Trump Forced McCabe Out of the FBI

January 29, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

If there was any shred of doubt about Donald Trump’s utter and total corruption, this story will disabuse any belief to the contrary. Today, Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI and acting director after Comey was fired last year, abruptly announced his retirement 2 months early.  Sarah Sanders, in a statement of the If My Lips Are Moving That Means I’m Lying category, denied (on national television) any involvement of the White House in McCabe’s leaving today.  As we already knew, that was yet another whopper of a lie, and it’s now been confirmed that he was forced out by Trump appointee Christopher Wray and put on leave until his official retirement in March.

The takeover of the leadership and politicization of the FBI is now complete, and the only thing that stands between us and fascism are the remaining honest agents within the agency, and the courts, which are also being rapidly politicized.

I fear our republic won’t last until January 20, 2021.