Ring! Ring! Hello, Human Resources Department

July 21, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

If you’re keeping score at home —

Sean Spicer is out.  He resigned.  SNL will be so sad.

Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo resigned. He had some dignity remaining and wanted to keep it.

Next up: Will Baron Trump resign sonship?


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19 Comments to “Ring! Ring! Hello, Human Resources Department”

  1. So, does that mean Melissa McCarthy is out of a good job, too?

  2. I’m sure she’ll find someone else to do, Zyxomma.

    A vision of Spicer lurking in the White House bushes and gradually slinking his way to the gate, then running out with his hands in the air, yelling, “FREE!”

  3. I really really really hope there are people doing oppo research on Pence. Trump is a clown show that could blow up the planet out of spite or accident (or both) but IMHO Pence is downright Evil with a capital E and will make us all wish we were dead by the time he’s done.

  4. Strangely I will miss him, but hopefully his moral compass will now reset itself!

  5. maryelle says:

    Spicer’s resignation was long in coming and the strange set-up for the White House Press Conferences, without video or even audio foretold the end of his reign. It seemed to show their fear of the Press and being on tape, so they couldn’t deny what had been previously stated. And SNL may bear some responsibility for ridiculing Sean, but he didn’t belong in that job anyway.
    They did him and us a favor,

  6. The rats bid a tearful goodbye to the sinking ship.

    It should have seemed suspicious the captain had a sign on one of the life boats, “Private – Keep Out” but who knew?

  7. BillR–I agree with you, and I worry.

    I wish the legal team had lost more than its spokesperson; the rumors I’ve heard about what the rest of ’em are doing aren’t pretty.

  8. AlanInAustin ... says:

    Seen on Twitter:

    A fellow who never grew tired
    Of lying whenever required
    Abandoned this mission
    And quit his position
    When someone annoying was hired.

    — Limericking

  9. Poor, poor Spicey. Bet he’s breathing a huge sigh of relief to get away from all of that sh*t.

    BillR: If trump is out due to Russian interference in the election, then pence should be as well as he’s tied directly. Both tainted. Plus he’s lied under oath and probably has other skeletons in the closet (no pun intended). That would leave us with Ryan. Ugh.

  10. Can’t tell the players without a scorecard

  11. Another one bites the dust. So who’s next? Maybe Bannon?

  12. Can’t wait to see Saturday Night Live this week. And apparently (which I heard on on CNN today) Bannon said “over my dead body.” If only it were true.

  13. Just to be clear about what I quoted above about Bannon, I heard that he said that in reference to being advised about replacing Spicer with Scaramucci.

  14. Wonder if the good people of Indiana will help with taking Pence down.
    He scares me too.
    I don’t want to live in an FET. Fundamentalist Evangelical Theocracy.

  15. Tilphousia says:

    Sigh. The clown show continues.

  16. Anna The Geek says:

    I am betting Reince Preibus is next.

  17. My understanding is that plenty of Prissy Pussy Pency rot is showing up in the detritus of the Orange Whore investigation. Odds for PPP’s survival are not good.

    Sarah Huckster Sanders is the new press secretary.
    Andrew Scaramucci is replacing Sean Sphincter. Scary Muchy says repeatedly that he “loves” Orange Whore, that the White House is a wonderful place, that everything is running smooth as glass, etc. IOW, he is a highly accomplished and delusional liar who will fit right in this deministration.

  18. Bannon, the stealth president, is lately trying to merge with the woodwork. I think he smells something in the wind and its not his own BO.

  19. eyesoars says:

    Apparently Steve Bannon is on the record saying Scaramucci would be hired ‘over his dead body’. Has anyone seen Bannon today and taken his pulse?