The Light At The End of the Tunnel. I See It.

October 11, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Since impeaching Trump is going slower than a snail pulling a cruise ship, it becomes more important whether or not Susan Collins decides she is going to run for Governor of Maine.

She says she will make a decision this Friday, which means she’s made a decision and will announce it Friday.

“Collins, among the most moderate GOP senators, has been a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side… But were she elected, her departure from the Senate would be a sharp blow to Republicans because without Collins, the seat would become much more difficult to keep out of Democratic hands in 2020.”

Taking back the senate would be better than recess in heaven.  We can play Republican and refuse any Trump nominees for the court or even federal judges.  We need to win three seats because we can’t count on Joe Minchin for diddle squat.

Send Susan Collins an email and remind her that Maine needs a sane governor.


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8 Comments to “The Light At The End of the Tunnel. I See It.”

  1. I’m sure the good people of Maine (I’m pretty sure there are some good people there), will be happy to see the last of the current governor, Paul LePage.

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Well stated, as always, Ms. Juanita Jean Herownself! Quite honestly, Senators Collins, Corker, Flake, Murkowski, and others have taken more abuse from this pResident than the “call of duty” requires. Dimwit Donnie lends a whole new meaning to “being shot down by your own side.” And, if that wouldn’t be sufficiently annoying to the consideration of public service, they endure the added insults of Lyin’ Ryan and Mitch McFeckless kicking them when they’re down.

    Mitch is electorally safe for another 4 years, unless Kentucky comes to its senses and recalls their village idiot. Whereas Wisconsin has a real choice in 2018. More of the same idiot or Randy Bryce. While the snacilbupeR primary their own and clear the playing field for Democrats, forget thinking “strategically” and think tactics to cut off the head of the House snake.

    Donate for 2018 like we’ve never donated before. Our children and grandchildren depend on it. The future of America could literally rest on this election. On the bright side we have Ms. JJ, Emily’s list, and our right to vote to make this happen.

    VOTE 2018!

  3. Tom Steyer is considering running for Senate (Feinstein’s seat) and has said impeachment should be a vocal issue for all Democratic candidates. Will we hear crickets, or is his money going to recruit a few?

  4. As a resident of Maine, I want Collins to stay in the Senate where she is sometimes the voice of reason (she’s still a Republican and toes the party line more often than not).

    If she runs for governor, that means LePage will appoint a Republican whack job in her place until the election in 2018.

    Better choice for gov is Democrat Adam Cote — native Mainer and career military, which goes over well in these parts.

  5. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Lizzzz – I did not know it’s a resign to run seat seat.

    Okay, never mind.

  6. That seems backward (usually governors run for the Senate, not the other way round).

    I don’t see why Senator Collins would make an announcement on Wednesday saying she’ll tell on Friday whether she’s running or not for governor unless she’s planning on putting it in the Friday news dump.

    Something I didn’t see considered here is that a run for the governor’s mansion in Maine might also give an opportunity for the Democrats to take both the senate seat and the governor’s office.

    LePage only got in because an independent ran against the Democratic candidate Mike Michaud and split the vote on the left. We don’t need that again there.

  7. I’ll take James’ Scenario for $200 Alex.

  8. Charles R Phillips says:

    I too am not in favor of Collins quitting the senate to run for governor. She’s a vital member of Gang of Three who keep the ACA viable. Maybe she’d even go for Medicare For All, if the business community spoke out for it.

    Taking he out of that fight for any reason would seal ACA’s doom.