Republicans Circle the Wagons and Shoot Each Other

March 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Things have been a tad gloomy between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.

So to spice things up, Breitbart releases a tape of a conference call with Paul Ryan blasting Donald Trump last October.

Because I care deeply about your well-being, I will not send you to Breitbart.  Here’s the pertinent parts of the call.

So the division between Trump and Ryan just got wider than a barn door.  Trump values loyalty.  Ryan values Ryan.

The best I can figure is that Bannon decided that Ryan was getting too much Trump attention.  Jealousy is not pretty.


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13 Comments to “Republicans Circle the Wagons and Shoot Each Other”

  1. Awwwww!!! Really? I was expecting something like this much sooner – and even more vicious. Seriously. Considering who all are involved.

  2. Wyatt Earl says:

    Well, in this case, it is kinda pretty.

  3. Old Fart says:

    Well, are we surprised? Or even amazed?

    Ryan is the Repub Classic leader (McTurtle is the hide his head-where-the-sun-don’t-shine leader. I mean, what other caucus for Cruz, right?) trying to hold it together despite the T-dogs ripping at his lower extremities.
    Right now the Repubs are in the worst spot possible, in charge. My comment about the T-dogs is true for the rest of the party when it comes to innovation and improvement. The good old days of fiscal conservatives acting as effective brakes for liberal spending, and making better legislation because of it (I know, rose colored glasses). The NY Times has an article^ that includes this depressing quote: “Ultimately, Republicans are counting on Democrats to step in and help repair what even Republicans anticipate as upheaval if a repeal measure is passed without a broad remake of American health care.”. How long can our government take autopilot?

    ^ “The G.O.P.’s High-Risk Strategy for Health Law Repeal”

  4. @Old Fart: “Ultimately, Republicans are counting on Democrats to step in and help repair what even Republicans anticipate as upheaval”

    I hope the Democrats tell them to go to hell; the republicans need to own this garbage fire. Democrats should just say keep/improve Obamacare or open medicare to everyone; those are the only two choices Democrats should approve.

  5. two crows says:

    Hmmm. Did this call happen before or after the sex tape after which Ryan said, “Who the hell IS that orange man? Never heard of him! He’s disgusting!” then turned around and endorsed him for the presidency.

    It’s so hard to keep his positions straight — since he changes them more often than he changes his drawers.

    But, of course, 45 remembers every slight he has received since the age of 12. Ryan is in deep now and will never, ever get another ounce of support from 45. Just as if that mattered to him.

  6. The Trump tweets forthcoming should be fascinating. When did Breitbart do this?

  7. That Other Jean says:

    Republicans have formed a circular firing squad? I tried to find an objection, but I got nothin’. Maybe a more sensible party will form when there idjits do each other in.

  8. @EPO

    I loved the references to the Des Moines newspaper editorial. I cry itty bitty tiny tears for Iowa. King represents Iowan voters. Period. If you live and vote in Iowa, ponder that warm cup of spit for a while. King represents Iowan voters. Iowan voters selected him in the nacilbupeR primary and Iowan voters selected him in the general election. HE IS YOU! And he is you to everyone around the whole f’ing universe that can read and understand his brand of English words. He is you.

    Maybe he won’t be re-elected. But that’s in 2018. Right now King IS Iowa. Sucks I know.

  9. e platypus onion says:

    King basically blamed Twitter for him sounding like a racist. They don’t provide enough characters for him to add context in a single tweet.

    After doubling down on his comments Monday — “I meant exactly what I said,” he told CNN — King conceded on Tuesday that he would have provided more context had Twitter allotted more than 140 characters in a single post.

    Guy doesn’t know he can tweet more than once? He is, afterall, a wingNUT!

  10. Oh yeah it’s Twitter’s fault, it’s Facebook’s fault, it’s Obama’s fault. It’s your GD fairy godmother’s fault for not correcting your manifold major malfunctions numbnuts. King’s a major pimple on Iowa’s a$$ but pretty much par for the course within the post-Tea Party nacilbupeR Party. They just all gotta go. I’d just like to see one more than the majority, of adults elected to the House in 2018.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    Well, well, well… WhiteFart is finally getting around to acknowledging a quote I heard when it was made!? Last October?!!!!!! Like this is some big, gasp, secret?!!!

    Folks, this also means WhiteFart never reported on this in Oct., like everyone else did (well, maybe not FOX). Now they pull this out of their butts like it’s new news. Sheesh. No wonder the Trumpanzee crowd is so stupid. Time to clean the gene pool again..

  12. I never watched Survivor, but this seems like a political version of it.

    So exciting to watch the backstabbing and see who will get voted off the island next.