Russian Hacking: Chilling and Infuriating at the Same Time

December 14, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election

Yesterday the New York Times published an explosive story detailing the boldness of two Russian hacking groups infiltration of government and political party computer systems and the stupidity of those, especially at the DNC, that allowed both groups access to EVERYTHING for over a year.  The “IT Guy” was a part timer, who ignored multiple attempts by the FBI to warn the DNC that they were compromised, and especially makes the FBI look inept because no one from the agency went to actually visit higher ups to report that they knew the DNC was hacked and who was doing it.

Most disturbing was the complicity of the media when it was clear what was going on when the daily email dumps began, and how the Republicans, trying to win the election by hook or crook (emphasis on crook) refused to cooperate with the Dems and the Obama administration to go public with what they knew.  Infuriating is the fact that the hackers got in like they do to unsuspecting people every day, with a fake Google or other provider email saying “click here to change your password”.  You would think that government and party staff would know better, but apparently not.

The result is that the Russians actually helped Cheeto Jesus get elected.  The continuous noise of the email and document dumps, the uncritical and breathless reporting by the media added to the stupidity of DWS and other DNC leadership all came together in the conflagration we are seeing today.

All of this could have been prevented, but we are now in a post democracy era where party trumps country (no pun intended).

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16 Comments to “Russian Hacking: Chilling and Infuriating at the Same Time”

  1. This just in from DT. ” When I say believe me, you better damn well believe me OR ELSE.” The truth is what ever I say it is.
    First day in office I will pass a law. Believe Me.

  2. it was sickening and shocking to read the NY Times article about the incompetence of the DNC and the FBI in informing the DNC about the hack. The timidity of the Democrats to speak up about the hacks, including President Obama, was also disheartening. Now the Democrats are acting as if they lost the popular vote too. WTH.

  3. re: “All of this could have been prevented, but…”

    In my less-than-often-sober opinion, the dems need to approach politics as if it were a business– a highly competent business organization at the top of the Party, not an elected official, a part-timer whose name is only associated with leadership. I detest Reince Priebus, but I recognize the process: how we got snuck up on at the post census mid-terms which gave the right wingers control of congress; how it often takes the dems months to organize a response to many of the absurdities thrown on the fire by the repubs. We need someone who can step up immediately, then organize politicians into appropriate actions and responses.
    For instance, why didn’t Hillary challenge her accusers about releasing all their emails for several years, why wasn’t someone in charge of stoking the many fires that were set to burn under Trump issues, then abandoned in the next week’s news cycle? And perhaps even more generally speaking, why do democrat candidates run on milk-toast republican platforms rather than standing up for issues that will identify them and excite their base? We gotta stand for something, or we’re gonna get beat.
    One thing for sure: playing defense all the time, after-the-fact, will get you beat.

  4. Technology conquers all. Well, damn! I get random notices ostensively from AOL that I have to change my password because they notice san awful lot of traffic involving my usage or whatever. I’m supposed to go to yet another page to do this. I never go to that page. I just return to the opening page on the AOL website and change my password there. but I know what it is like to get barraged from various real and fictitious sources about security and passwords, et al. If there is only one IT person in a sizable office, ten to one they are swamped night and day. And yeah, the FBI should have been way, way more pro-active, but hey, they do work for Comey, doncha know!

  5. Jane & Polite Kool Marxist says:

    A few words to the Electoral College: do not be fooled by shiny objects, please. Russia did not disqualify Donnie. Donnie disqualified Donnie. Where are his tax returns? Where’s that alleged ‘business plan’ promised for Dec 15th? We can argue about the effect of hackers until Melania becomes a lady and Donnie grows a brain. However, the fact that Donnie refuses to disclose the many international plots in which his tiny little vulgarian fingers are involved is too obvious to ignore.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    You hadn’t noticed how partisan wingnuts were seriously intent on impeaching a Dem for lying about sex and then wouldn’t lay a finger on mass murdering, war criminals dumbass dubya and dickless cheney? You never noticed how partisan wingnuts wanted so badly to impeach the Black Guy in the WH and HRC even before she was elected and they won’t raise a finger to criminal enterprise Drumpf and family? Party before country has been the wingnut way for better than 20 years.

  7. Wait. What?
    I’m just a person. I most decidedly AM NOT an IT person. And when I get a notice, from any agency whatsoever, telling me to “click here to change your password” or asking me for information, I delete the email. I go to the ‘contact us’ link on the agency’s internet page. I tell them there’s a phishing expedition going on. And, often, I get a lovely thank you note in my inbox a few days later. [On one occasion, in the 25 years I’ve owned a computer, I was informed that the email was legit. ONE TIME.]

    That’s how its supposed to work. Even computer illiterates like me KNOW that’s how it’s supposed to work. And the DNC’s IT person didn’t know?

    So now we know: the Russian government wants to undermine everybody else and the DNC and the FBI either don’t care or are stupid. We knew the first already but I, for one, didn’t know 2 and 3.

  8. e platypus onion says:

    How many comments on here have disappeared today? If this one goes it will be my fourth.

  9. Sigh! Remember when hacking used to apply to a type of cough?

  10. I got an email from Yahoo today telling me they’ve been hacked again. It was in the news too so I know it was legit. I changed necessary passwords and don’t see any personal damage.

    Any snacilbupeR who failed to act, or especially obstructed action on Russia’s acts of war, ought to be charged with treason and their hairy asses dragged into court.

  11. As El Jefe and Lucy and someone on cable news last night have wondered, why would the FBI make multiple attempts to contact the part-time IT person instead of going directly to the top of the DNC? Of course, we know why, as maggie points out: the FBI is headed up by Comey. How disgusting!

  12. e platypus onion says:

    I see my comments showed up from yesterday. Yippee!

  13. e platypus onion says:

    FBI is just covering their ass from criticism. We told you we contacted them, didn’t we? HRC had emails.

  14. Mother Jones' cat says:

    Jane and PKM -“However, the fact that Donnie refuses to disclose the many international plots in which his tiny little vulgarian fingers are involved is too obvious to ignore.”

    My favorite international plot is the attempt of President Erdogan of Turkey. Remember how he staged a pretend coup and arrested half of the Turkish population a few months ago? Remember how President Erdogan says that the leader of the coup was the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen? Remember how Fethullah Gulen is living in the US and Erdogan demanded that President Obama turn Gulen over to Turkey ASAP? Remember how President Obama refused to turn over Gulen? Well, now it seems that President elect Trump is in the process of building a Trump hotel in the Turkish capital of Ankara. He has two Turkish real estate developers assisting him in that endeavor. Well, Erdogan just arrested those two Turkish real estate developers and we can all make the next logical assumption which is that if Trump wants to see Trump Hotel in Ankara completed he needs to turn over Gulen. Can you say blackmail?

    Off topic- Yes the beauty shop site is acting wonky. When I went to post this comment the sign in part had another customer’s name and email address. I don’t think any of us are doling out state secrets but it is pretty strange.