Trump Disrespects Flag During Retreat

October 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Yes, it was one of those You Just Can’t Make This Up moments.  Here’s Cheeto Jesus, in all of his self-aggrandized glory, spouting bullshit to Sean Hannity about how NFL football players are “disrespecting the flag and the troops” by not standing for the national anthem.  AND, he’s using an Air National Guard hangar in Pennsylvania packed with super patriot supporters as his super patriot backdrop.  But that’s not the funny part.

Here’s the funny part – At the very moment Trump is railing at Hannity, Retreat begins playing on the base loudspeakers.  Retreat is played at military bases when the flag is being lowered.  Military personnel are supposed to stand at attention, and if outdoors, salute.  Civilians are to stand silently with their hands over their hearts.  What does Trump do?  He keeps laughing and talking, even remarking, “What a nice sound that is, are they playing that for you or for me?”  Then he says, “They’re playing that in honor of his ratings,” gesturing towards Hannity. “He’s beating everybody.”  There’s a video of the disaster here.

As I said, you just can’t make this up.  Here’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES at a military base hurling invective at players for “disrespecting the flag” at the VERY MOMENT he’s actually disrespecting the flag while he laughs and jokes.

What an ass.


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21 Comments to “Trump Disrespects Flag During Retreat”

  1. Watched the video of Robin Williams , very moving. trump what a jerk, he knows nothing about respect anyway. Such a narcissist. Thanks for posting.

  2. Well, to be honest, I don’t know that and probably wouldn’t recognize “Retreat” being played, but shouldn’t there have been some visible military personnel from whom he could have taken a clue? Looks like none of the civilians cheering him knew what was expected either.

  3. fierywoman says:

    Why isn’t this being played nonstop on Faux News?

  4. Fierywoman: Because they can’t find a way to blame it on Obama or Hillary.

  5. Rhea, I have watched enough war movies in my time to know what a bugle playing at sun down means. You are right I am surprised he did not know or he should have been told before hand told…but he is Commander in chief. If this happened before trump made such a stink about respecting the flag I would have not noticed his disrespect! But he brought up this subject so he should do research and find out Army code for flag treatment.

  6. And to think that the GOP and people voted for and still support this ass. (Sorry momma).

  7. So does he own up to it and apologize? Nah! Not in his blood. He also didn’t know there was a 25th Amendment and now that he does know, thoroughly believes it does not apply to him. Hell, it might even be fake news made up by those damn old Founding Fathers.

  8. I am not a big one on symbols. Fighting to the death about a flag, or a cross, or a book, or a cartoon is IMHO stupid. I was principal of a small school in Hawaii that plays Taps at the end of the school day. Every child, every adult on campus stops and stands until it is done. Visitors get the picture quickly. It is a nice, calm way to end the day with a note of patriotism thrown in. I would bet most of the kids have forgotten why they stop, and that’s ok.

    I don’t mind that the Resident doesn’t know these things, I just mind that he picks and choses the ways he and his minions must honor the flag, or the cross or the koran. He doesn’t get to judge what black or white or brown athletes do or don’t do as long as it’s lawful. He is welcome to comment, we all do that. We just cannot allow him to make a law limiting our freedoms.

  9. That Other Jean says:

    This is what you get when your “Amateur Night at the White House” goes on for nearly a year. Nobody knows the correct actions, so nobody can brief him on what he’s supposed to do (John Kelly was probably curled up in a corner under a blanket, sobbing, so he couldn’t help).

  10. Coprolite says:

    What a stupidly ignorant man. If Trump had learned anything at that Military School he attended as a teenager, he should have learned all about Flag protocol.

    Standing when the flag is presented, men remove hats, Salute or place your hand over your heart, and remaining standing and quiet until the flag is retired.

    Even cub scouts learn this. Tradition has been forgotten with this jerk.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    Okay, yeah Trump’s an idiot, but…. was there no one in that room of Trumpists who got the message? No one on the FOX crew? NO ONE military or civilian who could say “Hold up guys. We have a moment here.” And these conservatards rail about ‘Murica and respecting the flag. Yeah, right. Looks like they were there only to worship the Orangetan.

  12. slipstream says:

    And when Pence pulled his littlle hissy fit about disrespect for the flag, the anthem, God, and apple pie because some NFL players knelt during the anthem . . . standing next to Pence was a general in uniform who failed to salute during the anthem.

    Why didn’t Pence complain about the general?

  13. Lunargent says:

    As Coprolite commented, the Orange Nightmare spent several years at a military academy.
    So NO excuse.

  14. Trump don’t acknowledge no stinkin’ Retreat.

    “Hurrah, boys! Let’s get these last few reds* then head on back to camp.” – George Armstrong Custer’s last words

    *Trump might substitute interchangeably, Muslims, Mexicans, Women, etc…

  15. Tin ear. Total tone deafness. Military school didn’t help a bit with that. And have you noticed that he doesn’t sing? He either does nothing with his voice during the Anthem or just moves his lips like Milly Vanilly (remember them)?

  16. AliceBeth says:

    I put his and the Robin Williams videos on Facebook. I will probably catch hell but I have quit caring.

  17. Tilphousia says:

    I have stopped counting the many ways traitor trump has disrespected our flag, our nation, our military and the citizens. Too bad the rethugs “forget” all of the above and trash black football players for kneeling to protest police brutality.

  18. Rick, I thought Custer’s last words were, “Where in hell did all those damn Indians come from?!”

  19. AliceBeth–Me, too. (And I probably won’t win friends over it, either.) Thanks for the suggesion.

  20. My husband, 26 years in the military and now retired can tell you that when civilians are on a base, everything stops when retreat is played, they may not be used to it, but they catch on when the military all stop and salute, in other words, they have the good manners to do likewise. Not so our idiot in chief.
    My pet gripe these days is regarding the Weinstein story. Yes he is a real horrible jerk, but one website had a list of the women treated by our so called president, names, instances etc, and it said that was the tip of the iceberg.
    What are we heating about that!!!!!!!

  21. He had to have observed this at military school. So, is it Alzheimer’s, tertiary syphilis, or another form of dementia?