Culinary Scandal

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File under “Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Away”…

If you’re like me, you’ve run out of words to describe the slow motion train wreck that is today’s White House.  Shocked.  Stunned. Astonished. Embarrassed.  Humiliated. Outraged. Aggrieved. None of those words sufficiently describe the relentless onslaught on our senses these last months as The. Worst. President. In. U.S. History. eviscerates virtually every tradition, custom, and law that governs our executive branch.  Common decency suffered a quick death at 12:01 on January 20th.  After that, this walking, talking violation of the Constitution has been urinating all over our society while stuffing his pockets full of foreign money.  Have I described this administration accurately?  I believe I have.

So.  Let’s go back to this same point in Barack Obama’s first term.  He was also dealing with a HUGE scandal himself.  The scandal?  He went out for a hamburger with his pal, VP Joe Biden and dared to order his burger with dijon mustard.  That’s right, folks, that sissy latte’ sipping secret Muslim from Kenya dared to order a traditional American dish with a French mustard.  Outrageous.  The noise machine lit up, lead by the knuckle dragger, Sean Hannity.  Have a look:

That same noise machine today (what’s left of it) is whistling past the grave yard, defending Trump and his mob buddies for cozying up to despots and hackers.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if characters from The Empire showed up as Trump surrogates on national television.

From the Twittersphere Today

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The best from Twitter today:

Remember the kerfuffle over the President’s tan suit?  Obama’s greatest scandal.  I miss those days.

And Then There is This – Senior White House Officials Using Private Email Server

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Newsweek has  come across the fact that, just like the Bush White House, senior staff for Cheeto Jesus IS USING A PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER LOCATED AT THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE.  This includes Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon, among others.  That’s right, folks, the very same people who were going nuts and wanting to “lock her up” during the campaign, are doing exactly the same goddam thing, except that, just like GWB, it’s being run at the RNC instead of somebody’s basement.  You’ll recall that when the Bush server was discovered during the Valerie Plame investigation, it suddenly disappeared, along with 22 million emails.  What are we going to hear from Jason Chaffetz?  Crickets, I would assume.