What The Hell Is Wrong With This Guy

September 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

So Rick Perry went on teevee this morning and bragged about “his” house, which is also known as the Governor’s Mansion.

. “Let me tell you – Texas governor’s [security] detail, do not try to run through the governor’s mansion.”

No, no, no.  You do not have great security.

Dude, somebody burned it to the ground while you were in it.

And you never caught that person.

Dude, it took the entire British Empire to burn the White House.  Your house?  Some drunk guy with a book of matches.  Poof!  Burned to the damn ground.





So, Mr. Arrogance rides again, huh?

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “What The Hell Is Wrong With This Guy”

  1. Hey, even I remember that and I live in Virginia! I had always thought the fire was accidental. Now there is some guy staggering around with a book of matches?

  2. Details, details.
    Security details, security details.

  3. I have toured the Gov’s Mansion a time or two when I visited Austin. It’s not an impregnable fortress. Just a big nice house with a front door that wouldnt quite lock the day we were there, no matter what the polite young DPS Trooper did to lock it. No problem, since the Gov was elsewhere that day.

  4. It was a beautiful house. It wasn’t Perry’s. It was OURS, the citizens of Texas.

  5. maggie@ #1–
    The fire was set by an arsonist very early on 8 June 2008. that arsonist was never identified nor found. It was alleged that a member of an “anarchist group” was the perp, but nothing else has evolved, or any evidence revealed.
    The Mansion was undergoing an extensive renovation at the time.
    The apparent lack of proper security for the Governors Mansion was certainly the (ir)responsibility of Gov. Perry.

    JJ, let’s be fair, even to pRicky: The Mansion was not occupied by the Perry family at the time, they had moved to the infamous rented temporary ‘Mansion’ (~$11K/mo) ~6 months prior, and were traveling in Europe (Europe! On our dime! With paid DPS security!) at the time of the incident (probably scarfing down lattes, schnitzel, French wine and cognac, escargot and brie).

  6. Elizabeth @ #4–
    It was, I used to park in front of it every day (for a long while) and got to admire it up close (walked around it sometimes too). When on deep nights I parked catty corner in front of my building, for free (didn’t have to feed them danged meters).

  7. I suspect that Perry does not remember. His short-term memory is no great shakes–I mean, he can’t even remember 3 things.

  8. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Honey, the Internet would run out of space before I could finish answering that question.

  9. Micr –
    Even when the guvner is in it, it’s empty.

  10. In Rick Perry stupidity and arrogance have found a perfect home.

  11. Where was Rich Perry that night ?

  12. Is he going to brag about Ebola too?

  13. Diane,


    GoodHair will find a way to blame Ebola in Big D on the President in 3…2…1…because he is an imbecile.

  14. Fred Farklestone says:

    How the world see’s Perry verses how Perry see’s himself!


  15. Lorraine in Spring says:


    Old Rick is behind on this. I’ve already read people saying Ebola came in because of Obama’s failure to protect our borders.

    Of course, the idiots are clueless to the fact the guy came on legally via airplane. And oil company employees fly between Texas and Western Africa everyday.

    Their stupidity is giving me a headache today.

  16. Don in Waco says:

    You gotta like the irony though.

  17. @Ole Scout: That’s a good point. pRicky epitomizes “empty suit”.


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