Russians Have the Goods on the New…urp, President? Oops.

January 10, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Golden showers by hired prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.  Extensive video and audio of perversions and compromising intelligence on Cheeto Jesus.  Holy Moly.  This is the latest from a dossier allegedly compiled by a British Intelligence officer and supposedly briefed to the President and incoming, uh…urp, president elect.

It may be complete bullshit (sorry Momma), but it is THIRTY FIVE PAGES of salacious and damning information.  If even 10% is true, it’s going to be a really “wobbly” start for the singularly most unqualified person to enter the Oval Office in US history.

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28 Comments to “Russians Have the Goods on the New…urp, President? Oops.”

  1. Some comments now trending on Twitter are attempting to discredit the news over this revelation with an interesting twist. Many of the alt-right purveyors of fake news have taken to posting comments about it that start with the notation, in all caps, FAKE NEWS:

    Funny. I wish they had started that months ago with their own fake news tweets.

  2. We’re spoiled. For eight years, people have made up all sorts of stuff about our president. And nothing stuck simply BECAUSE THERE WAS NO THERE THERE. For eight years, we enjoyed a scandal-free presidency. How rare is that?

    Now, we’re making up for lost time, it seems. Before even taking office, the new ostensible president [nope, I will never, ever call him president for the simple fact that he was not voted into office — that’s just fact] is engulfed in scandal.

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised.
    Yeah, me neither.

  3. I’m just feeling a little ill, well, a lot ill, at the idea of a naked cocksplat. Urp. Oh damn. I just threw up in my mouth. Blech.

  4. Susan on the Left Coast says:


    Arkansas cancelled their inaugural bash in DC…abruptly. “….it’s a big commitment to make travel plans, buy an airplane ticket, get a hotel room, get a ball ticket.” Bless their little, little helpless hearts.

    According to the organizers, no tickets were sold prior to the cancellation of the event.

  5. That man sure does like his gold.

  6. Gee, he’s really Putin’s puppet, just like Hillary said. Who’d have thought it? /snark

  7. George in Lee County says:

    Sandridge, what do those initials mean?

    I expect the Rethuglican leadership to maneuver Trump into an impeachment position, just so they can rid themselves of him, make Pence the Pres, and get on to business as usual.

    And oh, I am so glad there were no recording devices in existence when Ben Franklin and T. Jefferson were partying hard in France.

  8. charles r phillips says:

    On Rachel Maddow last night, Richard Engel made a good point; these allegations have been out there for many months, and reporters haven’t been able to dig up any proof.

    Even their sources who bring this to them can’t or won’t provide any grounding for these allegations. All of the allegations MAY be true, but it all may just be a load of hooey put out by 1.) the Russians, 2.) internet trolls, 3.) anarchists, or 4.) a legion of 400 pound men-childs hacking out of their Mom’s basement.

    Unless it can be substantiated in some way, it is no more true than Hillary’s email scandal.

  9. OK. When does all of this hit the TV screens? Hellspitandamn! Plenty of photos of Hillary hit the TV screen with and without caption and source citation over the years while various RW slobs blathered their take on the situation. Seriously. Karma may need a little help here.

  10. daChipster says:

    charles r:

    yes, but Malcolm Nance made an interesting point, why now? People are speculating that it was a love tap from the intelligence community saying welcome to the NFL, but Nance feels that some of the stuff in there has been proven/confirmed, and but that the WHOLE thing was dumped in to protect the source of that confirmation.

    I agree – this HAS been out there for months, Remember, I called it to y’all’s attention on November 1:

    So the fact that just now it’s summarized for the PDB says to me that something has changed to make it PDB-able. If it was all still just BS, then it could continue to have been left out in the ether, rather than brought in from the cold.

    One thing is sure: Comey should have the cell in Gitmo right next to Dat Guy.

  11. Diane Duffy-Patyjewicz says:

    Notice Trump is not denying allegations of financial ties with Russia.
    Nor is he denying they have anything to blackmail him with.

    This is going to get interesting.

  12. “Trump Studies Trickle-down Economics, film at eleven.”

  13. I am reminded of the video of the little boy who denied getting into the sprinkles when he had some still stuck on his face. Or, to borrow from Bill S, methinks he doth protest too much.

  14. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    With appreciation to Lyndon Johnson, I don’t know if the golden showers really happened, but I do want to watch the sumbitch deny it.

  15. Although the thought of a Drumpf sex video is nauseating, the charge that he colluded with Russia by providing information to them in order to gain Russian support for his candidacy, is the real transgression. This is treason and should disqualify his whole administration from taking office.

  16. daChipster says:

    Diane D-P – actually Hair Twitler shouted on the Twitter machine this morning “NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!”

    The unverified dox do say that sweetheart real estate deals in Moscow designed to further ensare the doofus were turned down. Loans – I’m pretty sure there are some. And plenty of “nothing.”

    Further info in the dox speak to Trump wanting to use disinformation to disguise or distract from his deep ties to China.



  17. If you’ve read Assange’s book from long ago, you’ll understand better what’s happening. Assange’s thesis was that hacking’s purpose is to make the State use up its attention resources swatting at flies.

