Angry White Guy has a “Bad Day” – At Starbucks.

November 19, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Sumbitches, Trump

David Sanguesa, a home builder in Miami had a bad day and yelled at an African American barista at Starbucks when she didn’t serve him fast enough apparently because he’s white and voted for Cheeto Jesus. After his name calling tirade, he stormed out of the coffee shop yelling, “Cheeto Jesus! Cheeto Jesus!”  We’re just curious: how did he know that they knew he voted for Cheeto Jesus? Because he is white and acted like a dick? (Sorry, Momma)  According to the Miami Herald, it wasn’t his only bad day since he had 2 DUIs in 2008, charged with domestic violence in 2014, and oh, yeah – sent many emails to the Miami Herald ranting against Cubans, women, immigrants, gays, lesbians, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Now, THAT is funny.