Window Dressing

April 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians, Trump

The Pentagon says that the Russians were given advanced warning of Trump’s cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria.  The missiles destroyed a few out-of-service aircraft and empty fortified bunkers.  The airbase is already back in use.  Here’s a satellite photo taken after the attack:

Notice anything unusual? The main runway is undamaged untouched.  I mean completely untouched.  So, the US launches 59 Tomahawk missiles and NONE were targeted on the runway?  One of the cruise missile’s missions is to disable airfields by landing 1,000 lb warheads or multiple cluster bomblets to make craters, rendering the concrete runway unusable.  Instead, they hit outlying buildings, inflicting no damage on the actual target, the runway.  As a result, warplanes that had been moved are already back in service.

Just to give you and idea of the high explosive nature of Tomahawk’s, here’s a video demonstration of it’s capability.  You can go to about 4:15 to see the explosive force on a demonstration target.

So, follow along with me here.  The US warns Russia of the attack.  Syrians move all their working aircraft off the base.  The cruise missiles land, but don’t touch the airbase runway.  The Syrian planes are already back in operation at the base.  What a coingkydink.  Was this an actual attack or window dressing covering some larger coordination between Trump’s regime and Putin’s?

This whole story fails the straight faced test.  Who’s kidding who here?  Why is the media virtually ignoring these blatant inconsistencies?

Something is rotten in Palm Beach.



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19 Comments to “Window Dressing”

  1. Military personnel (e.g., the SecDef) complicit in treasonous activity with the Russians. No one could have guessed that, LOL. I’m pretty sure that Putin planned this and passed it on to his subordinates in the U.S. administration and military.

  2. Wyatt Earl says:

    I want to know how missile can cost $500,000. Ounce for ounce, it seems gold would be cheaper.

  3. Another master-stroke of distraction and trolling by Herr Drumpf. All the acclamations of how “Presidential” this charade was are vomit-inducing.

  4. I was wondering about the lack of real damage too. I understand notifying other countries when a plane might cross their air space but a missile? It is a bit of a head scratcher as to why Russia ( Syria) was alerted and yet not Congress. Still questions as to now what, you need a policy to get results from these type of actions right?

  5. Speaking of cost, I wonder how much money the military-industrial complex stands to make replacing these armaments?

  6. CNN is saying this: “A US defense official said Friday’s strikes were not intended to damage runways or fully disable the base. Instead, the strikes hit aircraft, fuel storage, weapons dumps and other equipment, aiming to send a message to the Syrian regime that any use of chemical weapons would not be tolerated, the official said.”

  7. Meanwhile Kushner put another thousand shares of Lockheed/Martin into the Trump Trust just before launch.

  8. Mike in MO says:

    I think the person who planned this has watched too much professional wrestling.

  9. Too late to buy Raytheon.

    I heard Chris on MSNBC talking about the pending strike an hour before it happened. The reporters knew, some congresspeople had been alerted as well as Russia.

  10. Jane & PKM says:

    Wyatt Earl, military procurement is the biggest screwing ever without a happy ending. The reported price tags on those puppies range from ~$500,000 to $1.4 million. Some say that is due to the day of the week the missiles were purchased.

  11. Mother Jones' cat says:

    Well the missiles did accomplish a few things

    1. they killed four Syrian children, five adult Syrian civilians and six Syrian soldiers;

    2. Oil prices and stock in the defense industry are booming and making rich people richer; and

    3. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that Putin had been wanting to test his missile repelling devices and this gave him an excellent opportunity to do so.

  12. two crows says:

    And then, after everything you outlined JJ, they had to make it look good. So a Putin spokesman “condemned” the whole thing as an “outrageous act against a sovereign nation.”

    Yeah, the outrage. In other words, “Here, Donny! That’s a good boy!”

  13. Tilphousia says:

    What a stupid mess! Traitor trump blows up millions is taxpayer dollars, accomplishes NOTHING but murdering more Syrian civilians and all to try and defer attention from his love affair with Putin. When is he going to be removed from office? His infantile bullying is now a war crime.

  14. two crows, it was really an outrageous act against two sovereign nations–the U.S. is the second one.

  15. Sandridge says:

    As far as the $$$$ costs (~>$400Million, for the missiles and the operational overhead costs), it’s all ‘good’, from the RW view.
    The market cap/stock of Raytheon* jumped up ~$5 Billion, and a group of other MIC’s an equal amount. ‘Somebody(s)’ made a killing here…

    * I have a number of Raytheon instruments aboard the boats, they’re top quality, but highly “proprietary” in their design; you’re pretty much locked in (and I hate that bull). And for any of you sharp-eyed mariners, yeah, I have a mostly aging set of navigational instruments (chartplotters, radar, wind, sonar, etc); they still work fine. Even though Raytheon spun off their commercial equipment into the Raymarine brand/Co some years ago, it’s still good stuff, durable and capable. And lots of other brands aboard too (VHF radios, AIS, etc).

    Oh FOCK! On PBS, Wash Week just started (0530h), and almost the first lead-in clip is lil’ Sen! Marco Rubio saying that if the Syrians have these bad ass poison gas weapons, and use it on their own people, why, they might then use it against Amurikkka!!! MOFO, shades of Saddam! Hang on, peeps.

  16. Sandridge says:

    The way a lot of our ‘news’ media is playing this is nauseating. Watched several local ‘news’ segments and they just rolled over. The worst were the ‘interviews’ with the morans…errmm…man-on-the-street/cofffeshop/diner people. The bobbleheads just nodded up and down and praised Comrade Donnei…great stuff…we must protect ‘Murika…blahblah. I think we’ve seen this D grade movie before somewhere.
    The damned Democrats are going to have to get rolling to overcome this kind of societal stupidity, and quick.

  17. charles phillips says:

    Sandridge, then they must move quickly. Hammer the prime points;
    1. Notice was given, so damage was minimal
    2. Base was operational and used against the same target the next day.
    3. 59 missiles is a lot of failure.
    4. Failure was not an option, it was a prime mover.

  18. And CJ thinks he has us all conned! No way! Little does he know (literally) but I and the rest of us are not as dumb as he is. We know better than to lick a steak knife.

  19. Sandridge says:

    charles phillips,
    Yeah, right, the Democrats moving quickly, forcefully, in unison and on message. Suuuurrrre thang…WASF’ed.


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