The Ghost of Nixon Cometh

December 05, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

The parallels between Trump and Nixon’s administration are getting downright creepy.  We all knew that Nixon was a crook.  We know that Trump is a crook.  We remember the Watergate break-ins, using the FBI to spy on political enemies, and the Plumbers, Nixon’s private espionage and revenge squad.

Welp, Nixon’s ghost has risen from it’s Watergate grave and is now stalking the halls of the West Wing.  Erik Prince, criminal and founder of discredited and disbanded Blackwater, a mercenary company that infamously killed over a dozen Iraqis in a shooting spree and got away with it, is back.  His sister?  Unbelievably, she’s Betsy DeVos, religious nut and anti-education zealot who is now…wait for it…Secretary of Education under Trump.  Prince is now “advising” White House staff, and has apparently proposed a private intelligence operation, loyal to no one but Trump, to operate OUTSIDE of US intelligence agencies to counter the delusional “Deep State” operation.  You know the Deep State theory, right?  That’s the one where Obama and a bunch of latte-sipping panty waists are actually running a shadow government out of Chicago to take down Trump.  Or some similar nonsense.

Apparently, Mike Pompeo, who Trump is planning to tap for Secretary of State as soon as he can snuff out Tillerson, has endorsed the plan, repeating the same BS that his own CIA operatives cannot be trusted.  It’s insane, and saturated with Nixonian paranoia and fabricated conspiracies.

Trump has gone completely off the rails.  He has no judgement, eats and thinks like a 12 year old high on airplane glue, careening around the White House from one end to the other, embracing every screwball theory and tweeting ridiculous BS in an almost continuous stream.  This is like Celebrity Apprentice merged with the Madness of King George, and House of Cards.

Our situation has gone from unbelievable to mildly entertaining to appalling to full on, sirens blaring, lights flashing red alert.  We all predicted this would be a disastrous presidency; but the rapidity in which it’s happening is simply breathtaking.

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20 Comments to “The Ghost of Nixon Cometh”

  1. This is incredibly alarming. This ought to be enough for Impeachment and/or the 25th Amendment right here.

  2. El Lagarto says:

    Paging Tom Charles Huston…please pick up the white courtesy phone….

  3. Wait. Deep State? Obama? Chicago?
    Shouldn’t Trump’s new top intelligence security operation (top guys, top guys) be looking around for shadows in Kenya?

  4. El Jefe, you must be younger than I am.

    I certainly don’t remember “everybody” believing Nixon was a crook; indeed, after he had resigned, 25% of the population were convinced he was innocent and had been railroaded.

    Even if Trump is impeached and convicted of conspiracy, treason, obstruction of justice, fraud, bribery, income tax evasion, tax fraud, and honest services fraud, there will still be a large fraction of the U.S. population sure it was the gays and feminists and blacks and Mexicans and hippies and Democrats who unjustly persecuted and hounded him from office.

    “You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.” — Jim / The Waco Kid [Blazing Saddles]

  5. I guess this explains why Trump believes Putin when he says he didn’t interfere in the US election, and doesn’t believe 17 US intelligence agencies who all say he did.

    A snippet of the upcoming book about Trump’s campaign says that he’s so germophobic that he won’t eat from a package of Oreos that had been previously opened, but he lives on food from McDonalds and KFC. Well, I wasn’t expecting reason or logic anyway….

    A sad number of Americans believe in Trump as if he were their Jesus. I do not know why. But in their eyes he can do no wrong and they will believe in him no matter how childish, stupid, or insanely dangerous he becomes.

  6. El Jefe –
    I’ve thought about your post a little more. It may be the most positive development I’ve heard about in a year if it’s true – – the part about an Obama Shadow Government. I’d feel much better knowing someone with intelligence was watching over the nation and the world, even if it’s just in the background.

  7. slipstream says:

    Nixon: “I am not a crook.”

    Trump: “There was no collusion. NO collusion. NONE.”

    Trump’s attorney: “Hey, collusion isn’t really a crime, is it?”

  8. Just wondering… Will Erik Prince’s new ‘intel’ employees wear black or brown shirts?

  9. Karen Crosby says:

    Ok, so kinda like the Gestapo, eh. Or 1984.

  10. e platypus onion says:

    Creepy? Nice pun, whether it was intended or not. Committee to Re-elect the President. CREEP.

  11. Sandridge says:

    e platypus onion,
    Remember that SOBOTUS set up his own 2020 CREEP the day after his inauguration, 22 Jan 2017.

    Anybody remember Anwar Sadat?…

  12. If the “Deep State” really did exist, neither Prince nor Pompeo would still be with us thanks to a completely plausible ‘incident’.

  13. Tilphousia says:

    Traitor trump and his equally treasonous sycophants are going to fall. Traitor trump will try to throw everyone under the bus till no one is left. Then he will implode. Can’t happen soon enough.

  14. Sandridge: Oh, my late beloved husband, a USN intel analyst was with a entourage of generals in Egypt at the time, and saw it happen to Sadat.

    Trump is idiot playing with fire by criticizing the intel agencies. They’re a hell of lot smarter than him and they specialize in “plausible incidents” for those that try to f**k with them.

  15. Papa, ah…errmm, I didn’t say that. I see nothing…I hear nothingink..I know nothingink!

  16. Sandridge,

    I know you didn’t say it. I didn’t say nuttin’ either…

  17. Karen Byrd says:

    Erik Prince scares me more than any of the others, and this private intel group reporting only to Trump is downright terrifying. I presume they expect the taxpayers to foot the bill for what will be an attempted coup?

  18. A private Praetorian Guard?
    They’ve been known to sell out.

  19. e platypus onion says:

    So the question is not did Anwar Saidat, but, rather did Sandridge Saidat? Have I got that right?

    Really, speaking of the late Egyptian leader, let us give Drumpf the military parade he so richly desires.

  20. Sandridge says:

    e platypus onion, didn’t saidat atall, rly honest bleevme…
    I did consider mentioning something (more directly) about letting Herr Donnei have that un-presidented type of parade he wanted a few months ago, but thought better of getting so obvious ;] .
    Lotta whitewing and mourning doves around here, never thought their vocalizations made much sense before…pleasant to hear though.