This Guy is an Idiot

November 27, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

This from the next President of the United States.


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46 Comments to “This Guy is an Idiot”

  1. And a jackass.

  2. e platypus onion says:

    and Drumpf provides the exact same amount of evidence for voter fraud as he did when claiming HRC is a crook or the media is dishonest.

  3. Dear Con Man Don:


  4. President Leopard ain’t gonna change his spots.

  5. “Idiot” is much too kind. He’s a Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat. On his very, very best days. Which he never has.

  6. Tilphousia says:

    He needs to be in a padded cell. Pussy grabber is delusional

  7. @epo. And don’t forget his evidence that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US.

  8. charles r. phillips says:

    Debbo, THAT’S a vision I will need Bonami to get outa my head!

    I like Cheeto Jesus, too!

  9. fierywoman says:

    River in Egypt.

  10. Yeah, Donnie has been acting positively magnanimous since the election, relative to campaign Donnie. But since Jill Stein initiated the recount, and Hillary’s campaign has announced it’s support, he’s back to his old self.

  11. charles r. phillips says:

    Oh, my comment on his tweet; He’s a lying sack of sh$t in an Armani suit.

    Just sayin’.

  12. This is an insult to idiots.

  13. Why is he so afraid of a recount? Any rational person would think he would be in favor of one if there were indeed millions of illegal votes. The man-child has absolutely NO reasoning skills.

  14. He’s playing to his base again. One of the things Trump taught us is that Twitter posts form a sort of electronic whisper campaign – and also as a hint to the fake news sites.

    I expect we’ll soon see lots of fake news headlines screaming “PROOF THAT ISIS FIGHTERS FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS VOTED FOR HILLARY”, accompanied by pictures of empty busses as “proof.” Pity there’s no money in pro-Democratic click-bait sites, although that may change once The Donald’s broken promises combine with tax cuts for the rich to change enough Trump voters’ minds.

    Remember, it’s not about facts – it’s about keeping people too angry to think straight.

  15. And Trump would have an IQ of 120 if you added in the number of sides on a pentacontagon.

    He still wouldn’t have any ethics though.

  16. JAKvirginia says:

    Four more years (oh, crap), four more years (kill me now), four more years…

  17. So childish.

  18. When Breitbart News and Alex Jones are reliable sources of information… incurably ignorant is the prognosis.

  19. I’m guessing his handlers have told him about what happened in at least 4 counties in Wisconsin? With more to come.
    And the $6,193,951 raised, so far, to recount 3 states suspected of throwing the election to him?
    So now he’s trying to get out in front of the story just like he did the first time he accused the voters of being crooked.
    Because accusing others of being crooked [like he is] is what he does.

    We are so screwed.

    Ironically, I spent today listening to the soundtrack of _Hamilton_ — and wondering what, if anything, Pence may have learned when he attended it last week.

    As I said, we are SO screwed.

  20. @two crows: It’s time to make certain that Con Man Don gets it as badly as we do, day after day, issue after issue, violation of the law after violation of the law, pocket-filling con after Trump SOP.

  21. Especially odd since the results so far seem to be showing that the illegal votes were Snacilbupers….

  22. @ djw: Not odd at all when you take into account that Trump constantly accuses others of doing what he does.

    He cons — so he accuses others of being “crooked.”
    He lies — so he accuses others of lying.
    He accused Jeb of being low energy — then he tries to delegate the office he spent two years running for and says he plans to phone in his part from NY or Florida. Pence will be the de facto president – God help us all.
    There were more — lots more — cases of projection but they were so numerous I can’t even recall them all.

    As to the “rigged” election — he only began that refrain when it looked like he was going to be The Loser — The Biggest Loser Ever — so he accused the Dems of rigging the election.

    Because, of course he did.

  23. RepubAnon: Thanks for that. I’ve said for years that the right wing media (starting with Rush Limbaugh, and on through Fox news) was able to keep spouting easily provable lies by constantly manufacturing more lies. No need for proof. The very fact of their continuing emergence was proof enough for the folks who WANTED to believe them. Evidence disproving them was always presented on “Lamestream media”. Oh, and newspapers. Who’s got time for that sh*t, right? Nowadays, apparently a bunch of totally awesome sources of news have popped up on Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media sites there are. Provided by our comrades from Russia. But who cares, as long as they keep providing what we want to hear, right?

  24. Have encountered some of the “3 million illegal voters for Hillary” crowd. Not hard to challenge them. Since they “know” of 3 million illegal voters, then they should also know their names. The glower insanely, but they do shut up and go away.

  25. voter supression not working? well dam!

  26. Sam in San Antonio says:

    We’re starting to know what it feels like to live in a third world dictatorship.

  27. He did win 100% the low IQ bigot vote.

  28. ,That Other Jean says:

    He really, really can’t stand to lose–anything. I hope he has such an epic meltdown before Inauguration Day that he’s carted off to a hospital and not sworn in. Eleven times, just yesterday, he carried on over Twitter about illegal voters for Hillary Clinton, without a shred of evidence to back him up. Eleven. Trump is dangerous in so many ways. Vladimir Putin is going to be able to play him like a violin.

