Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

March 19, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is scheduled to go to trial on charges of securities fraud on May 1st.  He’s hurrying some good press until then.

Last December, Paxton joined in supporting the right of a school aide in Killeen, Texas (between Austin and Waco) to hang a poster with a bible quote on the wall of the school.

After the principal told the aide to take the poster down, Paxton wrote to the Killeen school district: “These concerns are not surprising in an age of frivolous litigation by anti-Christian interest groups … Rescind this unlawful policy.”

Here it is three months later and Paxton is still defending the right to proselytize.  Unless, of course, you’re not a highly discriminated against Christian.

Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas (North Dallas), has a prayer room.  Muslim students have used it for 7 years instead of leaving school and driving home to pray.  Buddhists students use it for mediation. Nobody has objected or say anything about it.

Without warning to Liberty High School or even asking a question, Paxton tweeted this —


Paxton contends that students of other faiths have been excluded from the prayer room.  And the reason he knows that is that a 11th grade student told him so.

And totally untrue, according to Frisco Independent School District officials, who say state officials didn’t even ask them about the prayers before the letter ended up in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s tweet.

“This ‘press release’ appears to be a publicity stunt by the OAG to politicize a nonissue,” schools superintendent Jeremy Lyon wrote in reply to the state. “Frisco ISD is greatly concerned that this type of inflammatory rhetoric in the current climate may place the District, its students, staff, parents and community in danger of unnecessary disruption.”

Publicity stunt?  No, not Paxton.  Not a month before he heads to trial for cheating people out of their money.

And there’s this –

A week before the attorney general’s letter, Liberty High’s principal had welcomed all students to use the room in an interview with KERA public radio.

You know, there ought to be a law against an attorney general needlessly stirring up hate in a public high school right before his trial on state felony charges of securities fraud.  Probably wouldn’t stop Paxton, though. Laws have never actually applied to Paxton.



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17 Comments to “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton”

  1. fran Seyer says:

    yikes, on all counts.

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    There are hypocrites. There are criminals. Then there are the criminal hypocrites like Ken who despite the evidence that music and the arts improve math skills and other academic abilities remove what works in education to save a penny, while wasting $millions. Yet, these same sleaze nuts, who insist that the school day be devoted to nothing beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, want to waste a portion of their proclaimed precious school day with “Christian” prayers while denying prayer to students who pray on their own time in a room on school grounds that is equally accessible to Christian students.

    Personally I think a prayer room for any religion is a waste of school space. But I can accept it as a reasonable accommodation to keep religion out of classrooms.

  3. If you practice law in Texas you should be ashamed that Paxton practices law in Texas. While in private practice he was a self-serving buffoon, partnered for a while with now Collin County DA Greg Willis. Willis has stated publicly he and Paxton remain friends. I have read in the local Plano newspaper that Paxton co-mingled client funds and practice funds routinely. Is he careless and incompetent or malicious? Can’t tell. But either way Texas would be better off without him as a practitioner.

  4. When are the Texas lawyers going to start the process of disbarring the corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton?

  5. Paxton, like Bullwinkle appears to keep trying the same old magic trick, with the same old result:

    “Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Nothin’ up my sleeve…”

  6. charles phillips says:

    God, I am sooo going to love seeing his picture in an orange jump suit!

  7. e platypus onion says:

    You know dumbass dubya’s court appointees will save his ass, just like they did with Perry and DeLay. Free him with no possibility of appeals for the aggrieved.

    That is what they were appointed for.

  8. Typical Republican move……divert, divert, divert……

  9. e platypus onion says:

    Paxton reminds me of a mob hit survivor by name of “Lucky” Luciano.


    I’m thinking they could be dopplegangers. Mob ones.

  10. Sam in San Antonio says:

    Paxton still makes weekly appearances in churches to claim his prosecution is a political witch hunt.

    The Southern Baptist Church – America’s largest radical christian group.

  11. Jane & PKM says:

    e platypus onion, Paxton and the rest of the elected snacilbupeR remind me of Louie “the chin” Gigante, who faked mental incompetence to avoid prosecution. Although when it comes to “mental incompetence” that is a good argument to forward for snacilbupeR defendants. Are they really that st00pid or are they gaming us? That’s for a jury to decide. But we the voters should reject them in either situation, incompetent or crooked.

    FWIW Sean Spicer seems to be getting out ahead of that comparison to Donnie. According to Spcey, Donnie doesn’t own a robe: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/sean-spicer-i-dont-think-the-president-owns-a-bathrobe/article/2614058

  12. RepubAnon says:

    It’s all about the politics of victimhood, commonly called “populist” or “populism.” Populism is popular in times when people fear they’re losing their economic status – like right after a depression, or when all they hear is that “those others” are getting a better deal than they are.

    Here, Paxton’s playing on the idea that Christians are the real victims, because they can’t use the power of the state to suppress other people’s religions.

  13. If something doesn’t exist in reality, do your damnedest to create it out of thin air. Paxton, the Air Artist. Can’t wait to see how well he does that in jail!

  14. Ohhh I bet Donnie has a robe. And a matching hood. Just like his daddy and his granddaddy.

  15. Two things:

    1. Orange Whore doesn’t own a robe so that proves he didn’t do any of the things in the article? Right.

    2. No bathrobe? Please god tell me that Orange Whore remains completely, fully, entirely dressed till the moment he steps into a changing room all by himself, puts on long-sleeved and -legged pajamas and steps back out.

    Trying not to picture naked Whore wandering through living area . . . Trying not to . . . Trying . . . Trying . . . TRYING!!!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!! HELP ME!!! EYE BLEACH!!!!!

  16. Fred Farklestone says:

    The Southern Baptist Church!

    America’s own homegrown pale-white terrorist church!

  17. Whoa, back it up a little! A prayer room?
    Establishment clause.
    ACLU will take it.