Y’all, He Was Just Applying for an ATM Card

March 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I know everybody is all Honey,-have-you-heard! about Jared Kushner meeting with officials representing a Russian bank while it was under sanctions.

He was simply applying for an ATM card.  You know, in case the sanctions were lifted, because he had heard from pillow talk that may happen under a Trump administration.

U.S. officials said that after meeting with Russian Kislyak at Trump Tower last December, a meeting also attended by Flynn, Kushner met later in December with Sergei Gorkov, chairman of Vnesheconombank.

White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed the meetings, saying nothing of consequence was discussed.

Gorkov was appointed head of VEB in early 2016 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He graduated from the Federal Security Service, or FSB, Russia’s internal security agency. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for Services to the Fatherland, according to the bank’s website.

“Nothing of consequence.”  Oh sure, we believe that. Just some guys sitting around talking about the Super Bowl.

(As an aside, there is a White House spokeswoman named Hope Hicks?  The Hicks part caught my eye and my funny bone this morning.  So, I looked her up.  She’s a lovely young woman who is one of Ivanka’s models.  I am completely serious.)


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10 Comments to “Y’all, He Was Just Applying for an ATM Card”

  1. They were obviously promising to lift those sanctions if elected.
    No doubt the banker and Putin wanted to make that happen.
    These trolls are so obvious, they wouldn’t make it in an Inspector Gadget movie.

  2. According to the internet, grew up in Connecticut (nacilbupeR) and attended SMU (nacilbupeR) in Dallas (partially nacilbupeR). Her employment at a PR firm (liberal) representing Ivanka (who knows) got her connected to the Drumpf mafia (apolitical). Although I don’t know her personally I presume she has never said “No” in her life.

  3. WOW I don’t know what I did up there! Talk about a collision and a collusion of brain fart and some-timers!

    So according to the internet, Hope Hicks grew up in Connecticut (nacilbupeR) and attended SMU (nacilbupeR) in Dallas (partially nacilbupeR). Her employment at a PR firm (liberal) representing Ivanka (who knows) got her connected to the Drumpf mafia (apolitical).

  4. Jaw-drop

    Hope Hicks has now a political position…which the ad uses to promote Ivanka’s line. Ethics, oh ethics…did you see this?!?

  5. That Other Jean says:

    Is there anybody in the Trump (ptui!) administration who is NOT somehow connected to Vladimir Putin?

  6. charles phillips says:

    Does anyone else notice that Hope has a serious resemblance to Monica Lewinski?

  7. Jared Kushner is setting up or has set up a direct internet link to VEB to hide all the money Trump and his cabal are siphoning from the taxpayers. He’s not even pretending to wait until the tax cuts for the rich have been implemented. Part of the money is being used to pay off their debt to Putin.

  8. What Star said. Wow.

  9. Of course nothing of consequence was discussed, because “consequences” are way above Hope’s pay grade.

  10. Yeah, sure, everybody sets up meetings because they have nothing of consequence to talk about. I personally have a meeting with a tax accountant tomorrow, but we’ll probably just talk about the weather.