Yes, Yes, Mitt, We Know You’re Superior

July 31, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I know there are stages to grief, but are their stages to Good Grief?

If there are, Mitt Romney is exploring the outer edges.

Romney made his latest outrageous remark in Jerusalem, where he seriously asserted that Israelis (and clearly he meant Jews, since he was sucking up to a Jewish audience) are wealthier than Palestinians because “culture makes all the difference.”

Good grief.  Let’s just make the Mideast situation even worse by looking down on Palestinian culture.  Smart move, George Marshall.

One other thing – if culture is what makes you rich, maybe we should all become Saudi Arabians.

Mitt’s Magical Rude Tour needs to be heading home from summer camp.

Thanks to Barbara for the heads-up

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21 Comments to “Yes, Yes, Mitt, We Know You’re Superior”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    Mitt’s refusal to meet with Mahmoud Abbas and his refusal to discuss settlements was a clear signal to Israel and to GOP donor/hawks like Adelson that he is prepared to give Israel carte blanche. Attack Iran? go ahead, we’re willing to put American lives on the line in yet another poorly planned and unnecessary war.

    I guess the good news is that Mitt and his buddies will be baptizing all those of Jewish faith who died in the past so they can get into heaven. Of course knowing Mitt and his religion, there’ll be a service charge at the Pearly Gates.

  2. daChipster says:

    In their Etch-a-Sketch version of the comment, Team Mitt insisted that the statement was not meant to be racist toward the Palestinians in any way, and was being taken out of context. Notice he also drew the same distinction between the United States and Mexico.

    Yep, that’s not racist at all!

    Every gaffe these days is being walked back using the old “out of context” defense for his seriatim, verbatim Mitticisms. And maybe it’s true, although even when they reframe it, it’s less a defense than it is a distinction without a difference.

    It’s like the Aurora killer: his “context”(per his defense team) is not that he’s a cold-blooded killer, but rather that he’s a schizophrenic homicidal maniac.

    The context is not that Mitt is an overt racist. The context is that he’s driven by massive insecurity and a manic need to prove himself. That’s why he’s a soulless elitist idiot who will do or say whatever he must in order to win the approval/vote of the person directly in front of him. It’s the same thing that drove him to make mountains of money without regard to right or wrong, without counting up the human cost.

    He’s not evil, just a little crazy.

    Like in Aurora, I’m sure that “context” is a comfort to everyone he’s ever hurt.

  3. Mitt needs to fire his speech writers. Most of his so-called gaffes are when he is speaking extemporaniously, but this was a prepared speech…OMG.

    It terrifies me that he “could be POTUS” when I realize how awful his own judgment is and that of his so-called advisors.

  4. Nice going, Mitt…why not just say, “hey, folks, I got a great joke for ya…two rabbis and a mohel walk into a bar…”

  5. And the culture of being raised as a rich boy in a bubble apparently results in being a clueless tool. (Though not sure about the “tool” part since tools generally have a purpose.)

  6. grammy97 says:

    After reading several reports about the “kiss my ass” PR jerk of Romney’s, I got some new thoughts. Rmoney isn’t really campaigning for President. He’s actually trying to make sure that the GOP does NOT name him as the candidate. Somebody else can lose this election.

  7. daChipster says:

    Kellybee, does it go like this?

    The first Rabbi orders a Manischewitz. “Four fifty,” says the bartender. The Rabbi pays him with a 5 and says “keep the change.”

    The second Rabbi orders a Kedem. He pays with a 10, asks for change back in singles, and tips a buck.

    The mohel orders Mogen David, pays with a 20, then pockets all the change. He drinks his wine and leaves.

    “What’s up with him?” the bartender asks.

    “Oh, he’s a mohel,” the first Rabbi explains. “They never leave a tip.”

  8. Claus in CPH says:

    Guess it is W. Mitt Romneys way to say “you Jews are so good handling money”.

  9. daChipster says:

    What’s the difference between Bain Capital and a mohel? The mohel leaves you some.

  10. Speaking as a Jew, I find Mitt’s comment just as offensive to Jews as it is to Palestinians. Our culture makes us rich? Talk about perpetuating the stereotype. With friends like Mitt, who needs enemies?

    So much for the US ever being able to broker any sort of peace agreement. How will anyone in the Arab world – outside of the oil-producing countries – ever talk to a President Romney? What would be the point?

  11. LynnN: I fully expect Rmoney to be a complete tool if he’s elected; he’s bought and paid for, and all he has to do is whatever his masters tell him to.

    I never saw a hoe that needed a brain. (Does that get past Mama okay?)

  12. Boy! You ever know what you’ll learn reading the comments here. Having some Jewish heritage; (father born of the faith with grandfather being a Rabbi) and never being an observer or participant in the mohel tradition, the day did not fail to ‘teach’ me.
    The smiles are a secondary achievement.

  13. Just saw this on my homepage … the Mittster is already back peddling big time!

    Look in the dictionary for “ineptitude” and you’ll find Willard Mitt Romney’s picture beside it! He’s a joke but not that many folks are laughing!!

  14. @Claus, that’s exactly what I thought too.

  15. Gives a whole new meaning to that “Ugly American” thing.

  16. Sgt Mike on Vacation says:

    @daChipster: Won’t Bain and the mohel short you?

  17. Marcia

    It is hard to backpedal when these statements were in his 2010 book
    But in his 2010 book, No Apology, Romney made almost precisely the same point about Israelis and Palestinians, even using the same language: “culture makes all the difference.” Romney’s previous making of this point was caught by my Post colleague Scott Wilson, who talked about it in his story today on Romney’s trip abroad.

    In chapter 10 of No Apology, Romney writes of his travels:

    I wondered how such vast differences could exist between countries that were literally next door to each other. How could Americans be so rich and Mexicans so poor? How could Israelis have created a highly developed, technology-based economy while their Palestinian neighbors had not yet even begun to move to an industrial economy? As I traveled to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South American, and to both halves of Europe that had previously been divided by the Iron Curtain, I discovered that the prosperity gap is really a canyon. Why is that?

  18. His wife is pretty snooty too.

    her ‘you people’ comment I found insulting. Lots of other people did too.
    They don’t seem to be people that care about other people.
    I can’t believe they want to make America ‘a better place’. I think they want to be POTUS and FLOTUS just for the status.
    Or maybe to get that horse to his horse shows on air force one. Can’t be cheap flying a horse all over the world.

  19. Someone needs to tell Willard that Mexico has a lot of natural resources and talented people; however, almost all of the money is in the hands of a few, just what he wants for the USofA.

  20. OK, Chip, one more…

    The rabbi refused to take a bath before performing a circumcision…he believed that mohel and water don’t mix.