Thank You, Ma’am, For Flying OK Corral Airlines

December 06, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Colorado Republican State Representative Lori Saine is working her way up to be able to put “Pistol Packing Momma” on her campaign literature.

Denver police say Rep. Lori Saine was arrested at the airport Tuesday and was being held for investigation of introducing a firearm into a transportation facility. The case will be presented to the Denver District Attorney’s Office to consider possible charges.

Saine is a big Second Amendment lover and even co-spondored legislation to remove some restrictions on ammo magazines because, you know, it’s a shame to have to stop and reload. And she is also a strong advocate for guns in schools.  So, I suspect Saine was just playing Airport Annie Oakley.

Thanks to Larry for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “Thank You, Ma’am, For Flying OK Corral Airlines”

  1. Tilphousia says:

    I suspect that pistol packing Lori hasn’t thoroughly read the second Amendment or doesn’t understand it. I also doubt that she wants to be part of the state militia the reason the Second Amendment was written. RWNJs forget that part. All they want is the thrill of having a weapon (s) that are capable of the mass extermination or maiming of as many human beings as the weapon carrier can see. Lori is a disgrace.

  2. Sam in St Paul says:

    She is a white Republican so the rules don’t apply. The new legislation that will be passed will allow people with carry permits from the states with the least stringent requirements (Breathing) to carry guns across state lines.

  3. I did not grow up with guns or in a gun-loving culture, so when I see a gun I think, “This is a weapon that can very easily kill people, even by accident.” So I don’t want one anywhere near me. I struggle to understand the mindset of people who can’t seem to walk out the door without one strapped to them or in their purse, or who even want one within arm’s reach inside the house at all times. “It’s for protection.” Against other people who can’t seem to walk out the door without etc.? They don’t see the logical flaw here. Though they would say I don’t see that the problem is the umpty million guns already out there in the hands of bad people. Okay, but not in my neighborhood or almost anywhere I’m likely to go. And I’m not going to let your fear make me afraid.

  4. I agree with Tilphousia. A close reading of the 2nd Amendment, in context with the Constitution and other amendments of the time, shows that the Founding Fathers did not intend for firearms to be carried on an airplane (or they would have asked, “what’s an airplane”) and I believe that may have included aerial balloons as well.

  5. @Rick I don’t think it would be a good idea to shoot holes in balloons either

  6. The 2A is another writing that technology advancement has bypassed.

    As I understand it, the 2A addressed the desire to not have a standing army, but rather to depend on the locals to take up their long guns and defeat an invader. Prolly some holes in that logic. But the founders, the writers of the Constitution only knew about single-shot flint muskets. Rifled barrels were some years away. Handguns were invented in Europe but were uncommon on either side of the pond. And mass production did not yet exist, so muskets were pretty much one builder one musket. Dozens might be built in a given year but not thousands. Plus bullets as we know them were 50 years away.

    For 2017 Americans to look at an AR-15 type semi-automatic rifle or a 15 shot semi-automatic handgun and SERIOUSLY think the 2A gives them tacit permission to own any firearm they want to own is ludicrous.

  7. Either it was intentional or she wasn’t aware that she had a handgun with her. If she doesn’t have the mental capacity to know she is carrying a gun she should not be allowed to own any.

  8. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Actually the 2A addressed the slaveholders’ desire to have weapons aplenty to put down slave rebellions. (Notice that they’re still twitchy about black people or brown people having weapons when not in the actual military. That’s why the FBI is still worried more about black insurgency and killing policemen than white insurgency and threatening federal agents.) Since the Revolution needed the slaveholders and could not bring themselves to face the disastrous conflicts built into the new nation at its founding…we are still seeing the tragic results. If it had been about defending the country as a whole from foreign invasion, or Indian attack, the “a well regulated militia” part would have resulted in some well-regulated militias, storing their arms in a central armory. But since it was about controlling slaves, every slaveholder wanted the arms in his own hands and those of his white neighbors.

  9. SteveTheReturned says:

    She’s a white Republican office holder. She’ll get away with it.

  10. Perhaps we should insert “In” in front if last name.

  11. Coprolite says:

    in these situations where gun owner “forgot” that they have a gun in their purse or carry on, I can only conclude that they have no idea where their gun is, or where they put it last.
    How do they expect to find it when they need it?

  12. Some errors in Micr’s comment: 1. there were rifles in 1789; 2. handguns, too.

    His conclusion is valid, however.

    More than that. If the 2A was designed to support a well-regulated militia, it was a failure from the get-go. We have never had one, just a gang of undisciplined, drunken fools. Latterly, undisciplined, drunken fools who could be relied on to shoot workers on behalf of bosses.

  13. I think part of the 2A was that firearms wee expensive and gun powder deteriorated. So the wealthy rolled the cost unto the citizenry that already had firearms. Both for hunting, defense on the frontier etc.

    It is interesting that thr NRA does not quote the full 2A on the facade of their HQ building, where they also do not allow weapons from I have read?

  14. If the NRA supported allowing anybody to carry a 1789 weapon wherever their little heart desired, I might be able to shrug that off. Those things take a while to reload and are probably unlikely to be carried loaded and go off “by accident.” But they’re probably also inaccurate as hell if you don’t know what you’re doing, which a lot of yahoos won’t.

  15. Interesting stuff here! I know someone who does historical recreations, uniform and all. The firearm is a long gun dubbed Brown Bess. She is a mess! Hard to load even under the best circumstances. Bess was never constructed to help the user shoot straight. Users have to find certain tricks to do that. Yes, I know about the famous Pennsylvania guys who trained themselves so well they could shoot buds off a tree quite some distance down the road. Definitely agree that the authority aimed at citizens to have firearms had that bad history laid on it. Frankly when everyone – genius or dunce – has a gun, who the hell is safe?

  16. Bob Boland says:

    The Brown Bess was a smoothbore musket. Like most smoothbore muskets, its accuracy was non-existent past about 20 yards. There were rifled muskets, the so-called “Kentucky” or “Pennsylvania” rifles. In the hands of a trained shooter, these were quite accurate out to about 100-150 yards.’their biggest drawback was the speed of reloading, which was even slower than reloading a smoothbore musket.

  17. Jane & PKM says:

    Lost in the nonexistent discussion with NRA owned Republican ‘representatives’ is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Albeit I’ve been surgically neutered, but I object to the potential of mentally impaired individuals like Lori taking away my pursuit of happiness with their deranged choice of fashion accessories. Their rights end well short of my ass.

  18. Did a spot of reading on this gal. Frankly, from what i can tell her IQ is in the “wide open spaces” range.

  19. @maggie
    In spite of their name, I do like me some Dixie Chicks’ muzak!