The Latest Pervert

November 10, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Congress

So, Roy Moore is a pervert, at least as alleged now by 2 women in Alabama who claim he fondled them when he was in his 30s and they were young teens.  It shouldn’t be a surprise – think about it; it seems that EVERY guy who rails about sex is hiding his own proclivity.  In Moore’s case, apparently he likes young girls.  So, while on the Alabama Supreme Court bench he gets censured and even removed from his office for failing to enforce laws determined by the US Supreme Court.  He rants about gays, holding himself up as some kind of righteous messenger who is out to save us all from our sexual perversions.  Then this comes out.

I would expect nothing less, especially from some clown who wears a drugstore cowboy hat with his tiara.