  29. e platypus onion says:

    GOP Congressman: Mitt Romney Is A Self-serving Egomaniac

    as such, he is a perfect foil to Drumpf’s narcissistic, racist,fasist, misogynistic mangled apricot, loathesome self.

  30. The inmates are running the asylum. God help us.

  31. As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
    Hi everyone, I have missed you.
    I got completely retriggered–migraines, flashbacks, depression from my very abusive childhood when I was traveling 5,000 miles by car and saw that the Republicians were going to win. The only reason was because “He tells it like it is” what “it” was, they have no idea. So depressing!
    So contribute to the Standing Rock tribes–they are working to protect our water supply and civil rights–winters in ND reach -35 (wind chill factor) it was so cold my sister in law wore neoprene snowmobile outfit to go out to feed her stock, came back and said the chickens had all frozen. The tribes haven’t been able to set up winterized tents because of roadblocks and needing to be out on the line.
    Drumpf will not last long…we need to watch Pence carefully–he is a “true believer” as opposed to a malignant narcissist. Much more dangerous. My President is a world class leader. The Nazi will not be my president. He may wander the halls, wanting to “brass” plate it all, for he’s so fake, but his piggy behavior will eventually mess it up. Impeachment, or a recount upset…maybe even the electoral college–I can only hope.

  32. epo, absolutely right. Sometimes people pick the direct opposite of their worst self to ride the range with them. Besides, this would also give Mitt a resume he could use to do the presidential campaign dance once more – and he knows it.

  33. Richard Bennink says:


  34. JAKvirginia says:

    Hi Elise! Your last paragraph is so “Yes!”. Why is it so hard for people to see what’s coming.

    It’s odd, isn’t it? I feel like I’m in a crowd at a railroad crossing. I hear the train horn and look left and see a headlight. I hear the horn again and look right and see a headlight. It’s a single track. I turn tail and run. Behind me, the group just stands there as one of them says, “Wonder what’s gonna happen.”

    Yeah… I wonder.

  35. P.P., and y’all,
    SOBOTUS-elect Donnie Dollar$ has learned well.
    That particular tactic has been around a long time, it even has acquired a recent name: the “Gish Gallop”.
    It’s the rapid-fire spewing of utter bullchit, but so fast and varied that the target cannot possibly refute it all and ends up beaten down by the sheer volume of stoopid thrown around.
    It’s also used in concert with Herr Goebbels “Big Lie” tactics, etc. Unfortunately ~49.4% of Amerikkkan voters are dumb and blind enough to swallow it all whole and bleat for more( “We don’t need no education”…tks, Pink Floyd).

    SOBOTUS’s most valuable tool, Ms. Kelleyanne Conyou is an absolute master of all those techniques (and when she comes on the TV, my set becomes a very endangered device, yeegads).

    SOBOTUS-elect simply is using the same tactics as every other Repuke. They all attend an intensive “charm school” (a real misnomer when dealing with Rescummies) to learn all those really irritating rhetorical prevarication, manipulation, presentation, and propaganda techniques.
    The Democrats really, really need to send every Democratic officeholder and candidate to a similar course in ‘presentation’. Surely we can do it better, and honestly too?
    “His debating opponents said that Gish used a rapid-fire approach during a debate, presenting arguments and changing topics quickly. Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, dubbed this approach the Gish Gallop, describing it as “where the creationist is allowed to run on for 45 minutes or an hour, spewing forth torrents of error that the evolutionist hasn’t a prayer of refuting in the format of a debate.”[11] She also criticized Gish for failing to answer objections raised by his opponents.[12] The phrase has also come to be used as a pejorative to describe similar debate styles employed by proponents of other, usually fringe beliefs, such as homeopathy or the moon landing hoax.[13][14]”

    Willkommen im Vierten Reich!
    Sieg Heil, Heil Trump!
    GOP Űber Alles!
    Nationalsozialistische Amerikkka Reichsplukotratpartei™ Űber Alles!
    Willkommen Das tausendjährige Reich!

  36. Elise – My sis and I have a dinner bet that Rumpie won’t make to four years because of really bad f*** ups and impeachment.

  37. Papa, I don’t think the House will impeach Trump no matter what he does. First, because they are as crazy as he is. Second, because they will not risk losing the massive WingNut vote. And it is even more massive than we feared, obviously.

    The truth is that Repub politicians cannot win their own elections without Trump voters.

  38. Primo Encarnación says:

    Sandridge: Why do I suddenly feel like leading the whole bar in La Marseillaise?

  39. Primo,
    La Marseillaise certainly has a long and patriotic history, particularly used against tyrants and oppression, which we’re surely headed for.

