Welcoming Karl Rove to a State Rep Race

February 27, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Local Stuff

Some things are just hard to believe.

Why, for example, would a incumbent Hispanic female running as a Democrat for the State Lege take a nice looking young man like this —

And turn him into this on a political mailer that covers a whole 8 by 11 inch inch page?


I guess she couldn’t find a picture of Willie Horton.

The African American candidate had a civil judgment against him.

We are used to Republicans doing this to Barack Obama, but to see one Democrat do it against another Democrat on the eve of the election makes me go to the bathroom and make strange biological sounds.

If she wins, I will post a list of her major endorsers with their phone numbers so you can call and ask them if they approve of crapola like this.


UPDATE: And she’s taking Republican money to do this.  Check out the last-minute donation from Bob Perry’s PAC , Hillco, to pay for this mailer.


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