Thank You For Bush-‘splainin’ It.

December 31, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I have a little note stuck to the top of my desk to remind me of something.  It says “Jeb! = The smart one.”

I have to have that note because otherwise I’d forget.

Jeb Bush.JPGJeb! was in South Carolina yesterday and was introduced to the audience by Republican State Senator Katrina Shealy.

He wanted to thank Ms. Shealy for the nice introduction, so he said to the audience …

“You should be honored to have her as your elected official. I hope you agree with that. That should be your nickname. In the Bush family, we always give out nicknames. Yours is now Hurricane Katrina.”

And Jeb’s! is now Dumbbutt.

Thanks to Bryan for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “Thank You For Bush-‘splainin’ It.”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    And so goes his future in standup comedy. DO NOT take him to open-mic night. Please!! What a maroon.

  2. My God! Didn’t his brother ever tell him that Hurricane Katrina was the worst mistake he ever made? Wow!!! What an uncommunicative family – if you can call them a family!

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    “Jeb! = The smart one.”

    You might want to add a corollary to that note: ‘facts not in evidence’

    JAKvirginia, too late. Bush the Buffoon has already been in front of too many mics.

  4. OMG! How does this guy get rich guys to give him money? He has to speak to them, right? They know he is ignorant, but then still think he would make a good president. I just don’t understand.
    I do completely love that picture!!

  5. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Good Grief. Will someone please stop the Bush family from procreating? We need to rid ourselves of this particular strain of idiocy.

  6. Jeb!’s nickname should be “Bush League.”

  7. maggie, little Georgie W made many mistakes.

    Hurricane Katrina and “you’re doing a heckuva job Brownie” was just a warm-up act.

    Invading the wrong country on faked “intelligence,” killing tens of thousands of Iraqis for no particular reason, and then abandoning them to civil wars for nobody knows how long . . . that would be worse.

    Destroying the US values of freedom and rule by law, leading the US down the path of secret prisons, waterboarding, parading naked prisoners on dog leashes, while Cheney gloated . . . that would be worse.

  8. maggie, I thought the Iraq war was Dubya’s biggest mistake…? Granted there are similarities, but Katrina was more a fatal lack of response rather than a great big deliberate screwup costing trillions and killing and maiming a lot more people.

  9. Annabelle Lee says:

    You know, a very slight alteration makes that:

    Jeb != the smart one, which any coder can tell you mean “Jeb is not the smart one”.

  10. Tell me this was on The Onion. Please!

  11. W. C. (Pete) Peterson says:

    It sure looks to me that brother Neal was the real smart one. After all, he screwed the Silverado Savings & Loan out of a couple of million dollars, killed the entire industry, avoided arrest and jail time, and has stayed out of politics altogether. Momma Barbara would be proud of Neal.

  12. Marge Wood says:

    Great comments. re: Katrina, there’s a really good juvenile novel titled ZANE AND THE HURRICANE. It makes you realize what it was really like during the hurricane and is also well written.

  13. Cheryl Ann, “How does he get rich guys to give him money?”
    Remember we’re dealing with Republican rich guys and they are lacking the same attributes that the Bushes do: empathy, intelligence, compassion, morality, wisdom and arithmetic (thanks, Bill) They do have one big thing in common: GREED.

  14. So, if she’s Hurricane Katrina now does that mean a Bush is going to fly over her while she stands on her rooftop pleading for food?

  15. Happy New Year, everyone at the WMDBS. Stay safe, and let’s hope for (and work for) love, health, peace, abundance, joy, laughter, friendship, and courage in the coming year. And, most important, a Democratic sweep of Congress, the Senate (maybe), and the White House.

    My last wish can’t happen unless all Democrats and Independents VOTE. If your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, members of your congregation, co-workers, etc. need help with that, do what you can, be it a small gift (or loan) of money, internet access to locate documents, ride(s) to the DMV, or ride(s) to the polls. Happy 2016.

  16. stevethereturned says:

    Just the latest in a continuing number of incidents, indicating that Jeb has never really wanted to be president. Which is a good thing, regardless of how repulsive the rest of the Republican candidates are…..

  17. Happy New Year to all, and I would say “Confusion to our enemies!” but most of them, like the shining example at the head of this column, seem to be plenty confused already.

  18. RepubAnon says:

    If she’s “Hurricane Katrina”, does that mean that she depopulated primarily black neighborhoods?

  19. Don Cardwell says:

    It is true that nearly every 2016 GOP candidate does not know anything, really. Jeb is the only one who doesn’t even suspect anything.

  20. I would never defend any member of the Bush family for anything. When I read what he said to Senator Shealy, my first thought was that is something a person with a head injury would say. I have a head injury and especially in the first couple of years I would have said something so stupid as that. The scrambled neurons would have put something like that together and it would have jumped out my mouth before I could stop it. If Jeb is the smart one and he functions like someone with a traumatic brain injury that gives you some context for the rest of the family. Whoo boy!

    I also taught learning disabled students for more than 30 years. There is a category know among educators who work with these kids called JPD. You won’t find it in any of the literature or in any official report. It stands for Just Pain Dumb. I know it isn’t politically correct but it may be the classification that the other Bushes would qualify for. The final one I’ll share is JPM – Just Plain Mean. I think that fits, too because not everything has a discernible pathological basis.

  21. Elizabeth Moon says:

    JPM comes from MamaBush.

  22. Lunargent says:

    The most amazing thing about that picture: Duhbya looks like The Sober One.