Visiting Your Bags

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I was at a Democratic SD18 training session all day yesterday in Bay City.  Senate District 18 has 22 counties in it and runs roughly along the coast of Texas from Harris County to Port Aransas and some over towards Austin.  It’s a great Senate District to be in because no matter where you go you’re either gonna get good seafood or barbeque.

Anyway, I wanted you to see some of the bags you bought put to good use.  We put door prizes in them and everybody wanted one.

A lucky few got one!

Thanks again for the bags and thanks to the Matagorda County Democratic Party and Chairman Nora Deering (third from left) for hosting us.

Fredericka Allen Petry, a local candidate for District Court Judge, did a 60 person block walk yesterday here in Fort Bend and put out about about 800 of these bags filled with Democratic literature.  You’re making a difference!

Thank you again.

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2 Comments to “Visiting Your Bags”

  1. handsome bags. They will look even better hanging on doors.

  2. Thanks, JJ. But I already knew that you would have done the very best you could with the paltry amount we sent. A little late here, but also thanks for the post card and the picture of our lawn sign. Good job, JJ!