    This may get much worse.

  18. None of us know yet if it’s true or not but how sad that because of his history and reputation, we think it could be true. Could be the intelligence community showing DT who carries the bigger stick and who will be around after he is long gone–assuming he doesn’t fire everyone in the intelligence agencies as of 1/20 like he did with the ambassadors and head of National Nuclear Security Agency.

  19. Whether these specific allegations are 100% true, 50% true or merely karma biting the orange one in the hiney I will say it does not surprise me one bit. Before he ran I remembered reading how desperately the T org wanted to build a monument to themselves in Moscow or St. Petersburg but something always prevented it and knowing his past misdeeds (thank you Billy Bush for fawning up to him so he couldn’t help bragging) the simple fact is everyone knows anyone and everyone are bugged, followed and in this case the government would be stupid NOT to just in case they needed leverage at some future time whether to get a better deal over tRump or in this case holding on to material and having the jerk run for President. I think at that point Putin realized he could manipulate the situation – just think if he decides to re-acquire the Baltics or all of Ukraine. The US tells NATO (or rather tRump opens his mouth) that if they protest, come to the aid of that country the US will be home counting sea shells down by the sea shore. I thought this months ago but again proof but then when has lack of proof stopped the HRC haters? She has been investigated for years, every word, e-mail vetted word for word. Karma can be fickle and to be honest I think the GOP wants him out so they can install Pence – they always play the long game and the public goes ‘no that’s not right…oh look a squirrel”. I’ve heard one reason it was “leaked” is the British agent who compiled the stuff has been vetted as someone who would have access and things he’s submitted before have been validated. Watch the right focus on the 1% that isn’t 100% right and invalidate the other 99%.

  20. Sam in San Antonio says:

    Who would have thought the Golden Arches would refer to Trump’s feet?

  21. Just got to thinking.
    What with the allegations that there may have been collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians in re the election – – an impeachable offense for sure. As awful and terrifying as it is, if this plays out as it seems likely to and we DO get a President Pence, I believe we will have dodged a bullet.

    Sure, Pence would turn the clock back to the 1940’s. Jim Crow would take a vitamin tonic. Gays would find their closets beckoning them back. And women? Being a woman, I really don’t want to think about what would happen to us.

    But even so.

    Yes, people have said [I’ve been one of them] that Pence is more dangerous than Trump because he’s smarter. And yes, that’s true. But we’ve known, for months, about the agreement between Trump and Pence — about how Pence will be president-in-all-but-name. So if Trump is not impeached, we will be getting the worst of both worlds in any case.

    But here’s the thing: I do not believe that Pence would, with Russia’s help, set himself up as a petty [puppet] dictator. I do believe that voting would be legal in 4 years. And I do not believe either of those is a sure thing if Trump remains in office.

    When Pence is the better of the two options available, we are in it up to our chins — but there may still be a way out of the swamp.

  22. What if they gave an inauguration and nobody came?

    BTW, we need a stronger word than “unqualified.” How about “anti-qualified?”

    Mourning in America: January 20, 2017 – January 20, 2021.

  23. Jane & PKM says:

    Let’s get real here. Only Melania should care about who is hosing Donnie. The rest of us need to pay attention on how Donnie and his cohorts plan to economically rape America.

    Let Donnie have two dead women and a live boy in his bed. We’re talking moral relevance there, snacilbupeR style. Moral 3 wife minimum and whatever. So, let’s give Donnie a pass on what apparently doesn’t bother the Evangelical holier than thou.

    But his cabinet picks? Let’s talk economic rape and plundering. Focus on the puckers.

  24. fran Seyer says:

    If only true, and if Pence was with him……

  25. daChipster says:

    J & P

    true up to a point – it doesn’t matter if we care, what matters is if Dat Guy THINKS we care, and acts accordingly (ie caves to blackmail) otherwise he’d just say “Publish and be damned” like Wellington did.

    Remember, his entire cult of personality is built around a carefully crafted persona of superiority and invincibility. Being outwitted by Putin, being broke, being weak – these are poison daggers to his ego.

    Do *I* care if he gets his jollies with two Melania clones and a seltzer bottle? Hell, no!

    But he thinks some people do. And him being allowed to be put into this position, along with all the rest of the allegations of quid pro quo, data-sharing, the Ukraine and sanctions are the killer takeaways from this list.

    You are right, don’t let the salacious overpower the salient.

  26. Jane & PKM says:

    daChipster, thanks for the life line. I’m so far down the rabbit hole Donnie dug that I may not see daylight until his impeachment. For all I know this is a trinket sent out by Donnie to distract the media.

    What a Kerfuffle! Go chase the probably unverifiable, while ignoring court documents showing his $10 million fine for laundering Iranian money.

    Oops sorry. Saw a squirrel. Gotta run. 😀

  27. Jane and PKM–Thanks for both of your posts here (and daChipster for your reply to the first 1); I definitely agree that we need to get away from chasing shiny things and really look at the serious problems.

    But can I ask a favor? When you use “I” in your posts, can you help us know whether that’s Jane or PKM? (If you’re speaking for both of you, you could use “we”?)