Texas Election results

July 31, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okey, Dokey. We have a few early results from Fort Bend County.

In early voting, Rick Miller is whipping Jacquie Chaumette 59 / 41 % , proving once again that the Fort Bend County Republican Party will never, ever elect a female or a minority to high public office. They’ll take your money but they will never vote for you. On the upside, that does mean that Vy Nguyen will get to run against a guy who is a lying thug. And the Belles of Heaven Republican Women’s Club is voting Ted Cruz over David Dewhurst 64 / 36%

I’m calling it for Ted Cruz. We have the inmates running the asylum. He’s winning by 55% now.

My friend Democrat Rose Meza Harrison will be beating Duckie Jammies Farenthal this November for the South Texas congressional seat. That’s the best news of the night for me.

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12 Comments to “Texas Election results”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    Randy Weber beat Felicial Kyl which would be a tragedy except both were pulling hard for the TEA Party vote. “Dr” Donna Campbell (A Woman of FAITH) won over Wentworth big time. She’ll fit right in the Texas Senate. And John Devine, Mr. Ten Commandments, beat Medina for Texas Supreme Court.

    This state just got a whole lot nuttier.

  2. Wow…I knew Cruz was pulling away from Dewhurst, but honestly I thought for sure this race was just a formality for Dewhurst. When Palin endorsed Cruz, I kinda figured he would be toast, just go to shows polls are not exactly the all powerful tool the public thinks they are. I’m skeered now ya’ll…

  3. I’m so sorry y’all.

  4. Here in the CenTex, which apparently stretches the new District 25 through half the counties in Texas, the Repubs actually defeated Wes (“the blacks were lucky to have been enslaved”) Riddle. That makes me very proud of ’em, bless their hearts.

  5. Texas is getting nuttier, but it is kinda special to see a Cruz win as a rebuke to Perry since Perry got his big money guys to contribute to Dewhurst . The Devine win is just awful news particularly since there is no Democratic opponent.

  6. We made national news because of the Cruz win – they are using it to show how nutty Texas is. I hang my head in shame.

  7. On the Rachel Maddow show, a senior GOP consultant is quoted as saying that if Cruz is the nominee, the State of Texas will be a swing state in 2016. I think that this consultant may be right.

  8. Marge Wood says:

    Donna Campbell beat Senator Jeff Wentworth. Good thing the Democrats have a really great guy, John Courage, running against Donna Campbell.

  9. Texas Republicans have truly jumped the shark in this election.

    Mr. Sadler will get my vote in the general.

  10. Didn’t palin come on down and give a speech for Cruz?

    That shows how crazy he really is.

  11. This is NOT workplace safe…. and Momma…… you don’t need to read this……

    It doesn’t change a thing about the election yesterday, …. but after I read this on Kos, I could at least manage a smile.


  12. Sgt Mike on vacation says:

    @Miemaw: Thanks for the link. I’m changing the anti-Tea signatures on my email to incorporate “Teabilly f***sticks”. Total greatness.