Rick Perry Did Not Lie, Dammit. He’s Just Real Stoopid.

June 30, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


How dare members of the samestream media call our Governor a liar.

In April 2010, Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared in a column for the American Statesman that “the number of uninsured people in Massachusetts is about the same as it was when the mandates were passed in 2006.”

The governor was wrong. And not by a little. Lies and misinformation are commonplace in the fight to reform healthcare, but Perry’s claim was an out-and-out howler. As Boston Globe reporter Brian Mooney informs us in his magisterial “‘RomneyCare'”– a revolution that basically worked,” around 530,000 people were uninsured in Massachusetts before healthcare reform. Since 2006, “that number has dropped dramatically, by more than 400,000.” Massachusetts now boasts the lowest uninsurance rate in the nation — 1.9 percent.

In Texas, by contrast, around 20 percent of the population is uninsured — the highest rate in the nation.

Y’all, he is not lying.  He just can’t do math.  He’s  not real sparkling at reading either.

Please keep that in mind before you call him a liar again.

Thanks to Steve for the heads-up.

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