    I like Bruddah Iz’s rousing Hawaiian sovereignty song “E Ala Ē” myself, if you’re not stomping your feet with that one, you’re comatose.
    “E Ala Ē,
    E Ala Ē
    We, the voices behind the face,
    Of the Hawaiian nation, the Hawaiian race
    Rise for justice the day has come
    For all our people to stand as one,
    e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ, e ala e, `eâ, `eâ, `eâ…”

    There’s also a set of Americanized La Marseillaise lyrics from the Lib of Congress at this link (scroll down), it appears to be somewhat anti-Confederate, so probably from the 1860’s.

    “…Shall hateful tyrants, mischiefs breeding,
    With hireling hosts, a ruffian band,
    Affright and desolate the land,
    While peace and liberty lie bleeding?
    …Now, now, the dangerous storm is rolling
    Which treacherous kings confederate raise!
    The dogs of war, let loose, are howling,
    And lo! our fields and cities blaze! (repeat)
    alt: And lo! our homes will soon invade!
    And shall we basely view the ruin
    While lawless force with guilty stride
    Spreads desolation far and wide
    With crimes and blood his hands embruing?
    …With luxury and pride surrounded
    The vile insatiate despots dare,
    Their thirst of power and gold unbounded,
    To mete and vend the light and air! (repeat)
    Like beasts of burden would they load us,
    Like gods would bid their slaves adore,
    But man is man, and who is more?
    Then shall they longer lash and goad us?…”
    Willkommen im Vierten Reich!

  40. Primo Encarnación says:

    Actually, 1790-something during their Revolution. My reference was to the movie Casablanca. As the Germans bang on Sam’s piano in ostentatious accompaniment to their obnoxious bellowing of die Wacht am Rhein, freedom fighter Viktor Laszlo encourages the band – with Rick’s acquiesence – to lead the other patrons in a rousingly patriotic rendition of the Marseillaise. Brings a catch to the throat, every time.

    Ironically, the original title was the war song of l’armee du Rhin!

    Casablanca trivia! I know, right?

    aux armes citoyens!

  41. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf’s mouthpiece is warning HRC of investigations into her emails if she pursues a recount. Sounds like an illegal threat that wingnuts should and won’t investigate.

    Drumpf sez he won’t jail HRC but apparently he has not so subtly suggested to his Ambassadorial picks to mention to their counterparts and have foreign nations investigate the Clinton Foundation.

    If Drumpf commits anymore crimes we will have to build a whole prison just to hold him.

    One last piece of fluff- the koch bros have embraced Saul Alinsky and have set up a school to turn out community organizers. Who knew?

  42. Primo, I’ve never actually watched Casablanca all the way through, just snippets when it comes on an OTA tv channel like Movie!; should watch the whole thing, eh? And haven’t even been in a bar in 30-40 years…
    The Wiki link has a whole section on musical/movie/media use of La Marseillaise, interesting.

  43. Sandridge –

    Dude, you MUST watch “Casablanca” all the way through!
    It’s a true classic, and not that long. Also very inspiring in times that feel increasingly dark.

  44. Add: you can rent the HD download version on Amazon for $.99 .

  45. Lunargent,
    No way in hell I waste my meager IP mobile ‘hotspots’ data caps (20G/mo) out here in the boonies on movie downloads (HD to boot?! HD can be 2Gig+/hour), especially from Amazon which I seldom use (hate their intrusive website).
    Microsoft and antivirus-etc updates alone take a big bite out of data allowances.

    You damn cityfolk with your superfast megaGigabytes data cap paradise tick us deprived countryfolk off (goddamned telcos fault).
    Many third world countries have better, cheaper and much faster internet service than most rural Americans do!!!
    Guess who’s to blame? If you guessed both Repukian AND Democratic bought&paid for politicians, you win. MoFos!

    I can, and do, record on my very nice OTA (Over The Air) digital TV convertor-PVR’s (which cost less than $40) some interesting programs and movies, for FREE, forever if desired. From whatever OTA channels are available (not as extensive as cable-sat TV of course, which I’ve never paid for even when in an area that had it).
    Recorded as broadcast, in SD or HD, saved as files to USB sticks or ext hard drives, that can be reformatted and/or compressed/converted to many types of video, and stored anywhere. Using my trusty “Any Video Converter” type of PC programs.

    Yet another example of the huge difference between US city and country life.
    I know a lot of fools-people pay hard money to get satellite TV, sports/porn/whatever. Not a fan myself (consider pro sports some of the world’s greatest thieves, getting huge taxpayer subsidies and ripping off idiot ‘fans’).

  46. Oh, forgot Casablanca, I’ll look for it and set an OTA recording.
    I often do record good old movies and series, plus PBS stuff (now got terabytes of it, was just moving some around my many drives, raw video does eat up storage space until you convert it).
    I also have a Hauppauge WinTV8 PC TV tuner&program on my best PC, it can directly record-save as a compressed mpg4/etc file, saves space.

    The little iView STBIII PVR boxes do great, the HD digital recordings are exactly as originally broadcast, and it even upconverts some SD programs to HD quality. Less than $40 from Newegg. Add an antenna (even ‘rabbit ears’ work), and an HDMI cable to the TV, any form of USB storage plugged into the USB port and you’re set for “free TV”…