Testing a Mother’s Love

May 31, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Eugene Robinson has an interesting column this morning calling the GOP “too juvenile to govern.”

His contention is backed by examples of silly butt ways the GOP whines about something the Democrats are or aren’t doing and then the minute the Democrats do it, Republicans obstruct the implementation.

The most recent example is that after hollering about Democrats not having a budget, they now want to block the appointment of members of the conference committee once there is a budget.

I adore two year olds.  They are so darn cute, hollering and stomping NO every chance they get.  Having raised three of them, I am constantly amazed that there are any three year olds at all.  It is a stunning tribute to motherhood and love that any two year old lives a year.

It’s cute for one year.  God knew better than to let it go on longer than that because that’s as long as even a mother will put up with it.  After that, she would walk out of the cave and not look back.

My question is this:  I am not Ted Cruz’s mother.  How long does he expect me to put up with this?

Thanks to UmptyDump for the heads up

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8 Comments to “Testing a Mother’s Love”

  1. Honestly, if she is still alive why doesn’t someone find Cruz’s mother and get the real skinny from her. I bet that would be real interesting!!

  2. It’s also “cute” when they lie down on the floor, stomp their feet, and hold their breath….. until they turn blue.

    Doncha know….. Republicans are “Tantrums ‘R Us”.

  3. TexasEllen says:

    Actual two year olds make motherhood possible by smiling that little smile that melts your heart. Carnival Cruz does not smile. Obviously a case of arrested development.

  4. My life has been mercifully free of two-year-old humans, but I get the picture of two-year-old behavior.

    Today’s WashPost has an article on Obama’s new school initiative, which the Tea Party is crusading against, apparently because it’s Obama’s initiative. Whether it might actually do some good doesn’t come into play.

    They’re all just one big DON’ WANNA!

  5. scottybeamer says:

    Until a rich white man gets into the oval office again, they will never be happy or cooperative in any way. Hopefully we can keep them unhappy for a really long time.
    I can only imagine the hatred they will spout for Hillary, should she decide to take the oval office. Two terms for a black man, and then a white woman………their stupid little tantrums will do them in…………..get the popcorn ready!

  6. gramiam says:

    having raised 4 children, I can attest to the reason two year olds survive. It is a known fact that grandchildren are our reward for NOT killing our kids.

  7. maryelle says:

    Children who do not outgrow the terrible two’s are classified as “oppositional, defiant.”
    That’s a perfect description of the Republican Senate and House members. And we’re paying for it in more ways than one.

  8. Corinne Sabo says:

    I dont mind 2 year olds who are 2 years old acting like it, but I do mind chronological adults who act 2 years old.


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