White House Trying to Block Sally Yates from Testifying

March 28, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians

The Washington Post is reporting that apparently the WH is trying to keep Sally Yates from testifying in the Russian scandal, citing Presidential privilege. ¬†Yates, through her lawyers, told the House Intelligence Committee that she wanted to testify, so….the hearing was promptly cancelled.

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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4 Comments to “White House Trying to Block Sally Yates from Testifying”

  1. daChipster says:

    DoJ was warning her about privilege this and the WH wants to go over that and and the President owns the other and you need WH say-so etc etc.

    Her lawyer said “Thanks, see you at the hearing.”

    ….and THEN Nunes cancelled the hearing.

    Spicey Sean Spicer said the WP story is false (ha! obviously that’s what he’d say) and that the WH took No steps to stop her and the DoJ said it would not stop her and yadda yadda (Deep Breath) yadda

    Well, of course, it was Nunes who took the steps to stop her, and the DoJ said SURE you can testify, so long as you don’t say anything we don’t want you to say, so once again the MalAdministration is parsing the truth, aka LYING.

  2. What a sham. The Dems should split off in protest and hold the hearing anyway, in public.

  3. I’m still gonna say it . . . Sally Yates for Prez in 2020.

  4. Tilphousia says:

    Good one, Maggie. Sally Yates has integrity, morals and courage. No wonder the White House eunuchs are scared to death of her. And eunuch includes Nunes and Ryan who are so busy cowtowing and brown nosing the big eunuchs (cockwomble and bannon) that they have no time to do their jobs. Hey, those jerks work for US! The PEOPLE! All together now YOU ARE FIRED!!!!