Weekend Smile

February 17, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Customer Tom let me in on an email he sent his kids.  He gave me permission to share it.

Hey guys!

Just to let you know, this morning, right here in San Angelo, I came up just behind an old pickup truck, driven by an older white guy. Painted in large block letters on his back window was this: IMPEACH THE MANIAC!

I followed along a ways, hoping he would pull into some area where I could meet him. Alas, no luck.

I see we have found an expression for further use: Kremlingate.

Carry on, DAD

Honey, I would pay cash American money for a picture of that.


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18 Comments to “Weekend Smile”

  1. Brilliant! There are some bits of sanity in TX.

  2. elise from CA says:

    I thought fer sure this was heading towards “IMPEACH THE BLACK GUY”.

    Great to hear otherwise. Hope that sage elder doesn’t get any flack from deranged dump fans. Also hope this is a sign of an impending tsunami of outrage.

  3. gabberflasted says:

    I would like a Bumper Sticker stating DOLT 45!

  4. Liberty Belle says:

    And in San Angelo, no less. My home town. The last time I was there, I saw plenty of “Impeach Obama” bumper stickers. And those were the polite ones! Gives one hope.

  5. Hope he meant Donnie, but one never knows.

    On a slightly related note, I have breathed a sigh of relief that Obama got through eight years as President without being shot. I was afraid of that on his first inauguration day when he and Michelle walked up PA Ave. Congratulations to the Secret Service!

    Speaking of which, here’s an article on how much the Trump family is costing us in travel and security ($10 million already just for three weekends at Mar-a-Lago, and half a million a day for Melania in NYC):

    And Pruitt was confirmed as EPA head. Better start stockpiling clean air and water now.

  6. Elise, the truck guy is safe from flack because Trump fans will not realize who the term “MANIAC” applies to. That would require being in touch with reality.

  7. JAKvirginia says:

    O/T: The Trump is on teevee right now raving about something at Boeing. The irony. Trump and jets. Two things that need alot of hot air to get off the ground.

  8. gabberflasted for the win!

    DOLT 45◉
    DOLT 45◉
    DOLT 45◉
    DOLT 45◉

  9. @ Rhea: Pruitt isn’t a new [or the only] threat. I began stockpiling water years ago. Our infrastructure has been under siege for 30+ years and, although President Obama attempted to address it — well, OF COURSE Congress put the kibosh on that. Spend money on the country’s needs? Why, that would mean **gasp!** TAXES! AND Obama would get credit! We can’t have that!

    I sincerely urge everyone to watch the documentary, _The Crumbling of America_ [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pducRLyDmiY ] and do whatever you think is called for. Oh, and please ignore the DOOMSDAY VOICE at the beginning. The issue really doesn’t need dramatization.

  10. I want to go to Camp David…….he’ll never go there, not enough gold.

  11. I know it’s off topic, so sorry, sorry everyone, but after just watching it on Chris Hayes, I have to say thank you to Robert Harward. If the story is accurate, then your insistence on your chain of command being free of political hacks between you and POTUS is the one of the greatest examples of duty above self I’m liable to see in my lifetime. I hope I’m right.

  12. P.P.,
    That and Harward’s not having acquired a taste for “shit sandwiches”, like all other SCROTUS lackeys and minions (who enthusiastically gobble them down and beg for more).

    PBS’ Newshour had an interesting segment on comparing two different Texas places, and radically different demographics, in respect of the opinions of SCROTUS.
    Gawd, the braindead denizens of Bellville are beyond reality. What the segment didn’t reveal was that Bellville, TX’s economy is, or was, dominated by a huge military equipment manufacturer (S&S).
    I once commuted past it, on I-10 west of Houston, almost weekly.
    A curious, in retrospect, thing in 2000-2001, was that their huuuge equipment yard began filling up with Hummers and other vehicles over a period of many months, thousands of them (I think they modified them, not made them).
    Then long trains full of the Hummers/APC’s began hauling them out…to somewhere…somewhat before 9/11 happened… eh?

    Oh well, our next wonderful overseas expeditionary war…errm…adventure, is just a short time away.
    Who and where will it be??? Will we be prepared and ready? Are your kids and grandkids?
    Will the SCROTUS’ princelings lead the troops?

  13. Rhea, yes, I too was terrified for Obama’s safety all those years. I’m generally not a praying person, but I sure prayed he’d make it through all right. I’m so glad he, Michelle and the kids are enjoying their freedom and some breathing room. Can you imagine how joyous that vacation was (is)? It may be awhile before we see the likes of that wonderful family in the White House again.

  14. Rhea and AK Lynne, every Sunday, I prayed for the safety of the First Family and I continue to, but now it’s for the Obama family. Now that Trump has empowered the hate fringe, there may be even more danger.
    I admire the courage of that senior citizen to let everyone know
    what he thinks, regardless of consequences. May he be safe from hate.

  15. So last night, after telling me that Donnie’s spending another weekend at Mar-a-Lago, my lovely lady (and definitely better half) wondered aloud whether he thought that POTUS was a 40 hour a week gig. I love that lady.

  16. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @two crows #9- and the snacilbupers had the gall to complain when the stimulus didn’t work as advertised when they were the ones who’d insisted the greater part consist of tax cuts for the already affluent rather than the cash for infrastructure work that president Obama wanted.
    But then, that’s been their M.O. all along, sabotage by amendment or deliberate inattention, or by obstruction then blame the president for the failure they caused.

  17. He being Donnie Douchebag. Not my lovely lady. I gotta get better at self-editing.

  18. JAKvirginia says:

    P.P.: Tell your lady… it is now! Gee… I wonder who’ll be taking that 3 a.m. phone call when tragedy strikes!

    [I’m sorry. No one can respond at this time. Your call is important to us. At the tone…]