The Best Texas Republican Delegation That Money Can Buy

October 17, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I couldn’t help but notice that the entire Texas Republican delegation voted against funding the government.

My friend Ole Farmer Bob put pencil to paper and checked to see how much money they got from The Koch Brothers.


Joe Barton       – $51,750
Kevin Brady      –  29,500
Michael Burgess  –  49,000
John Carter      –  37,000
Mike Conaway     –  39,500
John Culberson   –  48,000
Blake Farenthold –  21,000
Bill Flores      –  25,500
Louie Gohmert    –  28,000
Kay Granger      –   5,500
Ralph Hall       –   7,500
Jeb Hensarling   –  43,500
Sam Johnson      –  16,000
Kenny Marchant   –  22,500
Michael McCaul   –  33,000
Randy Neugebauer –  36,000
Pete Olson       –  30,000
Ted Poe          –  10,000
Pete Sessions    –  68,000
Lamar Smith      –  33,000
Steve Stockman   –       0
Mac Thornberry   –   2,000
Randy Weber      –  10,000
Roger Williams   –   3,000

We don’t know why Steve Stockman got left out.  I figure it’s because he’s stoned most of the time and can’t remember who bought him.

So now ya know.

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18 Comments to “The Best Texas Republican Delegation That Money Can Buy”

  1. I am so amazed by how cheap some of these soiled doves can be bought.

    “Soiled doves” was so Mama would not be upset.

  2. Reminds of thal old joke, “We’ve established what you are, now we negotiate the price…. ” It would be really interesting to know what the total amounts were from both public and dark money sources for these guys because it is hard to believe that they would sell out the US for a couple thousand bucks.

  3. Richard mcdonald says:

    Ted Cruz?

  4. e platypus onion says:

    This from Mother Jones from January. Stockman is a real dirt bag.

  5. Hey. How’d that woman get on the list?

  6. Seriously? They pay Louie Gohmert to go on the tv machine and say stupid stuff?


  7. Ellen Childress says:

    The congresstitutes are working cheap these days. Next thing you know they’ll be wanting food stamps and subsidies for their Obamacare.

  8. Yes, I was thinking “I guess the cost of living in Texas is lower than in the rest of the country” because these guys really went for pretty cheap.

  9. @Cheryl: Your “soiled doves” name sent me to the interworldweb. What a great euphemism! If I cannot claim Texas rights for use I claim the 10 county DFW Denton Cleburne pseudoarea.
    And Thanks!

  10. Well, there’s really more Koch cash involved than that. The amounts are just what the reps received directly from KochPAC. However, the Koch brothers give lots of money to support other pacs and organizations that in turn give lots more money to the candidates.

    For instance, Sen. Ted Cruz has received $15,000 directly from KochPAC (and Sen. Cornyn has received $27,500). However, KochPAC also gave Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund $25,000 in contributions. Senate Conservatives Fund has given Sen. Cruz the tidy sum of $985,381, according to FEC records.

    Similarly, KochPAC gave Citizens for Prosperity in America Today a contribution of $12,500. Then Citizens for etc. gave Cruz $15,000.

    Also, KochPAC gave Common Values PAC $22,500; Common Values contributed $15,000 to Sen. Ted. And on and on.

  11. Stockman’s so out of it, he probably gives money TO the Koch brothers…

  12. Is the $$ tax free?

  13. Maybe secession is the right way to go.

  14. Lorinda Pike says:

    Stockman may actually be too loony toons even for The Brothers Koch. He is currently distributing books to Congress on how to impeach the President, in addition to hiring a law firm to help.

    The book maintains that the President is (literally) a demon, and is about to replace the US military with an Islamist/UN army.

    How the heck did Stockman get elected? We have some crazy politicians here in Mississippi, but… this just leaves me at a loss for words.

    My gast is totally flabbered.

  15. Marge Wood says:

    Thank you, Bob; been sharing that around.

  16. Karen Spalding says:

    Little known fact: The Koch Brothers father, Fred C Koch, was a founding member of the John Birch Society.

  17. Wa Skeptic says:

    I don’t know about election law; are contributions tax-deductible? If so, my flabber is totally gasted.

  18. Why wouldn’t Stockman have any $$ reported to the FEC? Well, here’s a thought. He gets his “campaign donations” very, very late at night via a shoebox crammed with bucks thrown through the transom over his office door. He “doesn’t know” the donor so there is no way he can register the stuff.