Wait! Why Not?

February 13, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Well, there goes something that would have warmed my heart.

Kris Kobach, current Kansas Secretary of State and former chairman of Trump’s now defunct Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has made a ruling that a dog cannot run for Governor of Kansas.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s Office says Angus cannot serve as the state’s governor. While there is nothing specifically written that says a dog cannot run to lead the state, the secretary state’s office says man’s best friend is not capable of serving the responsibilities required of the governor.

I’m not saying this is dirty politics or anything but, Kobach has announced that he’s running for Governor.  I think he’s afraid the dog would beat him.  I mean, tis sweet dog has never said anything incredibly dumb or destroyed a whole Integrity Commission.  And part of the dog’s platform is that he has a “completely anti-squirrel agenda.”  I think Kobach took that personally.

Thanks to Kyle for the heads up.


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21 Comments to “Wait! Why Not?”

  1. He’s definitely afraid of the competition.

  2. should have recused himself from the decision.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Even if Angus were to break training on the carpet, he would not do nearly as much damage as Governor as would Kobach.

    Kris should be more careful about his rulings. All that anti-dog sentiment might rise up to bite him in the ass, being that Kris is the biggest cur in Kansas and would definitely be ineligible under his own ruling.

  4. He’s just jealous that he can’t lift his leg and pee at the same time.

  5. Maybe a dog can’t run, but apparently an SOB can run, win, and serve.

  6. “the secretary state’s office says man’s best friend is not capable of serving the responsibilities required of the governor.”

    But, yet, then why does Kris Kobach get to run?

  7. Serve? The only one Kobach is going to serves his own ugly self.

  8. Six reasons a dog would be better for pubic office than a human.

    1. Dogs are intelligent enough to stop digging when they’re caught.
    2. A dog would never lie to you.
    3. An ill-tempered, stupid dog can be neutered, muzzled or shot.
    4. No dog ever voted for Ted Cruz.
    5. No dog would ever shut down the government.
    6. Dogs can’t twitter.

  9. Papa, I vote we try out #3 on Brownback, Koback and any other snacilbupeR who runs for any public office. Ought to solve the problem.

  10. Anyone who is anti-dog should DEFINITELY be disqualified from running for office. After all, dog spelled backwards is God.

  11. In Kansas, there’s an unwritten rule; only one sumbitch candidate per office. And Kobach already has taken that slot for himself.

    Too bad. I can see the billboards now.

    Vote for the Dog. Or for the Son of a Bitch.

  12. He knows Hutch dog would do more doggone good in 1 term then all the Republican Governors combined! Just think ‘Profit over Puppies’ Hutch could sign laws allowing delicious chemicals in doggie treats once again, restricting fire hydrant use for only white male poodles and the all important Conservative Freedumb! to bark or bite at anyone he doesn’t like .

  13. Lunargent, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

  14. Tilphousia says:

    Personally, I much prefer the dog than the repulsive rethug. Dogs would make great politicians. Intelligent animals are always a plus. After all, Caligula’s favorite was a better Senator than the cowardly quislings who didn’t defend their country against a psychotic, pathological liar who made gold statues of himself. Wait, isn’t that what we already have here? Hmmm that dog sounds better and better.

  15. Not as bad as what is happening in neighboring nebraska where a cowardly rethuglican want’s to challenge his thuglican gov. Instead of standing up and running in the thugs primary he changed his registration to a D and hopes to buy the d’s nomination. According to tis plan the d’s will mindlessly vote for this quisling and with the 10 or 20% of disaffected r’s he hopes to win and let the d’s get blamed for the r policies he will push in his desire to emulate kansas’s economic shambles and then show how the d’s can’t govern.
    That and his ability to put a bipartisan lipstick on every ovine policy the r’s put forward is enough to get support from the r’s since then they can sin and dump the mess on the d’s.
    I only hope that if this twit is allowed to purchase the d’s nomination that it is made loud and clear that he is still a thuglican and not one d in nebraska vote for this dishonest ( well he is an r so that goes without saying) cowardly ( again as an r what do you expect) cheat ( again an r can’t be honest if their life depended on it)

  16. We have had a cat as the Mayor of Talkeetna, Google “Stubbs the Cat” until he passed away this past year.
    It was an honorary position as Talkeetna has no mayor.
    Stubbs could be seen roaming town until he was attacked by a dog and severely hurt.

    Stubbs may not have made many tough decisions beyond where to poop but the tourists sure loved him. When all we got is money from seasonal tourism to get us through the winter, Stubbs help bring it in. You couldn’t ask much more from a cat, and if you did you knew not to expect much.

  17. Ormond Otvos@ #18
    Your right.
    My apolgies for such a baasic error
    Mea Culpa

  18. 1toughlady says:

    I can see why Kobach would be offended by an anti-squirrel platform, given that he’s definitely squirrelly.

  19. 1toughlady says:

    I can see why Kobach would be offended by an anti-squirrel platform, given that he’s definitely squirrelly.


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