Sarah Huckabee Sanders Logic

November 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

In answer to questions about Trump condemning Al Franken over the “Trumped up” groping charge vs her own boss’s legion of charges, she said, “Specifically, Senator Franken has admitted wrongdoing and the President hasn’t.  That’s a very clear distinction.”

Let’s put that logic in context with 2 other well known names:

“Specifically, Ted Bundy has admitted wrongdoing and Charles Manson hasn’t. That’s a very clear distinction.”

See how stupid that sounds?

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25 Comments to “Sarah Huckabee Sanders Logic”

  1. Nothing unusual in her dimwitted statement as I NEVER expect intelligence or logic from a rePUKEian ahole!

  2. van heldorf says:

    Not sure I get the comparison. Is Franken equivalent to bundy and trump to manson? I don’t think that’s what you mean regarding Franken. As for the other, Yeah!

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Sarah Huckaload Sandbag is to logic what the Orange Foolius is to homo sapien.

  4. Or how about this:

    Specifically, Senator Franken has apologized, while the President has said a large group of women are liars. All of them.

  5. I’m still waiting for Sanders to brandish her vorpal sword. Because standing in uffish thought would make about as much sense as the frumious burbling that normally spews from her mouth. Without the a**holish douchebagery that normally accompanies everything else she says.

  6. Little Miss Huckleberry had an original thought once in her life. It got lonely and left.

  7. Sarah Palin showed how a political hack can be unbelievably glib, her word gushers regularly having a not single second of intelligent, truthful content. SHS is following in her footsteps. She just talks slower.

  8. You know, Ted Bundy never did admit to anything; he always said, “If i had done it, I would have done…” He would have been a republican these days.

  9. Seriously, has this woman ever thought about how all of this is going to sound years from now when the worm turns and the Golden Gibbon is indicted and living somewhere that does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S?

  10. I am thankful that Sarah H, like Spicer, will never get a job in the media, when Dump gets dumped from office.

  11. Tilphousia says:

    Sarah hasn’t made sense since day one. But isn’t that a requirement for her job? After all, traitor trumpsplainng takes a certain mindset. Mind boggling mindless word salad spoken with a glassy eyed stare and a straight face.

  12. Speaking of those two killers, I wondered, when one of them died the other day, why it was a newsflash headline and why they even bothered telling us. One thing these glassbowls want is fame, for everyone to know their names. Let’s not give it to them. Let’s just arrest the mass murderers, put them on trial, if they’re found guilty throw them in prison and forget them. If they ever come up for parole (and get denied), or when they die, don’t tell us because we don’t need or want to know. Forget they ever existed. Erase their names from history.

  13. P.P.–Perfect!

  14. Rhea, it’s probably because the Manson murders happened before it became an everyday occurrence. I do agree with you, however.

  15. #8 Ted Bundy WAS a Republican. Attended the 1968 GOP convention as a Nelson Rockefeller delegate and was hired as an assistant for the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. The rest of the party has been catching up on his misogynistic ways ever since.

  16. This women is raising children! So scary!!!

  17. Okay, all this proves is that tRump is an unrepentant sinner. Ask you father, the preacher, what the Bible says about unrepentant sinners.

  18. Okay, all this proves is that tRump is an unrepentant sinner. Ask you father, the preacher, what the Bible says about unrepentant sinners.

  19. I don’t see how Sen. Franken is equivalent to Trump or 2 killers. He has been a champion of women’s issues, can’t accuse Dump or Sore of that. He has taken responsibility, again unlike Losers 1 and 2.

    The lady in the photo with Sen. Franken had her picture taken by her husband. Do you think he would have stood by while someone was “groping” his wife? Did she tell him? When?

    I am not insensitive to sexual harassment or assault, having experienced both, and I’ve heard girls threaten to make trouble for guys with false accusations. It is a good thing that women are being believed, and with that comes the responsibility to be accurate.

  20. Mary Beth, you missed the analogy by a mile. I’m not comparing Franken to Trump or murderers. I’m pointing out the absurdity of Huckabee’s statement. She asserts that Trump is innocent of these charges because Franken admitted it and Trump didn’t. Ted Bundy confessed to the murders. Manson never did. Using Huckabee’s logic then, Ted Bundy was guilty and Charles Manson is innocent. They were both guilty, regardless of what Huckabee thinks. Get it?

  21. I’ll bet that Sanders thinks OJ is innocent, too! He never admitted to any murders! And the gloves didn’t fit!

    Any day now she’s gonna tell the White House press corps: “neener, neener, neener.”

  22. Linda Phipps says:

    P. P. and then Sad Sarah goes GALUMPHING back.

  23. Ellen Childress says:

    Let’s just get past all of this hoohah . At age 75, I can also say, “me,too” because men making unwanted passes at women is as old as the human race. I was taught how to protect myself by parents who were wise. I am glad that women are standing up and rejecting these behaviors. However, the large monetary settlements in some of these cases is making it look like the women want money and that the men/corporations see it as a way to buy off the women and return to the status quo. It is also revealing, as in the case of Charlie Rose, that the women went alone to his home. Perhaps they thought they had to do that as part of their jobs? I don’t know. But I was taught never to do that and if it cost me a job, I did not need that job anyhow. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was ” there are worse things than starving to death.”
    The lack of witnesses to most of the behavior makes it a “she said; he said” pissing contest that is not going to create change either. It will take generations to change our societal/cultural ethics with regard to behaviors that have gone on for generations.

  24. El Jefe,

    Well, IIRC, technically, Manson didn’t murder anyone. He just found a bunch of broken souls, brainwashed them, got ’em good and stoned, and set them loose to fulfill his demented vision.
    At least that’s what happened with the Tate-Labianca murders. I don’t remember if Charlie knocked off a couple of his gang or not.

  25. Marge Wood says:

    So if someone says they’re not doing wrong, it makes it not wrong? Hmm. I know a bunch of little kids who would like that rationale.