Trump’s Go-To Meals – It Ain’t Pretty

December 05, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Fired campaign manager ( I mean the one before Paul Manafort, who was also fired) Corey Lewandowski wrote a book about Trump’s campaign, along with a campaign aide, David Bossie.  I won’t link or name the book here in an effort to deny it a few web clicks.  One of Trump’s more disgusting habits is his taste in, uh, food, and Lewandowski describes some of his favorite indulgences.  He loves everything that’s bad for you –  huge slabs of beef overcooked to the extreme, double scoops of ice cream, “big beautiful chocolate cake”, Diet Cokes, and fast food including KFC and his favorite, McDonald’s.  Lewandowski described Trump’s favorite meal – TWO Big Macs, TWO Filet of Fish sandwiches, and a LARGE chocolate malt.  That’s a whopping 2,430 calories in one sitting.

Not only does he live the intellectual life of a 12 year old, he also eats like one.  No one his age eats like this – his cardio vascular system must be a wreck.  Maybe he’s trying to commit suicide by Big Mac?

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16 Comments to “Trump’s Go-To Meals – It Ain’t Pretty”

  1. RE: “Maybe he’s trying to commit suicide by Big Mac?”

    First time I have EVER supported McD on any endeavor. Go Big Macs! Close those arteries! Stop that heart! First and 10 do it again!

  2. Good one. The cheer needs some expansion, pun intended.

  3. But… but… but… He’s the healthiest person to ever run for president. His very own doctor said so…

  4. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Attacking Trump’s eating habits is like attacking a female politician’s hairdo…it’s not going to convince any Trump supporters to quit supporting him (her) and it’s attacking an obvious easy weak point that doesn’t lead anywhere (when used on men, that is. When the entire MSM starts criticizing a woman politician’s hair, or clothes, or smile, and ignoring her actual political stance, yeah, it leads to hurting her chances. But that doesn’t work with male politicians.) Eating “the peoples’ food” earns male politicians a bonus–they’re not being “elite.”

    Living in a small town, or eating in small town fast-food places (like Dairy Queen, McD’s, Burger King, Whataburger, truck stops) shows that many other people DO eat like that. Many others live on fast food because it’s cheap, fast (can be eaten on the way from one job to another) and they don’t have the money for better groceries or the time to cook. Not as many as used to, maybe, but sneering at Trump’s favorite foods or how much he eats isn’t going to change who votes for him and why.

  5. Who said I was trying to change those who vote for him? You can’t change stupid. However, scary as it is, he’s the most powerful man in the world. He’s supposed to set examples about how to live and conduct oneself. He does none of that. In fact, he goes out of his way to offend huge swaths of Americans, is in your face 24/7 gloating, bragging, tweeting from the toilet and gorging himself on crappy food. This has nothing to do with other people’s plight or choices. This is about Trump and why he’s a shitbag. (Sorry, Momma.)

  6. We can only hope!!!

  7. What, no fries??

    This guy won’t go anywhere near a vegetable, even if it’s been peeled and deep-fried. Not even a strawberry shake, which might provide a gram or so of fiber. I always knew he was full of crap. I just never knew how literally true that is. Probably why he’s up tweeting in the middle of the night.

  8. Pollytiques says:

    I keep my ipad beside the bed…TERRIBLE HABIT..but I do it so when I wake up through the night I can quickly check to see if some really good news has been reported while I was asleep.
    There’s always hope.

  9. No 71 year-old man should be eating 2,430 calories in one sitting. Period. Whether he’s the president or just some guy, it doesn’t matter.

    But I say, hey, have at it. His arteries can’t clog up fast enough for me. Maybe that will get him before the Alzheimer’s that killed his father does.

  10. I read the columns in backwards order when I sign on, so I said this already up the line, but the book also says that Trump is such a germaphobe that he won’t eat Oreos from a package that’s already been opened, but he stuffs his face with McDonalds and KFC. No, I should not have been expecting logic or reason from this dirtbag. And the only drawback to his diet is that it’s liable to give us a President Pence, which we don’t want either.

  11. That Other Jean says:

    What I want to know is: where is a McDonald’s that serves malted milk shakes? I’ve never seen one. What are they serving him instead?

  12. Just added Der Donald to my Christmas list. A KFC gift card.Lets write the Colonel and ask if they will bring back trans-fats. All I want for Christmas is to see Donny reach his ultimate destination, sooner the better.

  13. Sandridge says:

    Let us all bow our heads in frequent and fervent prayers, and with the help of Saints Cardiac, Methrombosis, and/or Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke, and for Thy Soonest Divine Intervention, O Lord.
    (May I humbly suggest some golf course lightning?)

    SS. Cyril and Methodius:

  14. Tilphousia says:

    Traitor trump keeps his enormous ass on the gold plated toilet cause he’s probably got a terrible case of constipation. The hemorrhoids oh the hemorrhoids!

  15. Lunargent says:

    Yes, Donnie may well be headed to the same exit that Elvis had. Minus all the drugs, of course.

    Sandridge, I don’t understand; why invoke Saints Cyril & Methodius?

  16. Lunargent,
    I thought of a connection, based on my first ‘wish’ and others suggested ‘medical remedies’, of ‘cardiac and m-something’ to rhyme with SS.Cyril and Methodious, which church and ref I sometimes see. So I came up with– Saints Cardiac, Methrombosis, etc., as a play on words and concept to ‘pray away’ the SOB.
    Trying to be witty, got halfway there I guess.

    Of course all the real SS.Cyril and Methodious’s have no connection, and don’t get the Eastern Orthodox on my tail; Putin has lots of connects with the Russki branch, it’s now sort of his state church, like Trumpanzee is tight with the Talibangelical types here.

    ‘Ta ‘ueno?