terrible. I hope the individual pastors were simply not up to coherently speaking to the tragedy and instead allowed incoherent, fundamentalist drivel that shamed their denominations to come out of their mouths.

  6. Making profit off of a tragedy…JSMH.

  7. What too tacky all of them. the best way to remember and honor those lost is to stop for moment then continue with your day. Proving the terrorist did not win. We remember.

  8. Maymoon–Close, but remember that the biggest “gifts” 9/11 gave us were unmitigated fear and unending war. The best we can do is refuse to be afraid.

  9. Sweet Baby Jesus – the lighter. That’s the sickest thing ever. Does the company also offer one shaped like a Holocaust oven?

    And Jesus comforting Santa – that’s just deranged.

    The mind boggles. But I guess it’s not as bad as kiddie porn. Marginally.

  10. TTPT, your former pastor reminds me that after every plane crash or other disaster, there’s at least one survivor saying, “God was watching out for me that day.” I guess their god doesn’t give a crap about those other 140 or 3000 people or however many were killed. Somehow the god gets credit for all the good stuff, but none of the blame for tragedies that he’s supposed to be able to prevent.

    Among the things I remember about 9/11 is that I went from DC to Boston on the train four days later. Everyone got quiet as Manhattan came in sight, and smoke was still rising from the WTC site. At least one of the hijacked planes had taken off from Boston, and the Martin Luther King memorial at Boston U had a circle of candles and notes around it from a service held earlier, one reading, “I’ll see you when I get there.”

  11. ON a previous 9/11 remembrance day, I came across a poem called When My Work Was Never Finished. Now get ready. I found this on a union site. The union actually had a poetry corner all because someone in the union liked poetry. This poem was really doggone good! Don’t take my word for it. I think you can Google it.

  12. We must all accept that God has bad aim. He kills a lot of Xtians while smiting a few baddies. And when Westboro Baptist says He hates FAGs, God kills Floridians, Alabamans, and Georgians.

  13. Rhea,I was tearing the moment I saw the Clydesdale. Yes,very moving, simple yet powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I don’t like to think about it. I was working at a VA as a chaplain, going from room to room. Most vets were old WW II guys, but there were some Korea, VN and Gulf vets too. It was hellish for the younger ones especially. Fuck. I hated that day.

  15. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    I remember the Clydesdale tribute. Deeply moving. Until they took them away, whenever I was in Ft Collins, CO I’d park and sit on a little hill by the Clydesdale pasture and just enjoy those magnificent creatures.

  16. Ray in Jerrytown says:

    Link st the bottom?

  17. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Yeah, Ray in Jerrytown, the one that says read the rest of this story. Obviously, you found it!

  18. About that one of Jesus hugging Santa Claus, well what can I say?

    Well this, actually:
    At first glance I thought the figure in the background was an elephant. Which makes perfect sense. Because profiting on the deaths of thousands is what some Republicans do love to do.