There’s a Reason for That

May 01, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

There’s a newspaper in England called the Daily Mail Online.  They like to report American goings-on because we’re so damn entertaining.

Today they did a story about how Louisiana is the most corrupt state in America.  They have charts, graphs, and big ole pictures.


So the cutline under this graph says, “The states with the most public corruption convictions per 100,000 population.”  So, what you have here is not the most corrupt states, but a list of the states actually doing something about corruption.

Texas heads up the bottom quarter on that list only because we don’t indict or convict our crooks. And if we do, they just keep putting off their trial until everybody dies or the law changes.  Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has been under felony indictment since July of 2015 and from all appearances, he’ll be going to trial after Jesus comes again.

And if we don’t ever get around to indicting them, it’s just easier to send them to Washington, DeeCee to be a congressman or Secretary of Energy or something.


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8 Comments to “There’s a Reason for That”

  1. I was about to say they put Texas waaaayyyyy too low, but then I read on. We surely have been electing some real winners in the last few years! Oh Ann Richards, how I miss you!

  2. Jane & PKM says:


    “Texas heads up the bottom quarter on that list only because we don’t indict or convict our crooks.” One of all too many clues the list is severely misrepresentative. South Carolina is at the bottom of the list, clue #2. #3, Utah doesn’t lead NV, despite having the heavier and still flourishing FLDS population.

    Although, to be fair to the Daily Mail Online, distinguishing between corruption and ineptitude in the USA has been in perilous waters since Reagan, then Dubya, and now Donnie has taken corruption and ineptitude to never before seen depths of depravity.

    Not to take away from Bobby Jindal’s unique blend of corruption and ineptitude in Louisiana. Just positing that he was merely low on the scale of the low life that circle the sewer of snacilbupeR politics.

  3. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @Karen #1- I’ve often told people there’s only one place and person who makes me sort of believe in the concept of one human “channeling” another and that’s JuanitaJeanHerOwnSelf and Molly Ivins.Ann Richards fits in there somewhere, I’m not really sure where, but somewhere. I’m pretty sure the wingnuts can, and will, write this off as the Brits(along with other yerpeens) feeling superior to us colonials.

  4. The Daily Mail isn’t the most reliable source and the article is from 2013. It’s one step above The Sun and well below the Guardian and the Tims.

  5. I would not regard the Daily Mail as a reliable source.

    Along that line, I’d like to see documentation showing that Louisiana is really the state doing the most about corruption– stopping it, rather than committing it.

  6. okie-dokie says:

    The Daily Fail is always entertaining, just like the National Enquirer. How many past governors of Illinois are jail again?

  7. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @okie-dokie#6- That merely speaks to the fact that Illinois takes official corruption seriously enough to indict, try, convict and jail politicians up to and including governors, wheras in Louisiana it’s considered the “normal” way of doing things. It does not speak to the question of how many past Louisiana governors and congressvarmints ought to be imprisoned. Our current resident gets information- that he considers timely and accurate- from the Inquirer. The Times of London is presently owned by Rupert Murdoch of Australia and Fuchs Noise.

  8. Rhea! Thank you for that video. I don’t know how I missed it all these years.

    I always learn something when I come to the Beauty Shop.