Trump’s Razor

October 10, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

You’ve heard of Occam’s Razor, yes?  The principle is based on a theory from Franciscan friar William of Ockham, who lived in 14th Century England.  His principle is quoted as, “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.”  Translated into modern language, the theory was restated to, “…when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”  The principle has been applied to theory for  centuries.

Welp, there’s now a theory that has been postulated, first popularized by Josh Marshall of TPM during the 2016 election.  The theory is dubbed Trump’s Razor.  The principle is this – “ascertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts”; in other words, when Trump or his brood do or say something, the stupidest scenario that explains the statement is the true one.

Case in point (among dozens):  “…calm before the storm.”  Trump couldn’t resist shooting off his mouth during a dinner with military personnel.  He stupidly blurted out the “calm before the storm” comment, and then doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down.  Utilizing Trump’s razor, the statement was simply stupid, and he couldn’t bring himself (as usual) to back away from it.

The fact is, Rex Tillerson is correct – Trump is a fucking moron.  (Sorry, Momma) He simply has no self control; no sense of decency, no empathy.  If he thinks something, no matter how idiotic, he just blurts it out.  When cornered, and pressured to explain himself, he doubles down and says something even more stupid.

Trump’s razor is true –  a reliable tool to analyze Trump’s proclamations.  Whenever he says something, especially when it gets national attention, Trump’s razor is a correct predictor.  He’s just simply stupid and shallow.  He’s not in a 3 dimensional chess game – he’s just hoping to get two scoops of ice cream for dessert.


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13 Comments to “Trump’s Razor”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    Frightening, no? Now take that kind of personality and give it power. Oh crap! We did!

  2. “He’s just simply stupid and shallow.”

    Yeah. Orange Whore is not a master manipulator in that he’s aiming toward a specific goal. He’s not a master of distraction. “He’s just simply stupid and shallow.” He feels pressure and blurts something out. Because he is [gag] pres, it gets a lot of attention. There’s nothing an Orange Whore whores after more than attention. Ergo, he does it again and again. Just like a toddler finds that a temper tantrum is very effective with indulgent parents, Orange Whore has been able to discern something similar about the American press. “He’s just simply stupid and shallow.” Trump’s Razor. End of Story. Tah-dah!!
    (Well done, El Jefe)

  3. Tilphousia says:

    Traitor trump has all the self control issues of a spoiled brat. Ditto his spawn. No trips to the woodshed for him. In fact, one wonders if his parents were afraid of him. Daddy Fred was a kkk white supremist. So the craven coward bully inherited that part of his deranged personality. Add dementia and pathological lying to his bully boy persona and the toxic stew that is traitor trump emerges like green slime from a cesspool.

  4. I think co-credit for Trump’s Razor goes to the SF author John Scalzi (who went to high school with Josh Marshall).

  5. I thought it was a interesting choice of words and I wonder if Corker meant something more sinistet.
    Day care for adults usually means dementia. I wonder if that’s what Corker meant?

  6. Good one, El Jefe! I am also impressed at the absolute truth of what Mark Cuban said about Trump talking like the drunk at the bar hoping to get laid.

    Diane, my money is on dementia and the fact that Corker and all the rest of the spineless Repubs on the Hill know this but are still sucking their own thumbs.

  7. So when he stands before the nation and says, “This election is rigged,” we should believe him?

  8. Great analogy thanks!
    And there’s always Thorndike Duck’s Theory of Common Sense or Canards Cause and Effect.

    ‘If it quacks like a psycho narcissistic Madman and
    acts like a psycho narcissistic Madman,
    It must be a ….’

    A narcissist is god in his own mind and is ADDICTED to attention. As we’ve seen over and over everything he says and does is to feed his ego and to get all the attention, good or bad attention, it’s all praise in his sicko mind.

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    How much of a moron is Donnie? A thorough moron. He can’t even get the question right before mangling the answer.

    Consider what caused Rexxon Valdez Drillerson to call Dotard45 a moron. Donnie asked “why do we have nuclear weapons, if we can’t use them?” A saner man with two brain cells still functioning would ask, “why have nuclear weapons, if the consequences of using them are annihilation of both our imaginary enemies and ourselves?”

    Poor Donnie. He’s surrounded by enemies in his syphilitic mind. There’s Megyn Kelly, Mika and all those bleeding women who rejected him, including his first wife. To those he adds our NATO allies and North Korea.

    Thorough, as in TOTAL moron. Dumbnuts for some insane reason YOU cannot get along with Kim Jong-in. That is a personal problem, Donnie. As any sane person, I have no issue with the people of North Korea; I have empathy for them. Their leader is possibly nearly as insane as you.

    Meanwhile, yes let’s talk empathy. You “identify” with Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdogan, and Rodrigo Duterte. Choice choices, wannabe dictator Donnie.

    Oh, and while speaking of comparisons, it seems Harvey Weinstein possibly has bigger numbers of repulsively transgressing women than you. But he resembles you in another way. He too has tiny little vulgarian hands.

  10. Perhaps we need a revision of Hanlon’s razor for Trump. Hanlon’s razor is usually quoted, “Never ascribe to malice that which is readily explained by stupidity.”

    However, Trump’s usual motive is malice and/or spite; any tempering of his malice is most often accomplished by his incompetence, stupidity, or neglect.

    This sets things on their head, so that if Trump does something nice/good/useful for you, it’s probably accidental, caused by his incompetence, stupidity, or neglect.

  11. And in Trump’s Razor themed news today, a Mensa Society spokesperson made this offer:

    “We’re happy to offer our test to anybody really who’s interested in joining our society.”

  12. Jane & PKM says:

    eyesoars, st00pid, malicious and spite don’t begin to scratch the surface of the malignant narcissist in our Offal Orifice. And, since I am not a psychiatrist and have very little to offer in that direction, I welcome all comments that clarify the issue.

    My word of choice for Donnie would be vindictive.


    having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge:
    “the criticism was both vindictive and personalized”
    synonyms: vengeful · revengeful · unforgiving · resentful · acrimonious · bitter · spiteful · mean · rancorous · venomous · malicious · malevolent · nasty · mean-spirited · cruel · unkind · catty

    From the above choices, “catty” and “unreasoning” hit the spot. But as you intuited eyesoars, we can do the math without the experts. Ain’t nothing good about the current occupant of our White House. Past time for an eviction notice. If that doesn’t happen before 2018, there should be some serious repercussions for the snacilbupeR traitors in Congress.

  13. Linda Phipps says:

    I still believe that combining whatever he learned at daddy’s knee until daddy couldn’t stand him anymore, then sent him to a fancy quasi-military type (reform) school so he could pick up more bad habits from the other curs sent there gave us this result. (Don’t even try to parse this sentence).